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PHILIPS Westinghouse Lamps DEFINITION: High pressure metal halide gas discharge lamps operating in any burning position with iodide additives of sogium and Scandium in the mercury discharge. The are tube is in a hard glass outer bulb with or without @ phosphor coating, DESCRIPTION: * Basically metal halide lamps operate on the same principle as all gas discharge amps, Metal halide compounds are in- cluded in the are tube to improve color appearance and increase luminous eff cacy. ‘* The arc tube is costed at both ends to keep the vaporized metal hot so that they will remain in the arc stream re: Qgardless of burning position, ‘+ Aphosphor coating on the inside of the outer bulb produces a warmer color temperature and improves color render- ing. '* Because of the high starting voltage ce quirements throughout life, ANSI MBS Specified ballasts are required, LAMP CHARACTERISTICS: * Very high luminous efficacy © Good color rendering * Reliable long life * Good lumen maintenance Because of high starting voltage require iments, special ballasts are needed. See chart ‘for the specific ballast type for each lamp wattage. Bre area — APPLICATIONS: Industrial Lighting * Commercial Lighting * Flood Lighting ® Sport Lighting * Street Lighting * Parking Lot Lighting * Used Car Lot Lighting WARNING: “These lamps can cause serious skin burn and eye ‘inflamation from shortwave Ultraviolet radiation if outer envelope of the lamp is broken or punctured. Do ‘ot use where people will remain for ‘more than few minutes Unless adequate shielding or other safety precautions are Used. Lamps that will automatically ex: tinguish when the outer envelope Is broken or punctured are commercially available,” See Safety Lifeguard Metal Halide lamps for those applications where the lamps are to be used in open luminaires to light ‘areas where activities are conducted that ‘ean result in the outer envelopes being broken or punctured and where prolong fed exposure of a population confined to the area ean occur. 400 watt Universal Burning Metal Halide Lamps Product Bulletin 400 watt Universal Burning Metal Halide Lamps Electrical, Technical and Ordering Data (Subject to change without notice) Burning position... sees Any, Restrike Time for Hot Lamp (Approx.).... 10~ 20 Minutes Bulb Temperature (Maximum). . + 400°C Open Circuit Voltage @ -30° (minimum)... 382 Volts Base Temperature (Maximum)... 210°C Standard Package Quantity 6 Lamp Current Crest Factor...» 18 Base. Mogul Warmup Time to 80% Brightness, .........3— 5 Minutes Up WeTube Rated ated NAED Center Lighted” Color Bag. Number Ordering ANS Balt engin Length Tamp.(») Life O4BG7?. Cove Coa Warape(s) suibis) Type iahee) Unanes) KD Tous) 244150 MHHOO/U —MBePLdoo/U «00 Bra? MSO 7 tate 70020000 BA168 —MHADDICIU MBSPK-A0OU 400 BTS? MEO 7 vane 3400 2,000 Footnote (0) Wateage of lap only. Tart wattage consumption isthe sum of lamp and! (3) The rated color temperature is an approximate average. The color of blast wattage, Consul fixture or ballast manufartre for wattage con-indvidul Metal Halide lamps choacter steal vary sompwnat fom One sured by the specifi lat used. ‘a another. Th variation depends upon ine voltae, balls, fixture and (2)°8T" indicates “Bulges Tubular," indcates“Tubule”, Figures give ‘lamp manufacturing toleraneas. Tne shouldbe allowed for he lamp to approximate maximum dlameter in eights of sn inch, stabilize in coor Approximate Survival Curve of Metal as am 3 ' I Acie ; Pacer Patt rere Pronto ates Avera ite se Veriea Metal Halide Lamps See, PHILIPS LIGHTING