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Connecting With Christ


Each member is needed in order for

This Week @ campus hill

us to become the Body of Christ. All
our spiritual gifts are needed for the
church to become a fully-functioning
organism. Our daily commitment to
God’s task will make a great differ-
Volume 1. Issue 6 May 4 I 2019
ence in our world.
MINISTRY UPDATE! YOUR CON- As we ask God to open His way for Dear Church Family,
TACT INFORMATION IS NEEDED us, we need to be open to His lead- Why on earth are we here? The Bible
as we plan outreach in our commu- ing! Author Norman Cates shares the gives us the answer: to take all you are
nity. Did you know our church family humorous story of a guy who prayed
and all you’ve got and use it to glorify
this prayer every morning: “Lord, if
is spread out over quite a large mis- God —there’s nothing greater you can
you want me to witness to someone
sion field? today, please give me a sign to show do with your life. There’s no higher pur-
We’re planning to form Mission me who it is.” pose than to take your time, your trea-
Groups according to geographical sure and your talents and use them to
One day he found himself on a bus glorify God.
location in order to reach those dis- when a big, burly man sat next to
connected from a faith community. him. The bus was nearly empty but
I’m excited to partner with you to When you live for the glory of God, OUR PRIME TIMERS, and some young-
this guy sat next to our praying
reach into every part of our commu- friend. The timid Christian anxiously you’re doing what you were created to er people, had a great trip last Sunday!
nity in spreading the gospel! Take waited for his stop so he could exit do. And you become who you were cre- We took the train to the coast and en-
a moment to fill our one of our Blue the bus. ated to be. This is what the God of the joyed stroll-
Cards in the pew rack so we can con- Bible says: ing through
But before he could get very nervous “Bring my sons from afar and my Carlsbad. I
firm your contact information. about the man next to him, the big daughters from the end of the earth, enjoyed it be-
guy burst into tears and began to cause I was
FOCUS ON MISSION is what we weep. He then cried out with a loud
everyone who is called by my name,
formerly called “announcements.” whom I created for my glory, whom I able to get to
voice, “I need to be saved. I’m a lost know some of
Why the name change? Because ev- sinner and I need the Lord. Won’t formed and made.” — Isaiah 43:6-7
erything we do, every meeting, every our members
somebody tell me how to be saved?” a lot better!
event, every hike, every trip, is in- Whoever you are, wherever you’ve
tended to fulfill our mission. What is He turned to the Christian and R e m e m b e r,
our mission? pleaded, “Can you show me how to come from, your reason for existence on young as well
Jesus gave the task to: “Go and make be saved?” planet earth is the same. You have been as “mature”
disciples of all nations...” (Mt. 28:18) created for the glory of God—to take all are welcome
The believer immediately bowed
his head and prayed, “Lord, is this a that you are and all that you have and on our next outing! A highlight was a
There are only 2 real offices in the use it to magnify God. How do we glo- stop at the gelato shop, as you can see
church, bringers, and includers. All sign?”
rify Him? By sharing the good news of by Pastor Katrib’s enjoyment of one fla-
ministry at Campus Hill falls into these vor with another nearby...
2 areas. When we are sitting next to Let’s each be open to serve where His love, His Grace, and His sacrifice for
someone at our Fellowship Dinners, needed as we pray, “Thy will be everyone to have the choice to live with
when we ride on the train on a Prime done...” Him forever. — Pastor Mark
Timers trip, when take time for any-
one, young or old, we are fulfilling Becoming an integral part of the SPECIAL MOTHERS’ DAY CELEBRA-
our mission. Body of Christ, along with you, TION NEXT SABBATH! Please invite
It’s never enough to just do an activ- your mother to attend with you, or any
ity for the activity’s sake, we must ask mother who doesn’t have family near-
ourselves what part the activity plays by to celebrate.
in making disciples! a weekl y co m m u n i cati o n fo r C am pu s H i l l fam i l y an d fri e n ds
Roar VBS is an African adventure for • The outpouring of the Holy Spirit Today : May 4 :
the entire crew. Students will learn • Our house to sell quickly-Etchells 8:30am - Choir Practice
that “God is good” and will stay with • Campus Hill Health Ministries 9:30a - Sabbath Schools
them forever. • Recovery from surgery, strength 10:55a - Divine Worship Service
• Our Church to become a Family 12:45p - Student/Visitor Luncheon
This VBS will teach and reinforce • Our children to seek Jesus 6:00p - Elders’ Meeting
young bible students God’s good- • Christians around the world
ness in all of life circumstances. In suffering persecution Wednesday : May 8
the joyful and in the painful, God is • My finances, a new job, my family 6:30p - Prayer Meeting
always with us, taking care of us. YOUNG ADULT VISION TEAM! Last to fully accept Jesus in our lives
Sabbath afternoon some of our Young • Health, Strength, and God’s will Thursday : May 9
Kids experience God’s Word every Adults got • My mental health 6:00p - Women’s Choir Practice
day. One memorable Bible Point is together to • My family
vision ideas
reinforced throughout each station,
for ministry
• Me to get good grades, my Mom’s Friday : May 10
each day—making it easy to apply back pain, for my Papa’s work
and how 7:00p - Family Vespers - Dr. Lalas
long after VBS is over. Campus
Hill might To have a special prayer request placed Sabbath : May 11
Save the dates, our Vacation Bible be better in our weekly prayer box, mark your Blue 8:30am - Choir Practice
School will take place from June equipped to reach into our community. Card and place it in offering or email it
to 9:30a - Sabbath Schools
16-22. From upgrading our meeting place to 10:55a - Divine Worship Service
discussing outreach, everyone came Pathfinder Sabbath
away excited about the future. Please
Mothers’ Day Celebration
keep Pastor Shiphrah and her team in
your prayers as we reach out to the Join 12:45p - All-Church Luncheon
1:30p - Pathfinder Investiture
Young Adults in our area. READ THRU THE BIBLE
Did you know research shows that
PATHFINDER SABBATH! only 1 in 5 Adventists read their Bi-
Next Sabbath, May 11, we’ll be hav- bles daily. Let’s make sure we’re help-
ing a special Pathfinder Sabbath as our ing bump that average up!
kids serve
in Divine Our goal will be to read the entire
Worship. Bible in one year, and although this
We’ll also seems like a daunting task, it involves
be part of only reading about 4 chapters of the
their yearly
If you would like to help share Christ
with our kids, please sign up on the Service May 5: Gen 43-45
insert in your Church Bulletin. May 6: Gen 46-47 If you are a leader of one of the min-
after our
Fellowship May 7: Gen 48-50 istry areas here at Campus Hill Church,
We are in need of funds to begin Dinner.Plan May 8: Ex 1-3 I need your help. Please send all dates
purchasing materials. If you can to stay by May 9: Ex 4-6 for 2019 events and ongoing weekly or
help, please place your offering in a to show May 10: Ex 7-9 one-time programs. I am working on
tithe envelope and mark it, VBS. your support for our club and to let our May 11: Ex 10-12 a Master Calender so members and
Thank you! young people know you appreciate guests can know what our big Church
their commitment to Jesus! Family is up to. Please send to my per-
sonal email,