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Sun and dedicated to excellence in the arts, The Sun Art Center is a showcase for live theatre, a nurturing ground for new plays, a preferred stop on the Broadway touring circuit, an award-winning teleproduction facility, a national training school for actors and the site of some of this country's most innovative voice research.


ounded in 2000 by Peggy

MOSCOW BALLET 2004 Winter Tour

The Wing Theater, our new facility in the Sun Art Center holds 500 in an intimate thrust style theatre with 15 rows of seating. Three catwalks, a full fly system and a built-in orchestra pit provide ultimate flexibility and creative possibilities for staging.

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Moscow Ballet

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Oct. 18 - 25 Nov. 1 - 11 13 - 20 20 - 28 21 - 31

Royce Hall Chris Center Zeller Hall Flint Center Sun Center

Los Angela, CA San Fran, CA Berkeley, CA Cupertino, CA Hollywood, CA

atch the excitement this season;

I would like to personally invite you to experience the special thrill of live performance from Moscow Ballet. The new all Russian Nutcracker and Swan Lake - it will be the event of the season in 75 cities from New York to Los Angeles, the best holiday gift for your friends, and family. Moscow Ballet’s Nutcracker will brighten the hearts of audiences everywhere. The Russian Nutcracker and Swan Lake have charmed us for more than a century because it takes its audience to a world of enchantment and peace where dreams are made real, language is no barrier, and it is always the season of love and giving. Moscow Ballet is proud to maintain this priceless heritage and tradition. - Akiva Talmi -


Dec. 2 - 18

Eisen Theater Washington. DC

oscow Ballet’s Swan Lake was cre-

ated by director/choreographer Anatoli Emelianoy especially for U.S. audiences. While honoring the great classical tradition of Lev Ivan and Marius Petina, Emelianpu brings audiences a lively, energetic, emotionally complete production. Moscow Ballet’s soloists, lauretaes of International Ballet Competitions, have been praised for their “fine classical style,” and strong dramatic techniques.

--- Nutcracker will be performed on odd days and Swan Lake will be performed on even days --- Ticket prices and detail performance locations please visit www.sunart.com or contact 555-777-5555

“To succeed in Swan Lake is to become overnight a ballerina. Petina and Ivan are to the dancer what Shakspeare is to the actor.” - George Balhine -


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