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Connecting With Christ

The way of sanctification is the way of

This Week @ campus hill
spiritual refreshment from the presence
Join a Mission Trip to Mt. Hagen, of the Lord. Picture your house when
Volume 1. Issue 8 May 18 I 2019
Papua New Guinea, July 17-28, 2019 you go away for an extended vacation. The Scottish preacher John McNeill
Come join Quiet Hour Ministries’ team You shut up the house and close all told about an eagle that had been
to share the love of Jesus in Mt. Hagen, the blinds. While you’re gone the air
Papua New Guinea, and have a life becomes stale and musty. When you
captured when it was quite young. The MOTHERS’DAY SABBATH
farmer who snared the bird put a re-
changing experience! This trip will be return the first thing you do is open the What a treat it was to watch our
straint on it so it couldn’t fly, and then
special for many reasons. The last trip to windows and doors and let the fresh he turned it loose to roam in the barn- young people
Papua New Guinea was in 2008, and the air flow in. You don’t have to force the yard. It wasn’t long till the eagle be- handing out
people are eager to have us back after fresh air to flow in it just flows in. gan to act like the chickens, scratching roses to all
11 years and hear God’s word. This is a and pecking at the ground. This bird the mothers,
perfect opportunity for you to join us in When you open up your life fully to the that once soared high in the heavens grandmoth-
sharing your passion for Jesus. Help us Holy Spirit he flows in and refreshes seemed satisfied to live the barnyard ers and great-
conduct outreach through 5 unreached your soul and fills you with His Spirit life of the lowly hen. grandmother!
sites! of love and power. Some wonder why
When Susi
their religion is stale and powerless. One day the farmer was visited by a
There is a great need for the amazing It’s because they’ve shut the door to came home
grace of Jesus to be shared in Papua shepherd, who lived in the mountains with 150 ros-
God’s life-giving power! 2 Corinthi- where the eagles lived. Seeing the
New Guinea. This trip will include Vaca- ans 3:18 says, “But all of us who are es, I thought
tion Bible School programs at 5 sites, eye eagle, the shepherd said to the farmer,
Christians have no veils on our faces, “What a shame to keep that bird hob- we’d have plenty. After we gave
clinics and a church renovation project. but reflect like mirrors the glory of roses to the grandmothers (moms
In addition, health talks will be included bled here in your barnyard! Why don’t
the Lord. We are transfigured by the you let it go?” The farmer agreed, so 2x over) we had just a coiuple left!
with the evening evangelism meetings. Spirit of the Lord in ever-increasing Though the day is only once a year,
Make wonderful memories while win- they cut off the restraint. But the eagle
splendor into his own image.” continued to wander around, scratch- let’s keep on letting our mothers
ning souls for God’s kingdom. We look (JB Phillips)
forward to serving with you! ing and pecking as before. know what a blessing they are every
The shepherd picked it up and set it on day!
Here’s what you can do in the mission What is our part in reformation and a high stone wall. For the first time in
field! revival? Daily focusing on Jesus so He months, the eagle saw the grand ex-
can do His work in us and through us! panse of blue sky and the glowing sun.
Then it spread its wings and flew away.
• Eye Clinic or (medical & dental clinics Along with you, daily beholding our
can be held if appropriate medical & Lord, How about you? Are you living the life
dental volunteers join the mission team)
God created you to live or are you just
• Construction
scratching in the barnyard? Do you
PICK AN EVENING ROLE: need transformation? Reformation?
• Children’s Ministry Revival? — Pastor Mark
• Health Talk
• Evangelism Speaker
• Give financially
• Become a Prayer Partner

a weekl y co m m u n i cati o n fo r C am pu s H i l l fam i l y an d fri e n ds

PRAISE Sabbath : May 18
Our Pathfinder/Adventurer Sabbath • Our Daughter Elisabeth is with us! 8:30a - Choir Practice
was a real treat this year! Not only ~The Etchells 9:30a - Sabbath Schools
did they bless us during our Worship • Praise God for our Media Ministry! 10:55a - Divine Worship Service
service, They blessed us after our Through their efforts, as many as 12:45p - All-Church Luncheon
YOUR CHURCH NEEDS YOU! Luncheon! 1,500 people are viewing online
It’s time again for you to prayerfully each week! Sunday : May 19
consider where God is calling you In the afternoon, each was given • All who are giving faithfully to keep
recognition for all the work they did 6:30p - Prayer Meeting
to serve as a member of the body of Campus Hill financially solvent!
to receive honors for their sashes.
Christ here at Campus Hill.
Those how stayed by were blessed Wednesday : May 22
Each member is a necessary part in by those who recited scripture! 6:30p - Prayer Meeting
• My co-worker who is struggling
making our church all God intends it with depression
to be. Without your God-given gifts, Thank you to All the Adventurer and Thursday : May 23
• Our mission into San Bernardino
our church won’t be at full-strength. Pathfinder leaders and staff and to • Our Church to become a Family 6:00p - Women’s Choir Practice
Susi Etchell for helping plan such a • Farah Prem as she’s battling
Make sure you spend some time in great event! cancer. Friday : May 24
God’s word this week, filling out • A friend who is an alcoholic to seek
the worksheet for next Sabbath! treatment 7:00p - Family Vespers
• For each member to follow God’s
call to ministry to keep His body Sabbath : May 25
strong and effective in sharing the 8:30a - Choir Practice
Good News! 9:30a - Sabbath Schools
10:55a - Divine Worship Service
To have a special praise or prayer request 12:45p - Student Luncheon
placed in our weekly prayer box, mark your
Blue Card and place it in offering or email
it to

Grace Notes
READ THRU THE BIBLE “ When grace comes
Did you know research shows that seeking you, there’s no
VBS FUNDS ARE NEEDED! only 1 in 5 Adventists read their Bi- more need to hide.
We are in need of funds to begin pur- bles daily. Let’s make sure we’re help-
ing bump that average up! What’s wounded starts to
chasing materials. Please prayerfully
consider a donation for our 2019 To read the Bible through in a year,
Vacation Bible School. Our goal is keep up with this schedule! Your past all gets
forgiven. The lonely
3,000 of which $250 has already
come in! May 19: Ex 33-35
May 20: Ex 36-38 all get friended.
Today, get found: step
May 21: Ex 39-40
May 22: Lev 1-4
VBS WILL BE May 23: Lev 5-7
May 24: Lev 8-10 out into the light.”
JUNE 23-29 May 25: Lev 11-13 — Pastor Bill Knott