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CGLLEN Skate Park Day

Push Cart Challenge

Victorian Youth Week

School Holiday Program

• To keep young people engaged with education and training until they
have successfully completed Year 12 or its equivalent.

• To enhance local job pathways for young people, which provide a

Year 12 equivalent qualification.

• To facilitate transition support for early school leavers who are not in
education and training.

• To stimulate the development of learning communities, which value

and encourage family participation.

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Financial Statements 18 Cover photo: Thursdays’ participants get
in touch with nature during their Halls Gap
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Chair’s Report
Firstly, let me thank all our partners, volunteers, institutional
supporters, Victoria Police Ararat, DET, schools, students,
parent and caregivers. Your work continues to provide
opportunities for the youth of our region, and for this, I thank
you one and all. To our dedicated staff, my personal thanks
and that of the Board - you do wonderful work. To the CGLLEN
Board of Management, it is a pleasure to serve the community
with you. Your advice and engagement, and all volunteer work,
is appreciated. I thank you for all your contributions. Throughout
2018, CGLLEN was able to take on new staff. These included
Business Manager and SWL Co-ordinator Shelly Chalmers,
Project Officer Ann-Maree Browne, Finance and Administration
Officer Tara Hoffman and Youth Engagement Officer Stephanie
Arrowsmith. We also retained our L2P Co-ordinator Amanda

The Board has had a full year, with the Governance and
Finance Sub Committee (GFSC) and full Board overseeing the
transformation of CGLLEN policies, procedures and staffing.
We thank Chris Waack for his continued expertise and service
and acknowledge his many contributions after he handed over
the reigns of the Governance and Finance Sub Committee to
Lauren Dempsey.

In October, the Board engaged an external consultant to assist

management with an audit of IT systems. Through that process,
we appointed a local IT contractor to support CGLLEN. We
also reviewed our accounting process, and in November
2018, Sertori & Co Accountants were contracted to undertake
monthly accounting support. In addition, we appointed an
internal Finance and Administration Officer.

The CGLLEN Board decided to list the Executive Officer position

in October 2018, engaging Simpsons Employment to advertise
and short list candidates. The Chair, Treasurer and Secretary
formed the interview panel and appointed Mr Ray Campling,
effective 2 January 2019. Mr Campling comes to the LLEN with
28 years’ experience in local government administration and
his appointment will set the tone for 2019 and beyond.

The Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) contract was

continued into 2018, with tight targets linked to the usual
staged funding. Summer community activities proved popular
and were well attended across the Central Grampians’ area.

The 12 Twenty Five Program will roll into the Thursdays’

program for 2019. The Chair and Principal of Ararat College
conducted discussions at the end of 2018 and determined a
close working relationship which will be driven by CGLLEN’s

SWL Co-ordinator and Ararat College Careers Co-ordinator. The
associated programs will continue strongly into 2019 in support of
accredited training programs.

CGLLEN continues to support the region in a range of targeted

programs for:

• Disengaged Youth
• Structured Workplace Learning
• 12TwentyFive on site activities and learning
• L2P
• FReeZA
• Engage
Additionally, CGLLEN auspices the Jobs and Training Connection
through RDV, in conjunction with local government, government
departments, NFP organisations, local industry employers and health
service providers, as well as learning institutions such as Melbourne
Polytech, Federation University Australia, TAFE and other higher
education and training providers. With a newly appointed EO, revitalised
staffing, updated policy and procedures and continued Victorian State
Government support, CGLLEN is well placed to provide excellent
service to the community across 2019 and beyond.

Finally, I would like to commend the attached report to you. CGLLEN’s

programmed annual audit of our operations and finances resulted in
solid results and we are proud to share them with our supporters and
the wider community.

Geoffrey Lord MBA, MAICD

Regional/Rural Representative LLEN Combined Chairs Council Executive

CGLLEN 2018 program over view


Our volunteers helped young people aged between Thanks to this Victorian Government initiative, we
16 and 20 years old to acquire the 120 hours of helped local young people get involved in their
logged, supervised driving needed to gain their P communities to plan and run a range of drug, smoke
plates. and alcohol-free events for other young people.


