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3rd Annual Fantasy College Hoops League

Overview: A season-long, fast break of college hoops. Teams will compete over the course of
the regular season with players from six (6) BCS Conferences: ACC, Big XII, Big East, Big Ten, Pac
10, SEC. Each week, teams compete head-to-head, with the playoffs beginning after Week 14.

Entry: Donation. A customary contribution is $50.


Preseason Draft: Teams will draft nine (9) players (any position/team) and one (1) head coach.

Roster Breakdown: (6) Starting players; (1) Head coach; (3) Bench players

Position Requirements: The starting lineup must consist of three (3) guards and three (3)
forwards or centers. Player positions will be used in accordance with ESPN. Players with
positions identified as guard/forward (G/F) or forward/center (F/C) will be allowed to flex
between positions as needed.

Lineup Submission: The “weeks” of the season begin on Mondays. Rosters must be finalized
by Monday @ 5:00 pm. You must include the following information when setting your lineup:
(1) Six starting players and game(s) of choice; (2) Opponent’s head coach and game of choice.

Only one game will count per player per week!

Roster Changes: Teams will be allowed to make five (5) roster changes free of charge. Each
subsequent roster change will cost $1.

Trade Deadline: No trades will be allowed after the playoffs begin. All trades are subject to
review, and all significant trades will be voted on by the entire league to ensure fairness.

Payout: The league champion wins 55% of the total pool, the runner-up takes 30%, 3rd place
earns 15% and 4th place receives a ½-price entry into next year’s league.

Playoffs: The postseason takes place over the last three weeks (i.e. Weeks 15-17). The playoff
bracket is based on win/loss records and total cumulative points. The three division winners
will receive a “6th man advantage” for their 1st round matchups. The top eight (8) teams will
battle head-to-head during the opening week. After the field is cut to four, the most combined
points scored over the course of the last two weeks will determine the winner.

Statistical References: The following websites will be used for final scoring:
and Teams are encouraged to challenge discrepancies. The window for
this opportunity closes on the following week’s submission deadline (Mondays @ 5:00 pm).
Point Values:

- FG made = 2
- FG missed = -0.5
- 3-pt bonus = 1.25
- FT made = 1
- FT missed = -0.5
- Assist = 1.5
- Turnover = -1
- Offensive rebound = 1.25

- Defensive rebound = 1.25
- Personal foul = -1.5
- Block = 1.5
- Steal = 1.25

Point multipliers:
- Double-double = 20% total bonus
- Triple-double = 80% total bonus
- Quadruple-double = 140% total bonus
- Quintuple-double = 200% total bonus

- Win = 3
- Road win = 2
- Loss = -2
- Home loss = -1
- Cover spread = 3
- Differential = points won/lost by * 25%