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1st English Quiz 12th grade Of Social probably have to work with both men and women.

Other reserach found that boys and girls in co-

and Language Class educational schools learn to espect one another’s
“Discussion Text” strengths and abilities.
In summary, research shows that each school
Single sex or Co-ed Schools? has its own advantages and disadvantages. An
There are two major types of schools in important consideration for parents is whether to
Australia. The first type is single sex schools: choose a single sex or a co-educational school.
schools with all girls or schools with all boys. The Parents should also involve their children in
second one is co-educational schools, which mix deciding whether they go to a single sex or a co-
male and female students. Most parents in educational school. Parents and children should
Australia nowadayyys face a difficult decision – decide together which learning environment is
whether to send their child to a single sex school best for everyone.
or to a co-educational school. Based on six years
of research done by the Ausralian Council for 1. What is the best topic of the text?
Education Research (ACER) with 270,000 a. The topic of the text is about the research
students, studying 53 academic subjects, results of school types in Australia.
show that both boys and girls who were educated b. The topic of the text is about
in single-sex classroms have better academic single sex and co-educational school in
achievement than those in co-educational schools. Australia.
The report also mentions that unlike students in c. The topic of the text is about the parents’s
co-educational schools, boys and girls in single- view about their children.
sex schools also show better or more positive d. The topic of the text is about the
behavior. learning environments of the single sex
Other research findings show that boys and school only.
girls perform best when they are taught separately e. The topic of the text is about the discussion
in their teen years, which shows that boys and of the single sex and co-educational school
girls think differently. In single sex schools in Australia.
students feel more comfortable, confident and free
if they have to think, behave and learn with the 2. Which statement is TRUE according to
same sex. For example, the girls in single sex the text?
schools do not have to worry about their a. Based on six years of research done by the
appearance and they feel free to have discussions Ausralian Council for Education Research
in class. Similarly, boys can talk about boys’ life (ACER) with 270,000 students, studying 53
with their friends in single sex schools. Parents academic subjects, results show that both
also believe that by sending a child to a single sex boys and girls who were educated in single-
school, they can get away from the gender sex classroms have better academic
stereotypes that can be seen in co-educational achievement than those in co-educational
learning environments. Further evidence shows schools.
that most single sex schools have a small number b. Other research findings show that boys and
of students per class and the teachers are more girls do not perform best when they are
skilled and motivated. taught separately in their teen years.
As most single sex schools are private c. Further evidence shows that most single sex
schools, they depend heavily on tuition fees and schools have a large number of students per
donations while co-educational schools are funded class and the teachers are more skilled and
by the government. As a consequence, single sex motivated.
schools are more expensive than co-educational d. a co-ed school allows children to socialize
ones. Some parents argue it is cheaper for boys with the opposite sex. Most children also do
and girls to learn in a co-ed school rather than in not enjoy learning in the large classes
two separate schools. In addition, a co-ed school usually found in co-educational schools.
allows children to socialize with the opposite sex. e. It is not an important consideration for
Most children also enjoy learning in the large parents is whether to choose a single sex or
classes usually found in co-educational schools. a co-educational school.
Also, when children learn together it can help
them with their social skills, and they will become
3. “.......they depend heavily on tuition fees
more comfortable with the opposite sex, which
and donations.....” the synonym of the bold
prepares them for the real world, when they will
words is _________.
a. The school certificate. But what about the livesof the migrant
b. The parents’ will. workers themselves? They often have to stay away
c. The learning process. from their families in Indonesia for a least a year at
d. The school payment. a time. How terrible it must be for parents who
have to leave their children for such a long time.
e. The curriculum.
And what about the children? They must surely
miss their mother or father who has gone to work
4. Because of the small number students in abroad.
the single sex schools, the children’s parents In addition, some people say that many
think this school is very good, however, migrant workers are abused while they are
_________ working overseas. A number of them even die. It
a. The school rules are not discipline. is difficult for migrant workers to get support
b. The school tuition is very expensive. while they are living in a foreign country, so far
c. The schools are categorized as public away from their families. No one can make sure
school. that they are safe and looked after.
d. The children have the good social skill. For many Indonesians, working abroad is a
necessity. It will continue to be this way until the
e. The children are not comfortble with their
Indonesian economy can afford to pay workers a
friends. good living salary. There are good and bad things
about Indonesians working in other countries.
5. What is the research findings about the What is certain is that Indonesian people who
comparation of single sex school and co- work abroad need to have support structures in
educational school? place. They need support structures in the
a. The research finds that co-educational is countries where they are working, to ensure that
more better than single sex school. they are safe. They also need to have support
structures at home, to ensure that their families are
b. The research finds that boys and
taken care of while they are away.
girls will perform best when they are taught
separately in their teen years.
6. This text is called ____________.
c. The research finds that the co-educational a. Narrative text.
school is more expensive than single sex b. Explanation text.
school. c. Discussion text.
d. The research finds that single sex and co- d. Analytical Exposition text.
educational school do not have a good e. Hortatory Exposition text.
e. The research finds that co-educational 7. The purpose of this text is to
school is better in socializing with their ___________.
teens’ friends.
a. Entertain the readers about the story.
Over one and a half million Indonesians are b. Explain the procedure and the
registered as working abroad. Most of thesepeople steps of Indonesians workers.
work as domestic servants in Malaysia, Singapore c. Compare two points of view about the
or the Middle East. These are people wh have Indonesian workers who work abroad.
limited opportunities to earn a good salary at d. Persuade the readers about the
home. For them, going to work abroad is their only Indonesian workers.
chance to earn good money. But is it really a good
e. Give the readers arguments about the
thing, both for the people themselves as well as for
Indonesia? Indonesians workers.
These migrant workers often send large sums
of money back to their families in Indonesia. The 8. Below are the good factors of Indonesians
families then spend this money in Indonesian workers for Indonesia, EXCEPT?
shops and Indonesian businesses get money they a. The Indonesians workers send a large sums
wouldn’t otherwise receive. This can make a of money to their family.
considerable contribution to the Indonesian b.The Indonesians workers give a
economy as a whole. contribution to the Indonesian economy.
The money that is sent back to families in c. The Indonesians workers give a good effect
Indonesiais also used to pay for the education of
on the future of their children’s education.
children in the families. This can only have a good
effect on the future lives of these children. Money d.The Indonesians workers give also the large
earned in other countries being used to provide a sum of money to the Indonesia’s
better future for Indonesian children. government.
e. The Indonesian workers sometimes are computers? How would we
getting abused when they work. communicate with each other in
different places without computers?
Viva : You’re right. I don’t object to that.
9. “ These migrant workers often send large
Andien : To me, computers have more advantages
sums of money back to their families in
than disadvantages.
Indonesia.” This sentence is from the 2nd
a. What is the dialog talk about?
paragraph, which is called ___________.
b. Does Viva think that computers are necessary for
a. Issue.
high school students? Why?
b. Thesis Statement.
c. Write three advantages and the disadvantages of
c. Contra Arguments.
using a computer for high school students.
d. Pro Arguments.
e. Summary.
Complete the statements below with your own
10. “ For many Indonesians, working abroad is a
necessity.” The synonym of the underlined word is 12. In our opinion, computers are good for
_____________. students because _________ but the computers
a. Very good. might also have a bad influence on them because
b. Very important. ___________.
c. Very useful.
13. We are of the same opinion that computers
d. Very entertaining.
should be taught to high school students so that
e. Very beneficial. ________, but we object that _________.