We were able to work with local government and We provided opportunities for young people not
our community organisations to develop projects involved in full-time school or employment to re-
with young people, for young people. As a result, connect with education and training. Various fun and
participants learnt valuable practical skills. engaging activities were held throughout the year.


Thanks to the Regional Skills Fund, this new program
links job seekers to industry, and helps connect them We continued to connect VET and VCAL students
to necessary education and training. A wide cross with local employers from industries relevant to their
section of community and industry group leaders steer studies and interests. Young people gained hands-
the ongoing activities. on experience in a professional workplace setting.

CGLLEN Strategic Plan

CGLLEN program report

Students competing in the Push Cart Challenge

Push Cart Challenge and Picnic in the Park

During October, three local primary schools converged on Ararat’s
Alexandra Gardens to compete in the annual Push Cart Challenge.

Each year, Central Grampians LLEN kicks off the Golden Gateway Festival
with the inter-school Push Cart Challenge. This is followed by the crowning
of the Golden Gateway Festival King and the presentation of trophies to
the winning teams. Participants then enjoy the annual Picnic in the Park.

This year, the Central Grampians LLEN worked in partnership with the Students displayed excellent
Stawell Men’s Shed prior to the event. We joined forces to rebuild the teamwork during the 2018 Push Cart
existing push carts, providing new brakes, wheels and seatbelts. Staff Challenge in Ararat.
then delivered pushcarts to the three participating primary schools so
students could add their own designs and do some pre-training.

On the day, paralympian Richard Colman was in attendance as guest

speaker. He talked about his life journey and presented the trophies to the
winning teams. Students were highly engaged during Richard’s address
and took the opportunity to ask him several questions.

Participants from the Central Grampians LLEN Thursdays’ program

volunteered on the day, helping prepare the track around Alexandra Lake
for the sprint and endurance races, marshalling on various change over
points and helping wherever required. We also sponsored a bungee run
which allowed students who were not participating to have fun on outdoor

Thursdays’ participants helping out at the Lake Bolac Eel

The mission of our Thursdays’ program is to create a safe
space. Young people aged between 12 and 25 years are
encompassed in a holistic, joyful and inclusive learning
environment, becoming increasingly aware of their basic Thursdays’ music day.
self-worth and establishing values that will allow them to
act with thoughtfulness and humanity. Through fostering Educational focus points 2018
trusting, respectful relationships, we empower young
people to enjoy a successful experience with further • Persuasive writing and speaking.
education or training. • Learning theories and ‘how we learn’.
• Budgeting and independent living.
Thursdays was developed and implemented by CGLLEN’s • Delivering ‘skills workshops’ to peers.
Youth Engagement Officer and was originally introduced • Two ‘learning goals’ (one structured by staff, one
to take place one day per week on Thursdays. However, structured by participant).
due to the needs of the participants, the program has • Group learning goal (Auslan).
since extended beyond its namesake. • Youth Hub.
• Art portfolios.
Thursdays now operates 2.5 days per week on Tuesdays, • Supersize me (nutrition).
Wednesdays and Thursdays throughout the school year.
It is targeted at young people who are not participating in Certificates and Qualifications
full-time schooling or employment, and provides broader
opportunities for continued education or training. The • Food Handling Course
program allows young people to participate in ongoing • First Aid
workshops and long and short-term projects that help
them to develop valuable life skills. The program acts as Numbers
a pathway shaper and aims to connect young people with
education or employment. To help keep young people A total of 21 young people engaged with the
engaged, the program also hosts fun activities and regular Thursdays’ program in 2018.
dress-up days.
Community contributions
In 2018, Thursdays expanded to include a targeted health
and wellbeing component. Central Grampians LLEN • Participation in Ararat’s ‘Community Conversation’.
engaged a behavioural therapist to work with program • Volunteering at CGLLEN community events.
participants on a regular basis, and trialled ‘Wellbeing • Working with Nexus to organise Youth Fest event.
Wednesdays’ to provide access to meditation, yoga, pool
sessions, self-defence and wellbeing workshops and

CGLLEN program report

The Governor of Victoria was treated to some first class hospitality from our Thursdays’ participants and students from
Ararat College.

