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Muslim Names

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

On the Day of Resurrection you will be called

by your names and by your father's names,
so give yourselves good names.
Hadith - Bukhari

Male First Names

Spelling(s) Description or Meaning Example or Origin

'Abdul or 'Abd Literally means "slave" , The Prophet (peace be upon him)
i.e. "servant". Can be used said: Call yourselves by the names
of the Prophets. The names
in combination with one of dearest to Allah are Abdullah and
the Names of Allah, i.e. AbdurRahman, the truest are
"Abdullah" meaning Harith and Hammam, and the
"Slave of Allah" or worst are Harb and Murrah.
"Abdul-Rahman" or -Hadith - Abu Dawood, Narrated
AbuWahb al-Jushami
"Abdul-Raheem" etc.
Slave of/to Allah
'Abdul-'Adl Slave to The Just
Abdul A'fuww Slave to The Pardoner
Abdul A'had Slave of The Only Quran 112:1
Abdul Aa'khir Slave to The Last
Abdul A'leyy Slave to The Exalted,
'Abdul-'Ali Sublime
Abdul A'leim Slave to The All-Knowing
Abdul Aw'wal Slave to The First
Abdul A'zeim Slave to The Great,
'Abdul-'Azim Magnificent
Abdul A'zeiz Slave to The Mighty, The
'Abdul-'Aziz Strong
Abdul Ba'deie Slave to The Originator
Abdul Baa'eith Slave to The Resurrector
Abdul Baa'qei Slave to The Everlasting
Abdul Baa'ri Slave to The Maker
'Abdul-Barr Slave to The Righteous
Abdul Ba'seir Slave to The All-Seeing
Abdul Baa'sit
'Abdul-Basit Slave to The Extender
Abdul Baa'tin Slave to The Hidden
Slave to The One Who
Abdud Daarr
Causes Loss
Abdul Fattaah Slave to The Opener,
'Abdul-Fattah Reliever
Abdul Ghaf'faar Slave of The Forgiver
Abdul Gha'four Slave of The Forgiving
Abdul Gha'neyy Slave to The Self-
'Abdul-Ghani Sufficient
Abdul Haa'dei Slave to The Guide
Abdul Ha'feiz Slave of The Guardian
Abdul Ha'kam Slave to The Judge
Abdul Ha'keim Slave to The Wise
Abdul Ha'leim Slave to The Forbearing,
'Abdul-Halim Clement
Abdul Ha'meid Slave to The All-
'Abdul-Hamid Praiseworthy
'Abdul-Haqq Slave to The Truth
Abdul Ha'seib Slave to The Reckoner
Abdul Haey'y
Slave to The Ever-Living
Abdul Jab'baar Slave of The Compeller
Abdul Ja'leil Slave of The Revered
Abdul Jaa'mie Slave to The Gatherer
Abdul Ka'beir Slave to The Most Great
Abdul Ka'reim Slave to The Generous
Abdul Kha'beir Slave to The All-Informed,
'Abdul-Khabir Aware
Abdul Khaa'fid Slave of The Humbler
Abdul Khaa'liq Slave to The Creator
Abdul La'teif Slave to The Kind,
'Abdul-Latif Gracious
Abdul Maa'jid Slave to The Most
'Abdul-Majid Glorious
Abdul Maa'lik Slave of The King (Allah) When the people took the oath of
'Abdul-Malik allegiance to 'Abdul Malik,
'Abdullah bin 'Umar wrote to him:
'Abdul-Maalik "To Allah's Slave, 'Abdul Malik,
Chief of the believers, I give the
Pledge of allegiance that I will
listen to and obey Allah's Slave,
'Abdul Malik, Chief of the
believers, according to Allah's
Laws and the Traditions of His
Apostle in whatever is within my
ability; and my sons too, give the
same pledge." -Bukhari 9.312,
Narrated Abdullah din Dinar
Abdul Ma'tein Slave of The Firm
'Abdul-Mughni Slave of The Enricher
Abdul Mub'di Slave to The Initiator
Abdul Mo'hai'min Slave to The Protector,
'Abdul-Muhaymin Guardian
Abdul Muh'sei
Slave to The Accountant
Abdul Muh'yei
'Abdul-Muhye Slave of The Life-Giver
'Abdul-Mujib Slave to The Responder
Abdul Mo'eizz
'Abdul-Mu'iz Slave of The Honorer
Slave of The Faithful
Abdul Mo'qaddim Slave of The Presenter
Abdul Muq'sit
Slave to The Equitable
Abdul Muq'tadir
Slave to The Able
Abdul Mo'saw'wir
Slave of The Fashioner
'Abdul-Muta'ali Slave to The Supreme
Abdul Mo'ta'kab'bir Slave of The Majestic,
'Abdul-Mutakabber Superb
Abdun Naa'fie Slave of The Beneficial
Abdun Nou'r Slave of The Light
Abdul Qaa'dir Slave to The Omnipotent
Abdul Qah'haar Slave to The Subduer, The
'Abdul-Qahhar Dominant
'Abdul-Qawi Slave to The Almighty
Abdul Qaey'youm Slave to The Subsisting
Abdul Qud'dous Slave to The Holy (Allah)
Abdur-Raa'fie Slave to The Exalteer
Slave to The Sustainer,
Abdur Rabb
Abdur Ra'heim Slave of The Most
'Abdul-Rahim Merciful, The
'Abdul-Raheem Compassionate
Abdur Rah'maan Slave of The Most
'Abdul-Rahman Gracious, The Beneficent
'Abdul-Raqib Slave of The Watcher
'Abdul-Rashid Slave to The Righteous
'Abdur-Rashid Guide
'Abdul-Rauf Slave to The
'Abdur-Ra'uf Compassionate
'Abdul-Razzaq Slave of The Provider
'Abdul-Sabur Slave to The Most Patient
'Abdul-Salam Slave of The Peace, The
'Abd us Salam Bestower of Security, The
Author of Safety
'Abdul-Samad Slave of The Eternal Qur'an 112:2
'Abdul-Samie Slave to The All-Hearing
Slave of The Witness
'Abdes Shakur
Slave of The Appreciative
'Abdul-Tawab Slave to The Acceptor of
'Abdut-Tawwab Repentance
'Abdul-Wadud Slave of The Loving
'Abdul-Wahab Slave of The Bestower
'Abdul-Wahid Slave of The Unique
Slave to The Reveler
'Abdul-Wakil Slave to The Trustee
Slave to The Supporter
Slave to The All
'Abdul-Wareth Slave to The Inheritor
'Abdul-Wasi' Slave to The All-
'Abdul-Wasee Embracing
Slave of The Manifest
Abrâr Pious and righteous 82:13
'Adam From earth a Prophet
'Adil Just. Name of the Prophet
'Amrullah The order of Allah swt
'Asadullah The lion of Allah swt
'Atallah The gift of Allah

