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PHILIPS DEFINITION: Compact halogen reflector lamps pr viding high luminous. intensities in choice of colors; red, blue, green an yellow for operation on 12 volt power supplies. DESCRIPTION: Special reflector costing that. varies light wavelengths produces soft light beams for a wide range of display pPlications. + Designed to transmit more than 80% of ‘their heat (infrared) through the rear of lamp, they reduce discoloration and hhoat damage to merchandise. * Compact size (two inches in diameter) saves space, allows greater flexibility in dosign, Provides more light, watt for watt, then large PAR lamps. APPLICATIONS: cent lighting in: Jewelry Stores Restaurants ‘Shop windows Showcases © Boutiques * Exhibitions: ‘= Homes, hotels, clubs Accent 1200 Halogen Color Display Lamps Product Bulletin Accent 1200 Halogen Color Display Lamps Electrical, Technical and Ordering Da‘ (Subject to change without notice) Approx. Average Avg. NAED Beam Center Rated Number ANSI Spread Candle. Life 046677- Code Watts Volts Base_—sFilament = Color_—(Degrees) power (hours) 374884 = FNC 50 12 GXB3 CCB CYellow = 10. 13,000 3000 3748-2 FND = 50 12 GXS3 0 CC8 Red 10 3000 3000 374900 NE 50 12 GXB3 0 «CC8 Green 10 5\500 3000 374918 FNE 50 12 GXS3 CCB Blue 10 2\800 3000 Light Distribution—Candlepower Distribution ia pr te Zs Hd ZX fa ZN pena east 500d eos “Nor Amerean Phips Lghing Crporaton —1966 NORTH AMERICAN Sovell Now decoy 07003 PHILIPS LIGHTING Lighting Leadership Worldwide