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Peace Church Council Peace Lutheran Church

Joyce Hanson
PO Box 164

July 2019
Barrett, MN 56311

Gaylene Hanson
Elbow Lake, MN 56531
218-685-4610 Vacation Bible School will be held Monday, Tuesday, and
Wednesday, August 12th, 13th, and 14th from 5:00-8:00 pm at
Todd Schneeberger Peace Church in Barrett. We begin with a meal and proceed
26875 Oak Point Rd
Elbow Lake, MN 56531 to our opening, Bible lessons, crafts, games, snacks, and clos- ing. If you are in need of transportation, we will provide a
ride for you.

Robert Shervey
18659 220th Street Our theme this year is “Farm Fresh Faith” where we will be
Barrett, MN 56311 learning about God’s faithfulness to Joseph as an example
for students to follow. Joseph’s life was full of ups and
downs, highs and lows, good and bad, yet Joseph continued
Kim Lang to trust in God through it all.
PO Box 223
Barrett, MN 56311
We will meet Faithful the horse, Hopeful the sheep, and
320-528-2290 Promise the cow whose aim is to teach us that God is always
Jon Danner
PO Box 152
Hoffman, MN 56339
A registration for can be found in this newsletter which needs to be sent in by July 15th. Please drop them off at
Peace Church or mail them to: Joyce Hanson, PO Box 164,
Barrett MN 56311
Terry Lien
606 3rd Street
Barrett, MN 56311 Volunteers are needed for the registration table, actors in
our skits, group leaders, Bible Lesson rotation, crafts rota-
tion, games rotation, snacks rotation, decorating, planning
meals, serving meals, and set-up and clean-up. Enclosed in
this newsletter is a form to sign up for these opportunities.
Pastor Eliza Johnson
PO Box 266 Mail them to Joyce or give her a call at 320-424-9726. Thank
Barrett, MN 56311 you! Come join us!
763-234-4399 Joyce Hanson, Director
We are looking for volunteers to help with VBS. Please return this form to church or
mail it to Joyce before July 15th. Thank you!

I can help with:

_____ Registration

_____ Group Leader (leading a group through the rotations)

_____ Bible Lesson Leader/Helper

_____Crafts Leader/Helper

______Games Leader/Helper

_____ Snacks Leader/Helper

_____ VBS Photographer

_____ Decorating

_____ Set making

_____ Clean-up

_____Planning meals

_____ Serving meals

Name ______________________________________ Phone # __________


Child’s Name ____________________________________ Age _____________

Date of Birth __________________________ Grade Completed __________

Child’s Name ____________________________________ Age _____________

Date of Birth __________________________ Grade Completed __________

Child’s Name ____________________________________ Age _____________

Date of Birth __________________________ Grade Completed __________

Parent’s Name _____________________________________________________

Home Address _________________________ Email ______________________
Home Phone ___________________________ Cell Phone _________________

Parent’s Name _____________________________________________________

Home Address _________________________ Email ______________________
Home Phone ___________________________ Cell Phone _________________

Emergency Contact _____________________ Relation ____________________

Home Phone ________________________ __ Cell Phone _________________

Medial Concerns ____________________ ___ Allergies ___________________

People who may pick up child/children _______________________________

Parent’s Signature __________________________________________________

JULY 15th, 2019


Vacation Bible School Opportunities:

__________ I can help at VBS on ________________________________ (date)

_________ _I can help serve a meal on ___________________________ (date)
___________I can help sponsor a meal __ _________________________ (date)
__________ I can help with my financial support: _______________________

Name _________________________________________________________________
Address ______________________________ Email __________________________
Home Phone __________________________ Cell Phone ___________________
Peace Church Council Minutes
Wednesday, May 1st, 2019; 6:30pm

Present: Todd Schneeberger, Gaylene Hanson, Terry Lien, Joyce Hanson, Bob
Shervey, Tami Weigel, Treasurer, and Pastor Eliza Johnson

Absent: Kim Lang, Lexi Danner, and Jon Danner

Devotions were led by Pastor Eliza.

