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Connecting With Christ

There is an old story about a happy little

boy who went out into the field wearing
a baseball cap. In one hand he `carried a
baseball, & in the other a baseball bat.
His face bore a look of tremendous con-
This Week @ campus hill
Join a Mission Trip to Mt. Hagen, Volume 1. Issue 9 May 25 I 2019
Papua New Guinea, July 17-28, 2019 Cocking his bat, he tossed the ball into
the air, saying, “I’m the greatest batter
in the world!” Then he swung & missed. Once again, Campus Hill was in the mid-
Come join Quiet Hour Ministries’ team
“Strike one,” he said. He picked up the dle of the news about America’s BLue
to share the love of Jesus in Mt. Hagen,
ball, examined it, & then threw it into Dear Church Family, Zone! Truth is, you’ll have to go to Swe-
Papua New Guinea, and have a life den to
changing experience! This trip will be the air again. As he swung, he repeated,
“I’m the greatest batter in the world.” Dr. Paul Brand was speaking to a view the
special for many reasons. The last trip to docu-
Once again he missed. “Strike two,” he medical college in India on “Let your
Papua New Guinea was in 2008, and the mentary
said. This time, he stopped to examine light so shine before men that they
people are eager to have us back after they are
his bat to make sure there wasn’t a hole may behold your good works and
11 years and hear God’s word. This is a making!
in it. Then he picked up the ball, ad- glorify your Father.” In front of the
perfect opportunity for you to join us in
justed his cap, & tossed the ball into the lectern was a oil lamp, with its cotton Our own
sharing your passion for Jesus. Help us
air for the 3rd time. He repeated again, wick burning from the shallow dish of Marijke
conduct outreach through 5 unreached “I’m the greatest batter in the world,” oil. As he preached, the lamp ran out Sawyer
sites! & swung with all his might & missed for of oil, the wick burned dry, and the has be-
There is a great need for the amazing the 3rd straight time. “Wow” he cried, smoke made him cough. c o m e
grace of Jesus to be shared in Papua “What a pitcher. I’m the greatest pitcher a go-to person when people want to
New Guinea. This trip will include Vaca- in the world!” He immediately used the opportunity. know more about what makes this Blue
tion Bible School programs at 5 sites, eye “Some of us here are like this wick,” Zone so different than
clinics and a church renovation project. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in he said. “We’re trying to shine for our surrounding cul-
In addition, health talks will be included the past, are you full of enthusiasm, look- the glory of God, but we stink. That’s ture. She practically
ing forward eagerly to what each day ushered them around
with the evening evangelism meetings. what happens when we use ourselves
will bring? Are you filled with a sense of Loma Linda to differ-
Make wonderful memories while win- as the fuel of our witness rather than
dread, worried ab out what today will ent interviews, Pastor
ning souls for God’s kingdom. We look bring your way? Like the little boy with the Holy Spirit. “Wicks can last indefi-
forward to serving with you! nitely, burning brightly and without Cristian and Campus
the bat, I believe our attitude, frame of Hill being one of their
mind, and our reaction to its events will irritating smoke, if the fuel, the Holy
Here’s what you can do in the mission “Spirit, is in constant supply.” stops.
field! largely determine whether today will
bring victory or defeat. Niklas Eksted, a chef, restaurateur, and
PICK A MORNING ROLE: As we continue our study on Spiritual host of a documentary on the Blue
• Eye Clinic or (medical & dental clinics The Apostle Paul was never one to let Gifts, let’s remember that the key is Zones, interviewed Pastor Cristian about
can be held if appropriate medical & circumstances conquer him. Rather, with they are from the Spirit! What God the spiritual dimension and the part
dental volunteers join the mission team) the help of God, he was determined to gives us will always cause us to shine, “community”
• Construction win the victor’s crown. Listen as his at- because He is the source! plays in our
titude, dedication, determination shine Let’s depend on God’s Spirit to make subculture,
PICK AN EVENING ROLE: through in these words found in Philip- us shine! — Pastor Mark faith, and lon-
• Children’s Ministry pians 3,“But one thing I do: Forget- gevity.
• Health Talk ting what is behind & straining toward
• Evangelism Speaker what is ahead, I press on toward the After a few
goal to win the prize for which God days in Loma
has called me heavenward in Christ Linda, the whole Swedish film crew
• Give financially Jesus.” headed to Okinawa to tape the next
• Become a Prayer Partner segment of their documentary.
a weekl y co m m u n i cati o n fo r C am pu s H i l l fam i l y an d fri e n ds
Sabbath : May 25
Join 8:30a - Choir Practice
9:30a - Sabbath Schools
10:55a - Divine Worship Service
Did you know research shows that 12:45p - Student/Visitor Luncheon
YOUR CHURCH NEEDS YOU! only 1 in 5 Adventists read their Bi- 5:00p - Church Board
It’s time again for you to prayerfully bles daily. Let’s make sure we’re help-
consider where God is calling you ing bump that average up! Wednesday : May 29
to serve as a member of the body of
When our Pathfinders and Adven- Christ here at Campus Hill. 6:30p - Prayer Meeting
To read the Bible through in a year,
turers came together to practice for keep up with this schedule! Thursday : May 30
their special Sabbath, Farah Prem Each member is a necessary part in
came with her daughter (Farah is making our church all God intends it 6:00p - Women’s Choir Practice
May 26 - Leviticus 5-7
in the blue bandana). We came to be. Without your God-given gifts, May 27 - Leviticus 8-10
around her and had special prayer our church won’t be at full-strength. Friday : May 31
May 28 - Leviticus 11-13
for God to heal her cancer. Please May 29 - Leviticus 14-15 7:00p - Family Vespers
remember to lift up all who are on May 30 - Leviticus 16-18
our prayer list! May 31 - Leviticus 19-21 Sabbath : June 1
June 1 - Leviticus 22-23 8:30a - Choir Practice
Pray FOR ONE ANOTHER 9:30a - Sabbath Schools
10:55a - Divine Worship Service
PRAISE GOD 12:45p - Student/Visitor Luncheon
• For our wonderful church family
• For all who are giving faithfully to
our Church Budget
• Judi Wright’s getting better

Grace Notes
• My co-worker who is struggling
• Our mission into San Bernardino “ ..we continue fumbling in
• Our Church to grow together as a
Family the bargain bin
• Farah Prem as she battles cancer. of last year’s over-hyped,
• A friend who is an alcoholic to seek VBS FUNDS ARE NEEDED!
treatment We are in need of funds to begin pur- self-centered strategies...
There is no answer
• For each member to follow God’s
chasing materials. Please prayerfully
call to ministry to keep His body
for our pain that heals
strong and effective in sharing the consider a donation for our 2019
Vacation Bible School. Our goal is
us like God’s word of
Good News!
• All who are graduating to seek 3,000 of which $250 has already

God’s direction during the next come in!
part of their education/careers.
• My family members who don’t
know Jesus to open their hearts to
His calling. VBS WILL BE comes from
To have a special praise or prayer request JUNE 23-29 outside and above.”
placed in our weekly prayer box, mark your
Blue Card and place it in offering or email — Pastor Bill Knott
it to