Participant achievements

• Two participants re-engaging with mainstream education.

• One participant enrolling in Cert 2 through Federation University.
• One participant engaged with a volunteering opportunity in Ararat.
• One participant employed in two jobs.
• One participant re-enrolling in mainstream education (partial
enrolment with Distance Education Centre Victoria).
• Participant completing Year 11 through Distance Education Centre
• 100 per cent attendance rate for one young person who had
previously had extremely low attendance in surrounding schools.
• Participant attaining their learner permit.
• Four participants attaining Food Handling Certificate.

Catering for the Governor of Victoria

Thursdays’ participants gained practical hospitality experience, donning
the Government House uniform and working with Government House staff
to serve afternoon tea made by the Ararat Country Women’s Association.

Volunteering at CGLLEN events

Participants volunteered at CGLLEN’s Push Cart Challenge and Skatepark
Day events. Volunteers were responsible for a range of roles at the events,
including photography, time keeping, setting up and packing up the
event, marshalling, communicating with event participants and facilitators,
providing food and tending to barbecues, managing prize tables and many
other tasks as required.

Working with Nexus

In November, CGLLEN staff accompanied participants to Horsham to visit
the local youth centre, Nexus. A visit to Nexus gave students an
opportunity to gain valuable event
hosting skills.
Thursday participants before getting dirty at Mud-a-thon.

During the visit, the Youth Project Officer gave the participants tips on
hosting a successful event. She spoke about the importance of policies
and procedures and provided advice on obtaining grants and organising
security. Participants also benefited from learning how to advertise correctly
to target their intended audience. In the last hour of the visit, the Youth
Project Officer and the youth worker showed the participants how to set
up the lighting and sound equipment. They were also given the chance to
experiment with lighting equipment.

CGLLEN partnered with VicPol to facilitate the Mud-a-thon, an obstacle
course and mud run through Ararat’s surrounds. Thursdays’ participants
donned team tie dye shirts they had made during the program and completed
the 7km course, demonstrating team work, grit and determination. White
toothed smiles gleamed through muddy faces at the finish line! CGLLEN
staff members assisted with the organisation of the event, marshalling and
cooking the post event barbecue – a well-earned lunch for all Mud-a-thon
participants! The event was created for young people in local schools.

Melbourne Camp
Five of Thursdays’ committed participants had the opportunity to attend
a two-day camp in Melbourne to celebrate the end of a fantastic year.
Kimmy, Phe, Ben, Chloe and Ash jumped on an early train from Ararat,
alongside Amanda, Maya and our enthusiastic volunteer Bayley. The camp
was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, opening our eyes to ‘city life’ as we
navigated our way around the public transport system on trains and trams. In
between visits to ACMI, the Eureka Skydeck and Scienceworks, we explored
the sights, sounds and smells of the streets of Melbourne. We even took a
stroll down Hosier Lane to check out the street art covered walls and poked
around the stalls at Queen Victoria Market. Dress up days throughout the year
added some fun to the Thursdays
CGLLEN program report

SWL Program Repo

The shipping container received a vibrant makeover thanks to a street art workshop facilitated by Cax.

