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PHILIPS e€ DEFINITION: Energy saving pressed-glas reflector hal fogen. lamp of vary high luminous inten: sity and very narrow spot beam designed for use on 12 volt supply. ‘This exclusively designed PAR-36 lamp with a patented, easy-to-arip, extended dome has a C6 filament in a halogen burner shielded to prevent glare, and & multi-purpose (screw terminal) bese, DESCRIPTION: ‘+ The halogen feature provides increased whiteness and brightness over incandes ‘cent PAR-36 lamps. + Sustained light output. ‘Highly’ reflective builtin shield maxi- ‘izes light output and control ‘+ Low voltage PAR lamps are ideal for energy savings. Benefits are derived from increased filament efficacy com- bined "with maximum beam control from the miniaturized filament. They place light where required, with a min- mum of scatter. Low voltage lighting fixtures, such as tack lighting, -have step down trans formers housed in each fixture that offers flexible solutions for accant lighting Compared to standard reflector lamps, that have a wider spread of light, the low voltage lamps are 15 to 30% more ‘efficient. They provide equal intensity in the center of the beam while using fewer watts. ‘Interchangeable with existing 12 volt PAR-236 lamps. i] rc a a = APPLICATIONS: * Homes * Individual Store Restaurants Museums ‘Art Galleries Sales Displays © Hotels » Theaters © General Illumi: * Collector's ems nation += Track Lighting 50watt Low Volt Halogen PAR-36 Lamp Product Bulletin 50watt Low Volt Halogen PAR-36 Lamp ——_——————————— Electrical, Technical and Ordering Data e (Subject to change without notice) erie, iat Rd NaeD Taos aI Geen tas Ae Nemo Oring oh Langth Boome 04367 Coan Vianase_Vottge Bul Base_ry._Fismant_acr_Misce_fachn)_Cenlopowar (Hou 200802 SOPARGGIOIVNS 50 —«12”~=«#PARSGD MP 12 ~~«GO | aSx3 46xs8 sx 24000 2000 Candlepower Distribution Curve 40 36 5PAR36Q/D/VNSP 30 - * Z \ 20 5 N é 25 5 \ 8 10 4 \ \ 5 \ 0 cr Fr & 6 & © Degrees from Beam Axis — Horizontal Distri Vertical Distribution © Worth American Philip Lighting Corporation - NORTH AMERICAN Prape Square CN 6800" Semesae NOB) PHILIPS LIGHTING ITS TIME TO CHANGE YOUR BULB