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Speaking Topics

Let’s talk about HEALTH

Conversation cards

Have you ever been ill? When was the last time you went How often do you have a medical
What was wrong with you? to the doctor/dentist/hospital? checkup?
Why did you go?

Is a doctor’s visit or a stay in Does your country have good How is your health?
hospital expensive? medical healthcare? What health problems do you
Discuss. Explain. worry about the most?

What do you do to keep fit and Have you ever stopped doing What diseases kill the most
healthy? something for your health? people worldwide?
Compare with others. Talk about it. Do research and discuss.

How many serious or terminal Have you had any vaccines? What sports can be damaging to
illnesses do you know? (e.g. cancer) If so, against which diseases? your health? In what way?
Work in a group and make a list. Are you afraid of needles? In your opinion, what are the
(terminal: cannot be cured) healthiest sports?

What are the main causes of What are the worst jobs for Is being a doctor or nurse a good
death? your health? job?
Are they the same for younger What about the best ones? Would you like to do this job?
and older people? Brainstorm. Brainstorm in group. Why or why not?

What is the average life How is your mental health? How can the environment be
expectancy in your country? Do you know anyone with a damaging to someone’s health?
Is it the same for men and mental disorder? Explain.
women? (e.g. schizophrenia)
Match words and pictures
3 4
cast 1 2
health food
nurse 8
operating theatre
plaster (band aid) 6
Speaking Topics
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