Bahi Fine, good

Bari' Skillful
Basil Brave, courageous
Basim Smiling
Bahij Always happy, pleasant
Camel, First born, the
eldest child
Baligh Eloquent, well versed
Barii Innocent
Bashir Bringer of good news
Bashshar Bringer of good news
Basman Smiling a lot
Bassam Smiling a lot
Bilal Freshness First prayer caller in Islam
Prophet Yousuf's younger
Binyamin / Benyamin
brother ("Benjamin")
Bishr Joy, good news
Burhan Proof, evidence

Dalil Guide
Dani Close, near
Danyal Prophet Prophet "Daniel"
Daris Scholar, studying
Dawûd David 2:251
Dulamah Tall and black
Dyab The one who perseveres

Fadil Virtuous
Fa'iq Awake, alert
Fa'iz Winner
Falih Successful
Fadl Generosity, abundance
Fahd Cheetah
Fahim Intelligent
Fahmi Smart
Ralah Attainment, success
Faraj Relief from bad times
Farid Unique
Fatin Smart, witty
Fu'ad Heart
Furqan Proof (Qur'an)

Ghamir Giving a lot of charity

Ghanim Winner
Attacker, campaigner for
Allah's cause swt
Ghassan The prime of youth
Ghawth Relief, aid
Ghayth Rain
Ghayyath The one rushing to help
Ghazir Plentiful, ample

