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PHILIPS DEFINITION: High pressure metal halide gas-discharge lamps having a special shaped are tube with iodide additives of sodium and scandium in the mercury discharge to Produce 100 lumens/watt. The special Shaped are tube is in a hard glass outer bulb with or without a phosphor coating. DESCRIPTION: * Basically metal halide lamps operate on the same principle as all gascischarge lamps. In view of the need for a light source with good color rendering and high luminous efficacy, the arc tube contains metal halide compounds Which have the effect of improving the olor appearance and increasing the luminous efficacy. ‘+ Further improvement in luminous effi- cacy is gained by the special shaping of the are tube. The lower end of the are tube is considerably smaller than the ‘other end Because of the shaped arc tube design, these lamps must be burned,only in a vertical base up position £ 1 The phosphor coating on the inside of the outer bulb contributes to a warmer color temperature, Because of the high starting voltage ce quirements, an ANSI specified M59 Ballas is reeuired. LAMP CHARACTERISTICS: * Very high luminous efficacy Good color rendering Reliable long lite * Good lumen maintenance APPLICATIONS: * Industrial Lighting # Commercial Lighting * Flood Lighting © Sport Lighting * Parking Lot Lighting = Automotive Sales Lot WARNING: “These lamps ean cause serious skin burn and eye inflammation trom shortwave ul travialet radiation if outar envelope of the lamp is broken or punetured. Do not Use where people will remain for more than a few minutes unless. adequate shielding or other safety precautions ate Used. Certain lamps that will automati- cally extinguish when the outer envelope 's broken or punctured are commercially available.” es MS400/BU and MS400/C/BU Lamps Product Bulletin MS400/BU and MS400/C/BU Lamps Electrical, Technical and Ordering Data (Subject to change without notice) Burning position, Sa Vertical BU:15" Rest Bulb Temperature (Maximum)... + 400°C rike Time for Hot Lamp (Approx. 10 — 20 Minutes Open Circuit Voltage @ 30"(Minimum)..... 382 Volts, 400 Watt Base Temperature (Maximum), 210 ‘Standard Package Quantity. 6 Lamp Current Crest Factor. 18 Bais cse once “Mogul Warm-up Time to 80% Brightness. 3-5 Minutes Ballast type. usa Max. Light Are Tube Rated Rated AED Overall Garter Light, Color Avge Approx, Approx Number Ordering Length, Length Length Tamp.(a} Life Initial.” Mean 040677. Code Wattage (x) Bulb (2) Description _(inchet) (Inches) _nehes)_ (KP (Hours) Lumens Lumens 301705 MS400/8U 400 BT7 Clear m2 7 «42-3700 ~—«+20,000 40000 32000 301721 MS400/C/BU 400 «B37 Photphorcested 11-1/2 7 += 1/2-—=«3400-—=«20,000 40000 31000, (0) Wage of amp only Total wattage consumption i the sum of lap and ballast wattage. Gamat facture or ballast manufacturer for mata Com sues by te speci al nd, ("BT ingest Bulges Tubular ‘Approximate Survival Curve of Metal Halide Lamps 0] 70 240-6080 10 Percent of Rates Average Lie (0) The rated color tomperature i an approximate average, The color of nahi Metal Halide amps characertely vary somewet om one to another. The vation depends upon ne oltage, balla fxture end Approximate Lumen Maintenance of Metal Halide Lamps 100 5 co 70 C a 020460 80100 Percent of Rated Average Lie Metal Halide Lamps "Noch American Philips Ughting Corporation —1986 ‘One Westinghouse Plaza Bloomield: Now Jersey 07003 Prnesin USA. 2186 Norn Ame PHILIPS LIGHTING Lighting Leadership Worldwide