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Summer 2019

Instructor: Dr. Hakan Karşılar

Time: Tuesday, 13:40-16:30 & Thursday, 14:40, 17:30

IMPORTANT: There will be NO CLASS on July 2nd & 4th (i.e. the first week of the Summer


Office hours: Thursday 13:30-14:30

Teaching Assistant: Aysultan İmamkulyyeva,

General Info: This course is aimed at providing non-psychology major students with a broad and
introductory overview of different fields and topics in contemporary psychology. We will cover the
scientific roots of psychology as a study of human behavior, explore methods used in psychological
research, discuss our different cognitive faculties and introduce the subfields of psychology both as
scientific specializations and professions.

Course Structure: Students are expected to read the book, attend classes, participate in class
discussions/exercises, take two midterms and a final exam. Our class time will consist mainly of lectures
and class exercises/discussions. Students are expected to have completed all reading material before
coming to class, and be active participants in class. The instructor is available via email at all times, and
face-to-face during office hours. Students are strongly encouraged to contact the instructor for any
questions, comments or concerns throughout the semester.

Take note: We will use the LMS system as well as the course Google Drive folder at: for sharing reading and exercise materials. Please save this link
for later use.

Readings: We will be using the book (either 3rd or the 4th edition is OK),

Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour, Third Edition

©2015 | Passer, Holt, Bremner, Sutherland, Vliek, Smith

Students must go to: and

register for the course. The ÖzÜ bookstore will order the “Connect Codes” for the students.

Make-up Policy: Make-up for the midterm and final exams are provided when there is a medical need
and when it is documented by a doctor's report/note. Make-up exams are available only for those who
provided a doctor’s report approved by the department secretary within 3 days of the exam day. Make
sure you email me to inform on such an occasion ASAP.
Your final grade will be composed of the percentages given below:

Midterm I %30

Midterm II %30

Final %35

Attendance %5

Midterm & Final Exams: Midterm exams will take place outside class times and announced after the add-
drop period, thereby replacing the missed classes on the first week of the semester. Together with open-
ended questions, the exams will include true-or-false, multiple-choice, and fill-in-the-blank questions. The
final exam is not cumulative; that is, the final will contain questions only about topics covered between the
midterm and the end of the term.

Attendance: Attendance will be taken at a random point during each class. You may not sign the
attendance sheet once it has returned to the instructor.

The convention for percentage-to-grade conversion:

>90 A
85-89 A-
80-84 B+
75-79 B
70-74 B-
66-69 C+
62-65 C
58-61 C-
54-57 D+
50-53 D
<50 F

Extra Credit Opportunity: Students can earn up to 4 Extra Credits by participating in Psychology
Experiments run at the university. Typically, 1 hour of participation awards you 1 extra credit out of your
eventual grade. Go to to add PSY 100 on your course list and register
for open experiment slots. You can email the SONA assistant Zeynep Ezgi Mater with any questions

Academic Honesty:

You are expected to be responsible for the completion of your own work. Plagiarizing, copying, and
taking credit for work that is not your own is a violation of Ozyegin University’s academic behavior
standards. You are solely responsible for knowing of and adhering to all of Ozyegin University’s academic
behavior standards.
Tentative Course Schedule

Month Day Subject Readings

July 2 Classes will be

NO CLASS (Instructor at international conference) resheduled as
July 4 Midterm Exams

July 9 Introduction: What is psychology? Chapters 1 & 2

July 11 Evolution, Genes, Environment, and Behavior Chapters 3

July 16 The Brain and Behavior Chapter 4

July 18 Sensation & Perception Chapter 5

July 23 Consciousness Chapter 6

Exact date will

Midterm 1
be announced

July 25 Learning and Experience Chapter 7

July 30 Memory Chapter 8

August 1 Language, Thinking & Intelligence Chapter 9 & 10

August 6 Development over the Life Span Chapter 12 & 13

Exact date will

Midterm 2
be announced

August 8 Personality Chapter 15

August 13 Social Thinking & Behavior Chapter 14

August 15 Chapter 17
Psychological Disorders & Their Treatment
August 20 Chapter 18

Final Exam