Street Art Workshops with Cax Central Grampians LLEN would like to thank Project
Platypus for giving young people this opportunity.
Talented street artist Ash – aka ‘Cax_one’, devoted
his time and energy to work with the Thursdays’ Brambuk Café Culture Camp
participants to design and paint our shipping container.
The participants contributed to the designs, discussing CGLLEN partnered with Brambuk Cultural Centre
what they felt represented them as young people and in Halls Gap to create a two-day experience for
represented CGLLEN as an organisation. Cax worked Thursdays’ participants. The camp incorporated café
with the group over three days, creating a vibrant, skills (making coffees, setting tables, serving customers
quirky new addition to the CGLLEN space. The project and opening and closing the café) and cultural insight
was made possible by Engage funding. from the local indigenous community. The camp was
an eye opener for participants, providing them with an
Tree planting with Project Platypus understanding of the rich history and culture of Gariwerd
(The Grampians). Participants were transported in a
A group of seven volunteers from Thursdays committed bus to local sites of cultural significance – waterfalls,
their time to plant trees at Lake Fyans, near Pomonal. rock art and creation stories. They also got to explore
The Plant Out project enables regeneration of habitats the Grampians National Park on foot, walking to the
in the region. Pinnacle, Venus Baths, and waterfalls.

By partnering with Project Platypus, Thursdays’ young Joining the community conversation
people were able to actively give back to their community
through volunteering efforts. This volunteering exercise Thursdays’ participants got to have their say on the Ararat
also allowed young people to connect with professionals community as part of the ‘Community Conversations’
on a local level, develop new skills and create contacts facilitated every three years by local organisations. The
who may be used as referees in future job, education or participants reflected on their needs as youth in Ararat,
training prospects. and articulated their opinions, thoughts and feelings with
passion and sensitivity. The facilitators visited CGLLEN
The group planted a total of 540 trees across the area. so the conversation could take place in the ‘Thursdays’
The project taught them about the value of caring for classroom.
the environment. This physically demanding effort also
tested the participants’ resilience in an environment of
hard work. The participants worked hard throughout the
day and all passed the ‘test’ with flying colours.

SWL program report


SWL connects local young people with employers in various industries.

The changing face of SWL Forging ahead

The Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) program has Heading into 2019, the SWL program is in good shape to
been created to assist VET and VCAL students find work build on the platforms created in the later half of 2018. It
placements with local businesses that are relevant to their is anticipated that the program will be able to continue to
field of study. work on the following goals:

During 2018, the SWL program had a change of • identifying new SWL placements, as well as
coordinator. Melissa Bennett finished with CGLLEN early maintaining and expanding existing placements,
in the year and Shelly Chalmers commenced in the role to ensure more young people can access SWL
in October. The absence of a coordinator for a period of
time impacted on the delivery of the program for the first • collaborating with schools and employers to
half of the year. provide young people with placements that align
with their curriculum
Since taking on the role, Shelly has focused on engaging
with the local secondary schools across Ararat and Stawell, • supporting schools to facilitate group activities
as well as connecting with local employers. Shelly has that focus on employability skills, mock
recommenced attending the VET cluster meetings which interviews, resume and cover letter writing skills
has greatly assisted her in building positive connections
with the careers’ teachers at each school.

Strengthening relationships
Shelly started initial discussions with many local
employers and attended the offices of the Bendigo
SWL program where she was provided with a thorough
induction on how to use the state wide SWL Portal. Two
CGLLEN staff members also attended the state wide
SWL conference in December 2018. This conference
provided a good opportunity for networking with other
SWL coordinators across the state and learning how to
best engage employers and schools to continue to build
the SWL program across the region.

L2P Learner Driver Mentor Program
The L2P program was established in 2013 in Ararat Rural City and has since
extended into the Northern Grampians and Pyrenees shires.

The L2P program is currently funded until 30 June 2019. The L2P Learner
Driver Mentor program is for young people between the ages of 16 and 20,
who do not have access to a car or supervising driver. The program helps
young people accrue 120 hours of logged, supervised driving in order to
acquire their P plates.

Over the course of the program, young learner drivers are matched with
supervising mentors who provide a positive learning environment and
experience. CGLLEN’s mentors are community members who volunteer their
time to the program and have undergone the training and checks required to
work with young people.

The role of the L2P mentors are like that of a family member or friend, sitting
beside a learner driver for approximately one hour per week in CGLLEN’s
fully-insured, community-sponsored L2P vehicles.

