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Progress Report/Advice Martinez 1

Progress Report and Advice to Future Students

Taylor Martinez

TED 690

National University

June 2019
Progress Report/Advice Martinez 2


This paper will look at my progress of creating a PDQP. I will address my goals with the PDQP,

my frustrations while making it, the lessons I have learned, and what I plan to do with my PDQP

now that it is complete. I will also give some advice to future students who are going through

this program and reflect on some of the tips that would have helped me along the way.
Progress Report/Advice Martinez 3

Progress Report

Goal Achievements

For TED 690 we have been collecting pieces of artifacts to help create a PDQP. We have

been using the Teaching Performance Expectations (TPE’s) as an outline for what teachers

should be doing in order to meet state standards. The TPE’s are broken down into six different

domains which are broken down even further to sub categories. These domains act as a guide

line and road map for teachers. The six teaching performance expectations are the following:

A. Making Subject Matter Comprehensible to Students

B. Assessing Student Learning

C. Engaging and Supporting Students in Learning

D. Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for Students

E. Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for Student Learning

F. Developing as a Professional Educator

I have now successfully completed all of the domains that are in the teaching

performance expectations. My PDQP is now complete, and I have collected three artifacts to

represent each of the six domains. I have presented my PDQP through my website that I have

created. I worked to make it user friendly and accessible to future and current teachers.

Collecting the artifacts gave me an opportunity to go back and look at all of the resources

I have used throughout my teaching credential. It has also shown me that I had forgotten about

resources that will continue to be beneficial to me. As I have gone through them I have placed

them in a file so that I won’t loose them again.

Progress Report/Advice Martinez 4

As I look back I would say that if you have a more creative way to share you artifacts

then writing about them I encourage you to do so. I saw many of my classmates really impress us

all with their web design and ability to present their information.

Next Steps

Now that I have a good base for the Teacher Performance Expectations I will continue to

look for ways that I can add to them and continue to meet each expectation. I can look at what

domains I need to focus on more and how I can find new and creative ways to reach each TPE.

As a new teacher I feel that the domain I should work the most at is Domain F: Developing as a

Professional Educator. Being a new teacher I need to dedicate my time to participating in

professional development days and workshops that are available to me. My hope is that while

participating in these Professional Development opportunities that I will find new artifacts and

resources to add to my PDQP.

Advice to Future Students

Looking back over my entire program I would say that there were many times when I was

stressed and felt that I suddenly had too much work. That usually came during a time that a TPE

or CSET test score was due. One of the things I found most helpful was when I got into my first

seminar class we made a calendar about how we were going to work on our last TPA’s to

complete them. If you truly stick to that calendar you will be doing yourself a big favor. Time

management is a big part of being successful not only in the work place but also here in your

program. I know that many of us were working, student teaching, going to school, and may have

a family to take care of on top of that. It’s a lot, even for someone who is very organized. I
Progress Report/Advice Martinez 5

cannot stress how much you need to manage your time in order to be able to keep up with


My next piece of advice would be to communicate! Our professors are people too, they

have families and they understand that life happens. But, they cannot help you if they don’t know

what’s going on. I got extremely sick during one of my classes and because I communicated with

my professor I was able to get an extension instead of having to drop and retake the class.

My last piece of advice would be to save everything you think you’ll ever need. That

includes papers, resources, articles, videos you’ve taken. It can all be used again and sometimes

it can help save you from having to redo something you already did. Also to film yourself

teaching. You will need videos in order to complete TPA 4 and it is important to get comfortable

teaching while someone is filming. It is also good feedback for yourself, you can see how you

are delivering your information and how you can make it better.

There will be hard days, and even hard months but it will be worth it in the end. Keep

going would be my biggest piece of advice, you’ve invested a lot of time and money into this

process you owe to yourself to see it all the way through.