Additions to the agenda included: Memorial Day dinner, Parking lot seal coat-
ing, Synod Assembly, and Carbon monoxide detector. Motion was made by
Bob, seconded by Terry, to approve the additions. MCU

Pastor’s Report:
~2 services on Easter Sunday and Holy Week services went fine
~Pastor Denise shared the list of home visits with Pastor Eliza
~Confirmation classes include 6 – 7th graders, 2 – 8th graders, and one 9th grad-
~Pastor Eliza is looking for people to help with confirmation classes
~May 5th service will include a blessing for the graduating seniors
~Mutual Ministry committee will be meeting in August
~Meetings with neighborhoods will be implemented
~Pastor Eliza is looking for a website solution

Secretary’s Report:
~Motion was made by Bob, seconded by Terry to approve. MCU

Treasurer’s Report:
~Motion was made by Gaylene, seconded by Bob, to approve the transaction
report. MCU
~Motion was made by Joyce, seconded by Bob, to approve the Treasurer’s re-
port. MCU

Motion was made by Gaylene, seconded by Joyce, to use $1,000.00 of the

Thrivent account to help Dana Nelson who is suffering from cancer. MCU
Les Alvstad will be asked to present the check to the Nelson family.

Motion was made by Bob, seconded by Terry, to accept Pastor Eliza Johnson
as an authorized signer for a debit card which is needed from the bank. MCU

Motion was made by Joyce, seconded by Gaylene, to award two graduating

seniors, Alexis Danner and Teigen Moritz, $200.00 each from the Berheim
Scholarship Fund. MCU
Teacher and Youth Leader Appreciation Day will be held Sunday, May 12th.

Brochures and business cards have been ordered and will be here shortly. It
was suggested that brochures be brought to Barrett Campground and the El-
bow Lake Community Center.

Terry procured an estimate from Back To the Future in Brandon for new foam
for the altar pads. The foam would be 2 inches thick and we need 3 sheets at
$84.00 each for a total of $252.00 plus labor of $100.00 which would bring the
amount to $352.00. Tami will bring the pad covers to the American Linen Dry
Cleaners in Alexandria.

The Easter Breakfast expenses came to $124.62.

It was suggested to have a retreat with goals and a review of our mission state-
ment in September.

A motion was made by Bob, seconded by Terry to allow the Youth Group to
serve the dinner after the Memorial Day Program that is held at WCA School.

Leon Johnson and Charles Johnson brought it to our attention that the parking
lot needs be seal coated this summer. Motion made by Bob, seconded by Terry,
to approve the seal coating. MCU Bids will be let out.

We need to decide what we will be contributing to the Synod Assembly this

year. We will check to see what we did last year.

Motion was made by Gaylene, seconded by Joyce, to purchase up to 6 carbon

monoxide detectors. MCU We need to check with our custodian and our insur-
ance company about fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and our defibulator.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:41 pm.

Submitted by Joyce Hanson, Secretary

Our newly elected Bishop will be installed on 9/18/2019 at Trinity in Moorhead.

Synod Assembly will June 12-14 2020 at Concordia/Dr. Mary Hinkle.

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Serving in July

July 7th Marilyn and Doug Frykman

July 14th Chelsey and Cory Anderson and family

July 21st Ardis and John Paulson

Charles Johnson

July 28th Beth and Todd Schneeberger

Work Group # 1 Leaders Altar Guild

Doug & Marilyn Frykman Karen Ellis
Bob & Irene Shervey Pat Ronhovde


Access to education is a critical piece of helping children break the chains of chronic
poverty. That’s why requests for LWR School Kits are on the rise. Take advantage of
summer sales to make School Kits, and help provide hope and a future to children
around the world.
NO WELCA meeting in July.
Peace Church Council will meet on July 10th at 6:30pm.
Peace church has for sale 8 foot folding tables - $15.00 a piece.
If interested contact Terry Volker or Terry Lien.
July 14th Peace Church will have a special congregational meeting after
worship to vote on seal coating and striping of the parking lot.
PO Box 206
Barrett MN 56311

2019 July

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218 Church Street PO Box 206 Barrett, MN 56311