Habbab Gentle, polite

At Habib's death, the noble
Prophet had commended him and
his entire family and had prayed:
Habib Beloved "May God bless this household.
May God have mercy on this
Hadir The sound of thunder
Hafiz Protector, preserver
To rule, coach, judge,
Hamadullah The Thanks of Allah swt
The appreciation of Allah
Hammam The Prophet (peace be upon him)
said: Call yourselves by the names
of the Prophets. The names
dearest to Allah are Abdullah and
AbdurRahman, the truest are
Harith and Hammam, and the
worst are Harb and Murrah.
-Hadith - Abu Dawood, Narrated
AbuWahb al-Jushami
Hamza Lion Uncle of the Prophet
Muhammed saaws
Hani Pleased, satisfied
Haris / Hares Guard
Harith The Prophet (peace be upon him)
said: Call yourselves by the names
of the Prophets. The names
dearest to Allah are Abdullah and
AbdurRahman, the truest are
Harith and Hammam, and the
worst are Harb and Murrah.
-Hadith - Abu Dawood, Narrated
AbuWahb al-Jushami
Hasan Good, handsome
Hasim Decisive
Hazim, Hazem Strict
Hasim Thunder
Hibatullah The gift of Allah swt
Humam Brave
Handsome (Diminutive of
Husayn, Husein

'Iesa Jesus 2:87

Ibrâhim Prophet Abraham 2:123
Kindness, good charitable
'Imad Pillar, support
'Irfan Thankfulness, appreciation
'Isam Safeguard, self dependence
Ishaq Means "tall". A Prophet. Son of Ibraham
and Sara. 3:84
Ismâ'il Ishmael 2:133
'Iyad Support

The Generosity of Allah

Jadil-Haqq Truth follower
Jalil Capable, mighty
Jasir Courageous, Strong
Jasur Courageous
Julaybib Brave Martyr A Companion of the Prophet
saaws who was dwarfed,
described as ugly, and of unknown
lineage, yet the Prophet saaws
found great favor in him, selecting
a wife for him, and saying, He is
of me and I am of him" when
Julaybib died as a martyr in battle,
after first courageously killing
Junayd Diminutive of soldier

Kamil Complete
Kayid Cunning
Khabir Expert
Khalaf Successor
Khalil Intimate Friend 4:125
Khalilullah The friend of Allah swt
Khayr Goodness
The Prosperity of Allah

Labib Intelligent
Lami' / Lamee Bright
Lam'i Shining
Latif Gentle
Layth Lion
Clear way, convincing, A Prophet and Surah in
Prophet Qur'an

Madi Past, sharp

Mas'ud Prosperous
Protected from committing
Mawdud Beloved
Mibsam, Mebsam Smiling a lot
Muhsin Good-doer, i.e. performs good
deeds totally for Allah's sake
only without any show off or to
gain praise or fame etc., and in
accordance with the Sunna of 2:112
Allah's Messenger Muhammed
SAAWS. Also the name of one
of the sons of Fatimah
(Muhammad's daughter).
Mu'in/Mu'een Helper
Mu'min/Moo'min Believer
Mûsa Moses 2:51
Mustafa Chosen
Muti'/Mutee Obedient
Nasrallah The Victory of Allah swt
Nûh Noah 3:33

Qabil/Qabeel/Qaabeel Son of Adam

Qaddur/Qaddoor Capable
Qani/Qanee Satisfied with one's life
Qasim Divider Prophet Muhammad's son
Qasit/Qaasit Just, Fair
Qays Firm

Radi/Radhi Happy, Satisfied

Ra'id/Raed/Raa'id Leader, Major (Rank)
Raji/Raajee Hoping
Ramadan/Ramadhaan 9th month of Islamic calendar

Safiyyullah The Choice of Allah swt

Salim Excellent reciter of Qur'an ...I heard Allah's Apostle SAAWS
saying, 'Learn the recitation of the
Qur'an from (any of these) four
persons: 'Abdullah bin Masud,
Salim the freed slave of Abu
Hudhaifa...' -Bukhari 5.103,
Narrated Masruq
Sayfullah The sword of Allah swt
Shukrallah The Thanks of Allah swt

Talût Saul 2:249

Târiq Night-comer, i.e. the bright
Yahya John 3:39
Ya'qûb Jacob 2:133

Zakariyâ Zachariya 3:38

Zayd Zayd ibn Thabit, .R.A.- a
prominent scribe of Qur'an,
responsible for preserving
the Qur'an as we know it

Female First Names

'Aisha Wife of the Prophet Allah's Apostle SAAWS said, "The superiority of
saaws 'Aisha over other women is like the superiority of
Tharid to other meals." -Bukhari 5.114, Narrated Anas bin Malik
'Amirah Leader, princess
Aminah The Prophets' saaws mother.
'Anisah Friendly
'Arifah Knowledgeable
'Asma Daughter of Abu Bakr, r.a.