11. Read this dialogue very carefully then, 14. A. A small device that allows you to operate
answer the questions!
the programs in a computer with speed, instead of
Viva : Dien, do you think that computers
typing the command is called ___________.
are necessary for high school
B. When you need n output data you will need a
Andien : Sure, why not?
__________ to print the data.
Viva : I think computer lessons do not
promote physical activity. You know
C. With a modem in a computer, one can
why? Well, there are students who
___________ to another via a telephone line.
are caught up in a computer and they
forget about lunch, their homework,
D. Now that more information is stored in a digital
or even want to skip after-school
form, making a perfect _________ is both easy
and cheap.
Andien : Yeah, I heard about that too. Once,
I saw a student who was forced to
15. Write the meaning of these vocabularies:
leave the computer because he was
A. Treachery :
so absorbed in computer games.
B. Regulate :
Viva : See what I mean? Besides, this
C. Inanimate objects :
problem will become even worse as
D. Abusive :
more classroom works center around
E. Hacker :
a computer. And one more thing,
F. White Collar Criminal :
computers make the users
G. Conspiracy :
H. Wealth :
Andien : Do they? How come?
I. View :
Viva : The prolonged exposure to
J. Hacking :
computers makes the users lazy to
socialize with other people. They
find their world more enjoyable in You Can Do It!!!
computers, since they are inanimate
objects. This makes them abusive to
Be Honest, Do the Best
other people. &
Andien : You know, I can’t deny the facts Good Luck, guys…
that computers help us a lot in the
information age. I can’t imagine
what this world would be if there
were no computers. How could I
handle so much work in my office?
How could the police regulate the
traffic lights without the help of