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1). which CAR specified thetechnical requirment to be complied by org.

a) CAR M subpart F
b) CAR 145
c) CAR M
d) none
(ref. pg. no. 12 pera 2)
complex moter powerd a/c means.
a) a tilt rotor a/c
b) an aeroplane with MTOM 5700kg and above
c) a helicopter with MTOM 3150kg and above
d) a) and b) both are correct
(ref. M.3 defination point b.a)
3) who are responsible for pre flight inspection.
a) pilot in command
b) AME
c) operator
d) both a) and b) are correct
( ref. MA 201 point d)
4) the operator shall establish and follow SMS as per
a) CAR section 1 series E part 1
b) CAR section 1 series C part 1
c) CAR section 2 series E part 1
d) CAR section 2 series C part 1
(ref. MA.201 point k )
5) For a/c other then commercial operation including limited operation, is maintenance by a
maintenance org. required.
a) no, for other than complex
b) yes, for other than complex
c) yes, for complex motor powered by a CAR- M subpart F org.
d) as in (a) and yes, for complex motor powered by a CAR 145 org.
(ref. GM 201 last pt. )
6) who is responsible for continuing a/w of a/c
a) AME
b) operator
c) owner
d) none
(ref. MA.201 (a) )
7) No flight takes place unless.
a) a/c is maintained in a/w condition
b) C of A remains valid
c) both A and B are correct
d) C of R remains vaild
(ref. MA.201 A)
8) the pre flight inspection must be carried out by whom.
a) pilot
b) qualified person
c) approved maintenance org.
d) all are correct
(ref. MA.201 a)
9) for other then complex motor powered a/c the CAMO is approved in.
a) CAR M subpart F
b) CAR 145
c) CAR M subpart F or CAR-145
d) none
(ref. MA.201 ponit H)
10) For other then complex motor powered a/c the owner shall manage the continuing a/w of a/c under
it is own responsibility and establish a limited contract for the deplovment of the maintenance program
a) an approved CAMO
b) in the case of cat. 2 light a/c or CAR 145 or MA subpart F
c) only CAR 145
d) only CAR M subpart F
(ref. MA.201 point 3 )
11) AMP and any subsequent amendments shall be approved by.
a) operator
b) manufecture
d) RAO
(ref. MA.302 B )
12) commercial ATO refers to
a) flying training org.
b) AOC
c) both a and b
d) none
(ref. GM.201 F)
13) when the continuing a/w of the a/c is managed by a CAMO is approved in accordance with
a) section A subpart G of CAR M
b) section B , subpart G of CAR M
c) section A , subpart F
d) both B and C are correct
(ref. MA302 E)
14) when a l,imited contract bitween rhe owner and org. the a/c maintenance program and it is
amenments may be approvd through
a) direct approved procedure
b) indirect approved procedure
c) CAR subpart G
d) all are correct
(ref. MA301 E)
15) in that case of indirect approvel procedure shall be establish by the CAMO as part of CAME shall be
approved by
a) MOE
b) RAO
d) operator
(ref. MA302 E)
16) the training standerd for pre flight inspection should be discribed in.
a) MOE
b) a/c manual
d) A and B both
(ref. MA301 1)
17) AMP shall be approved by .
b) manufecture
c) operator
d) none
(ref. MA302 B)
18) the MIP for cat. 1 light aeroplanes and cat 1 TMG must be reviewed
a) annualy
b) 6 month
c) 100 hr interval
d) 50 hr interval
(ref. MA 302 (1) )
19) initial operators maintenance programe is based upon
a) maintenance planing document
b) maintenance review board
c) maintenance data
d) all are correct
(ref.AMC MA302 D)
20) AMP shall be reviewed
a) every 2 years
b) 6 month
c) at least annualy
d) at least half yearly
(ref. AMC MA 302 B)
21) AMP shall either comply with
a) maintenance recomendation
b) service bulettins
c) MIP
d) TMG
(ref. MA302H)
22) The AMP shall include
a) all the mandatory continuing a/w requirements.
b) ADs
c) a/w limitation section
d) all are correct
(ref. MA302 H)
23) the AMP shall be reviewed at leasr annuly by.
a) the person who performs a/w review of a/c
b) by MA subpart G org. in these case when maintenance program review is not performed
inconjection with an a/w review
c) both A and B
d) only B
(ref. MA 302 H 5 )
24) MIP for cat 1 air ballons not involved in
a) commercial operation
b) non commercial operation
c) continuing operation
d) all are correct
(ref. AMC MA302 pg.59)
25) for cat 1 light aeroplanes and cat 1 TMG a tolerance of
a) 1 Month
b) 3 month
c) 1 weak
d) 6 month
(ref. MA302 1)
26) ADs issued by
a) DGCA in any particular case in indian civil registered a/c
b) state of design of an a/c
c) both A and B
d) only B is correct
(ref. MA303 2)
27) "ALS" stands for
a) a/w lesse section
b) a/w local state
c) a/w limitation section
d) a/w limitation state
(ref. MA302H)
28) "TCDS" stands for
a) type certificate document section
b) type certificate data section
c) type certificate data sheet
d) type certificate data services
(ref. MA302 H 3)
29) "time in service" must be recorded
a) at least 12 month
b) at least 36 month
c) until next sheduled maintenance
d) none
(ref. MA305 H 3)
30) AD must be retained for
a) at least 12 month
b) at least 36 month A
c) until next seheduled maintenance
d( none
(ref. MA305 H )