Bahijah Happy
Bahra' Beautiful, shining
Barja' Of beautiful eyes
Basimah Smiling
Basma A smile

Daajiyah Living well off

Big pearl
Daariyah Aware,
Dariyah knowledgeable
Dalaal /
Pampering, coddling
Dayfah Guest
Dunya Life
Durriyyah Glittering stars

Fadilah Noble
Fadyaa Sacrificing
Fajr Dawn
Falihah Successful
Farhanah Happy
Fatimah "Weaner", Daughter Allah's Apostle saaws said, "Fatima is a part of me, and
Fatima of the Prophet saaws whoever makes her angry, makes me angry." -Bukhari
5.111, Narrated Al Miswar bin Makhrama

Fatinah Intelligent
Fikriyyah Having many ideas
Ghada Beautiful
Gharra Noble lady
Ghayda' /
Young & delicate
Ghina Richness
Ghufran Forgiveness
Ghusun Branches (of a tree)

Hadyah Guide to
Hadiah Righteousness
Hajar Maidservant of Hagar bore Ishmael
Prophet Ibraheem
Hajun Prophet Ibraheem's She bore him five children: Kaisaan, Suraj, Umaim,
4th and final wife Lotaan, and Naafis

Haalimah Dreaming
Hamidah Thankful
Hanyah Happy
Hazimah Steadfast, firm
Hadhiqah Intelligent
Habibah Beloved
Hadbaa With long eye lashes
Hadiyyah Gift
Hakimah Wise
Gentle, Forgiving
Hana /
Haniyyah Happy
Hasibah Noble
Hasifah Wise
Hasinah Chaste
Hasna' /
Hasnah /
Beautiful & nice
Hawra Of beautiful eyes
Hawwa' Eve (first woman)
Hayat Life
Haya' /
Guidance (from
Hulwah Sweet, beautiful
Husn Beauty
Hutaf Cheering
Huwaydah Gentle

'Ibrah /
Wisdom, advice
'Ibtihaj Joy
'Ibtihal /
'Ibtisam /
'Ihaa Inspiration
'Ihab Giving, granting
'Iman /
Faith, belief
'Imtiyaz /
Submission to Allah's

Maryam Mary 2:87

Qanturah 3rd wife of Prophet She was married after Sarah's death and bore Ibraheem
Ibraheem (Abraham) six children.

Rumaysa Umm Sulaym Rumaysa bin Milhan, R.A., wife of

Companion, who accepted Islam when she refused to
marry him until he gave up his idols, educating him on
the topic and influencing him to do so.
Sadaqa Deeds of charity
done in Allah's (swt)
Sakinah Calm, Tranquil, "Be not sad (or afraid), surely Allâh is with us." Then
Peace Allâh sent down His Sakînah (calmness, tranquillity,
peace, etc.) upon him, and strengthened him with
forces (angels) which you saw not..." [Qur'an 9:40].
See Also 2:248

More Names

Abrâr Pious and righteous 82:13

Da'wah Literally means "call", and is used to refer to calling people

to the Truth, i.e. propagating Islam
Deen The Way of Life for a Muslim, i.e. religion
Islam Submission to Allah's Will

Jum'ah Friday, the day of gathering

Luqman Wise A Prophet and name

Luqmaan of a Surah (Chapter)
in the Qur'an

Muhsin Good-doer, i.e. performs good deeds totally for Allah's sake 2:112
only without any show off or to gain praise or fame etc., and
in accordance with the Sunna of Allah's Messenger
Muhammed SAAWS

Salaf The Pious Forefathers (i.e. As-Salaf as-Saalih) are the

Companions of the Prophet , the first three generations
of Muslims after the revelation of the Qur'an
Walî Protector, Guardian, Supporter, Helper, Friend etc. [plural 33:17