In 2018, the L2P program was coordinated by Youth Project Officers

Amanda Rosenthal and Biljana Radoicic. It also has wonderful support from
local government, as well as many local businesses and organisations. The
program was developed by the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and
VicRoads, and is delivered by the Central Grampians LLEN in partnership
with the Ararat Rural City Council, Northern Grampians Shire Council and
Pyrenees Shire Council.

L2P Achievements Pyrenees shire driver, Billie, after

gaining her P plates.
In 2018, the L2P program took on a total of 42 learner drivers across the
region. Eight of those participants were from the Pyrenees Shire, 19 were
from Northern Grampians Shire and 15 were from Ararat Rural City. In total,
across all three funded local government areas, 12 learner drivers attained
their Probationary Licence. The program was supported by 16 mentors who
participated as supervising drivers.

Central Grampians LLEN thanks all of its participants, mentors, and sponsors
for being a part of this valuable community program. Central Grampians
LLEN also extends its congratulations to all participants who successfully
acquired their licence as a result of this program.

Ararat learner driver, Melanie.

L2P has been proudly supported and

sponsored by:

Ararat Community Enterprise, APEX

Australia, Ararat Rotary, Ararat
Rural City Council, Beaufort Rotary,
Bendigo Bank (Beaufort), Crocodile
Gold Corp, Department of Justice,
Grampian Ford, Grampians Toy
Club Inc., Northern Grampians Shire
Council, Pyrenees Shire Council,
Stawell Apex Club, Stawell Lions Club,
Stawell Toyota and Kia, United Way
and Victoria Police.
L2P mentor, Don, and learner driver, Chloe.

FReeZA is a Victorian Government initiative that supports young Victorians
to get involved in their community by planning and running drug, smoke and
alcohol-free music and cultural events for other young people.

Throughout the year, FReeZA (Ararat) hosted a number of events under the
guidance of CGLLEN’s Youth Project Officers.

School discos
A well-attended junior disco was held at Ararat 800 Primary School in May 2018
as a part of Education Week. Students at Ararat West Primary School also got to
take part in the fun with their own dress-up disco. Over 500 children enjoyed the
free musical events thanks to funding from our Freeza Program.

Sing It Out!
Sing It Out, a youth mental health musical performance and workshop, took place
in November at the Ararat Performing Arts Centre. There were 240 students and
teachers in attendance from both Marian College and Ararat Community College.

Students were entertained by Australian singers Taylor Henderson, Nathaniel,

Brendan Finlay, Kye, Libby Street and Jess Dutlow, who are all past contestants of
X Factor and The Voice. They took to the stage to share their music and their own
personal stories with mental illness and depression. The performance received
positive feedback from teachers and students. Stawell Secondary College was
unable to participate in 2018, so we will look to host a similar event in Stawell in
the near future.

The FReeZA program

supports young people
aged 12-25 to get
involved in the planning
and coordination of
music, art and youth
culture events, with an
emphasis on safety and
affordability. All events
are drug, alcohol and
smoke free.

The program involves

building skills and
working with existing
interests and abilities
of young people, in
leadership, event
management, and other

FReeZA is funded by the

Department of Health
and Human Services.
Sing It Out, featuring past contestants from X Factor and The Voice, was a
popular event in 2018.


School holiday program

Central Grampians LLEN delivered three school holiday
programs throughout 2018.

Getting creative

In January, local young people were provided with

the opportunity to be part of cooking and arts and
crafts activities that included making some yummy
cheesecakes and creating stencil art with spray paint.
They also participated in a song writing workshop
which was facilitated by performer and musician Stella
Savy. A dronezone workshop delivered by two local
drone pilots, Nathaniel and Cale, was another popular
activity. To wind up the program, a movie afternoon
was held, along with an activity that allowed students to
design and print their own t-shirts.

School holiday make up workshop.

Look good, feel good

The last school holiday program was held over the June
and July school holiday period. CGLLEN extended
the program to Stawell, partnering with Stawell
Neighbourhood House. Dronezone made its debut
appearance at Stawell with a number of local kids
turning up to learn about all things drone-related.

