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PHILIPS DEFINITION: 1000 watt high pressure sodium lamp With monolithic are tube and improved are tube mount structure. DESCRIPTION: ‘The monolithic are tube with improved mount structure permits longer inser viee life where severe shock and vibre tion conditions are encountered in high mast and mine lighting applications. High pressure sodium discharge provides ‘these lamps with high luminous efficacy and makes possible the recognition of colors, In addition, the lamp provides excellent lumen maintenance, long life, “any” burning "position and. reliable, stable operation: APPLICATIONS: + Mine Lighting ‘High Mast Lighting * Flood Lighting * Area Lighting ndustral Lighting '* Outdoor Construction Lighting Ballast & Starter: This high pressure sodium lamp requires an ANSI 552 ballast to both start and ‘control the are discharge 1000 watt High Pressure Sodium Lamp Product Bulletin 1000 watt High Pressure Sodium Lamp'” Electrical, Technical and Ordering Data (Subject to change without notice) Burning Position, Any Open Circuit Voltage (Minimum) 458 Bulb Temp. (Maximum) 400° Starter Pulse Voltage — Peak. 3000 Min., Base Temp, (Maximum) 210°C 5000 Max. (4)(5) Lamp Current Crest Factor (Max.). 1.8 Pulse Width @ 2700 Volts........+2.+ 4 Micro Second (Min.) Warm-up Time to 80% Brightness. .3—4 Minutes Pulse Repetition Rate (Min. Lag Ballast 1 per eycie Restart Time for Hot Lamps. 1 Minute Lead Ballast 1 per 4 eycle Standard Package Quantity 6 Naber Odeon ANS arg Logos Gis) ia” fan Garant Ba See SCS atage vos auto ae ie? wee) Carratsd_Unmane Gen) Footnotes [1) The “high” pressure isles than atmospheric and i entirely within th are tube, The outer bull is evscus The silvery spot near the lamp bate "getter" usselm evacuating te bulb to assure long ie (2) Based on survival of at last 68% ofthe amps operated under specified test conditions. (2) Based on photometry of 100.nour lamps in vertical position at rated watts on ai pfied fest conditions however, ratings apply 10 all buring positions, (4) Follow ballast manufscture's recommendations regarding proximity of ballast ro socket, Use lamp in fixtures ‘which do not redirects substantial portion of the energy toward the are tube {5} The lamp ballast must provide a starting voltage pul of 3000 to SOOOV; therefor, fixtures designed for these lhones must ineorporste socket designs and wiring capable of withetanding auch voltages without ore-ove actor ballast under ‘Approximate Suri Cure = Pulte Voltas for Starting HPS Trapezoid for 1000 Wate HPS Lamp Showing sissies aeeitaatiibdbbaned sp et temas ree cra ‘© North American Phiips Lighting Corporation - 1987 NORTH AMERICAN ‘hips Seuare » GN e800" Sonera Ne) 867 PHILIPS LIGHTING ITS TIME TO CHANGE YOUR BULB