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PHILIPS DEFINITION: Energy saving, blown bulb sign reflector lamp available with prime transparent col- ors in blue, green, daylight and rod (Giameter A-20). Gasiled, single-collfa- ent and intermediate brass screw base, Indoor or outdoor use, DESCRIPTION: Long life 30-watt lamps with a builtin reflector maximizes forward ilumination and face brightness, *Compact 2.5 inch diameter makes it ideal for medium size message modules of 19- and 24-inch character sizes, * Quick response for animation, ‘Rugged ©-9 filament. '* Coated bulb surface allows both indoor ‘and outdoor use. ‘Standard (120) volt operation. ‘Prime colors for balanced mixing ‘High intensity blue and green colors ro- uire only 30 watts for color balance. ‘Quench rate—9 miliseconds, ‘Energy savings of 25 10 3386 in com- parison to present animated systems. APPLICATIONS: Indoor or outdoor Soon Message Centers Scoreboards ‘Animated Signs Display Lighting 30-Watt Sign Prime Color Reflector Lamps Product Bulletin 30-Watt Sign Prime Color Reflector Lamps ——$—$—$—$<$—$—$—$—$—$ Electrical, Technical and Ordering Data (Subject to change without notice) Max NAED sua. Overall Approx. Number Ordering Lamp Lamp Base Pg Length Hours 048577. Code Walls Vols Bub (Brass) Gly._Desorition Flament (nehes) Lil, 275479 QORROISFLISTA 90 120««#2O.— Mid. Scrow 60 ofl, Trangp. Blue C9 35je_—=—O00 278531 BORROISFLISTG 90 «120««AZD— Med. Screw 80 ll, Transp. Green C-9 —315%q_—=—6000 27557-8 © BORROISFLISTO 90 120.:««2D.=— Mie. Scrow 80 Rell, Trangp. Daylight C9 «39a O00 278610 SORZOISFLISTA 30 «120«2D.= Med. Screw 60 afl, Tranep. Red C-2 © 3I9e—— 000 INCANDESCENT LAMP DESCRIPTION (1) Ordering Code Explanation Watts, 30 Bulb Shape: R = Reflector 30R20/SFL/5TB Bulb max. diameter in eights of an inch,| 20/8 or 2%" Special description: SFL = Sign Flood 5TB = Transparent Blue STG = Transparent Green 51D = Transparent Daylight STR = Transparent Red ——————— PHILIPS LIGHTING TTS TIME TO CHANGE YOUR BULB © Phin Light Romeo ct Company 1988 fh Arverican Pile Corporation Phips Square » PO Box 8800 « Somerset, Now Jersey 08875-6800