We also delivered two makeup workshops across

Stawell and Ararat. These workshops not only allowed
young people to learn about applying makeup, but
focused on the wellbeing component. Participants
learned that wellbeing involves taking care of your
whole self, not just your physical appearance and not
just your emotional health. By drawing on the strengths
Drones are always a hit with children involved in our school of three different professionals, the young women learnt
holiday program. how to develop healthy habits including meditation,
nutrition and make-up practices. The young women
Dress ups and drones who attended left feeling informed, empowered and
April saw the return of the school holiday program,
this time CGLLEN partnered with Ararat Regional This school holiday program also provided the
Library to deliver a joint activity, Character Story Time. opportunity for some collaboration with the Thursday’s
The children got to dress up as their favourite book program delivered at CGLLEN. We had two young
character and complete a craft activity related to a people deliver workshops to younger participants.
bear book. The theme of art and craft continued with These included a galaxy in a jar activity and a
a portrait art activity, where participants got creative basketball workshop where local kids were provided
with a wide range of craft supplies to create a portrait with the opportunity to develop their skills. We also
to reflect how they see themselves. Dronezone returned partnered again with Ararat Regional Library to deliver a
for another school holidays, while a pool party was held cartooning workshop where children learnt how to draw
at the indoor pool in Ararat to celebrate Youth Week. cartoon characters and write a story to accompany
their illustrations.

Throughout 2018, CGLLEN’s Engage! program continued Prizes were awarded to winners and an on-site DJ kept
to connect young people to their communities. the tunes going all day. The event and the new venue were
well received, with competitors providing positive feedback
The Engage! program provided local government and about the new facilities available to skaters and scooters.
community organisations with the opportunity to develop Demonstrations were held by experts in the industry.
projects with young people, for young people. Connecting
to community, engaging in school, and learning practical The free event was attended by the Mayor, Councillors and
skills were the focus of this program. The program also CEO of Ararat Rural City Council.
aimed to increase the skills and knowledge of young
people, which may guide them to pathways of education,
employment or further training. In addition to this, Engage! Paul Parker Workshops
aimed to improve young people’s health, wellbeing and
social interaction with their peers. In December and November, international performance
teacher and coach, Paul Parker, facilitated workshops in
Some of the highlights of the Engage! program in 2018 Stawell. Three workshops were delivered in partnership
included: with Stawell Neighbourhood House and focused on
building self-confidence and presentation skills for
teenagers and early adults. Students learned to speak in
front of an audience and enhance their communication
skills, while participating in various activities that
challenged them.

Mock interviews

Central Grampians LLEN supported Marian College to

conduct a day of mock interviews for all Year 9 students.
We partnered with staff from local businesses and the
local council to form five interview stations. Students spent
several hours preparing their resumes and applying for
mock positions.

We plan to repeat this event in 2019, engaging students

between the ages of 14 and 15 years to prepare a resume
A healthy crowd turned out to watch the action at the Stawell and attend a scheduled interview for work. This will take
Skatepark Day. place in the second half of the year. The event was a great
way for staff to have one-on-one time with a cross section
Stawell Skatepark Day of local youth and engage with them around career
pathways and skill development.
Stawell turned on perfect weather for the Skatepark Day at
North Park in October. Over 80 people were in attendance
to enjoy the free event, which included a DJ, prizes for
various categories, face-painting and a barbecue by
Stawell Lions Club.

Children of all of ages and abilities competed in either BMX,

scooting or skating, and demonstrations were provided by
experts in the field.

Engage! offers fantastic opportunities

Ararat Skatepark Day
for young people. CGLLEN is always
Ararat Skatepark Day took place in November and saw 140 open to new ways to connect with
attendees from surrounding towns converge on Ararat to community groups, businesses, and
compete in various categories. Featuring skating, scooting individuals to develop great ideas and
and BMX, the skatepark day offered free face-painting and make things happen with young people
a free barbecue provided and served by the Ararat Lions in the Ararat Rural City and Northern
Club. Grampians Shire.

Victorian Youth Week

Ghost and ghouls were all smiles at our horror disco.

To celebrate the first Victorian Youth Week, Central A mix of skills and ages made for a few interesting
Grampians LLEN hosted a 3X3 basketball tournament games, though all competitors were worth
in Ararat and a horror-themed disco in Stawell. Youth applauding. Team T-wizzles took the title, with The
Week is an important event at CGLLEN as it is all Swish Kids crowned runners-up.
about celebrating young people.
After the tournament, competitors were treated to
a barbecue lunch, graciously cooked by the Lions
Club of Ararat. Central Grampians LLEN is very
grateful for their support at this event.

Horror disco
To mark the end of Victorian Youth Week, a horror
disco was held in Stawell. The Stawell Entertainment
Centre welcomed a number of young people who
came to dance their hearts out in the spooky themed
venue. Young people dressed up as their favourite
horror characters and grooved under the black light
and glow in the dark decorations.

DJ Ace and DJ Cardiac Chaos, two young DJs, set

3X3 basketball got students outdoors during the holidays. the mood for an excellent night of tunes and dancing.
Central Grampians LLEN provided sustenance for
all the young dancers in the form of pizzas and
3X3 basketball popcorn.
Teams took the court and competed for the 3X3
Young people were awarded prizes for best dressed
tournament title, along with an assortment of prizes.
and best dancers as the night came to a close.
Central Grampians LLEN would like to thank Intersport
in Ararat for donating two additional basketballs to
give away as prizes to the competing teams.

CGLLEN members

Organisational members

A F Gason
ACFE Grampians Pyrenees Primary Care Partnership
AME Systems Great Western Primary School
Ararat College Hello Gorgeous
Ararat Healthwise Pharmacy Lake Bolac P-12 College
Ararat Regional Library Marian College
Ararat Neighbourhood House Maroona Primary School
Ararat North Primary School McDonald’s Ararat
Ararat Regional Business Association National Disability Coordination Officer Western
Ararat Retirement Village Inc. Region for SkillsPlus
Ararat Rural City Council Moyston Primary School
Ararat West Primary School Northern Grampians Shire Council
Aunde Australia Ltd Pinnacle Inc
Australian Education Union Victoria Branch Pomonal Primary School
Ballarat Regional Trades & Labour Council Inc. Regional Development Victoria
Bendigo Bank Rotary Stawell Inc
BRACE Education and Training Simpson Personnel Pty Ltd
Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Co-operative Skene Street Specialist School
Budja Budja Aboriginal Co-operative St Mary’s Primary School
CasWak Pty Ltd StawellBiz
Catholic Education Office Stawell Engineering
Central Grampians Vocational Education & Training Stawell Neighbourhood House Inc.
Cluster Stawell Primary School
Centrelink – Ararat & Stawell Stawell Regional Health
Child and Family Services Ararat Stawell Secondary College
Chris ‘n’ Di’s Bakery Stawell West Primary School
Concongella Primary School Target Australia
Country Education Project Inc. Victoria Police
Crowlands Landcare Group Victorian Independent Education Union
David O Jones Mitre 10 Waack’s Bakery
Department of Education and Training Western District Employment Access
Distance Education Centre Victoria Young’s SportsPower
East Grampians Health Service
Eventide Homes (Stawell) Inc.
Eworks Employment Solutions
Federation University Australia
Frewstal Pty Ltd
Goolum Goolum Aboriginal Co-operative
Grains Industry Training Network
Grampians Community Health Centre
Grampians disAbility Advocacy Association
Grampians Finance Group Pty Ltd

Central Grampians LLEN would like
to acknowledge support from the
following organisations:
Central Grampians Local Learning and Employment Network
ABN 67 845 485 864

Ararat Charitable Trust
Grampian Ford

Phone: 03 5352 3266 Email: 3/5 Laby Street, PO Box 255, Ararat Victoria 3377