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Protecting electrical controls during an explosion is crucial to the safe operation or

shut-down of essential process systems. Lectrus can engineer and build a robust,
blast resistant walk-in electrical enclosure to do just that.

In addition to the thousands of options available for each engineered-to-order equipment center,
Lectrus can design and build a blast resistant equipment center to protect the electrical systems
necessary for critical process systems in your hydrocarbon refining operation. Lectrus blast
resistant equipment centers safeguard switchgear, motor control, drives, transformers, generators,
rectifiers, and communications equipment provided by our electrical OEM partners. Protecting
electrical equipment within a Lectrus blast resistant shelter allows for equipment to be located
closer to the process area.

Lectrus engineers and builds these centers to meet NEMA 3R and NFPA 496 pressurization
standards for explosive environments, and to resist the specified side-on pressures during
explosions. After being provided with the necessary blast resistant design parameters, Lectrus
designs and analyzes each structure, in addition to analysis by an independent consultant using
finite element (FE) and single degree of freedom (SDOF) analysis to select the correct structural
design for your situation. This knowledge allows Lectrus to determine the optimum layout and
location for all electrical equipment and utilities housed within the structure. All HVAC units,
doors and windows are properly selected, reinforced and secured. Furthermore, all Lectrus blast
resistant equipment centers are designed to comply with relevant sections of standards from API,
ASCE, PIP, US Army Corps of Engineers and major oil companies around the globe.

Unlike personnel shelters, Lectrus blast resistant equipment centers are designed to help
minimize the risk, downtime, and costs associated with the loss of critical control systems during
an explosion. Using both interlocking panel and welded crimped plate design, Lectrus’ blast
resistant equipment centers can withstand side-on or overburden pressures of up to 6.0 psi
(depending upon the response level, low or high).

1919 Polymer Drive

Chattanooga, TN 37421
In addition to conducting finite element (FE) and single degree of freedom (SDOF) analyses,
Lectrus conducted extensive large-scale testing in order to determine the performance limits of
our wall sections and doors. Each project is also analyzed to ensure specific performance during
an explosive event. Before shipment, rating labels are applied to the interior and exterior of each
center to assure that your mobile, blast resistant equipment center is correctly situated located in
the correct location at your facility.

At Lectrus, we have designed and built equipment centers to comply with relevant sections of
structural codes for decades. Providing blast resistant equipment centers to refineries is not much
different. Our centers are designed to comply with relevant sections of the following standards:

NFPA 496
API Recommended Practice 752/753
Process Industry Practice PIP STC01018
ASCE “Design of Blast Resistant Buildings in Petrochemical Facilities”
US Army Corps of Engineers PDC-TR 06-08


Our large-scale testing knowledge and experience with interlocking panel construction have
enabled Lectrus to extend the performance limits of interlocking panel construction from less than
0.5 psi to 6.0 psi. Benefits include:

•  elatively low-cost; economical

• Weather-tight and contaminant-proof
• Flexible; can be built to accommodate any size
• Easily retrofitted and repaired
• Ductile in response to applied loads

Interlocking Steel Panel Design (Type I & II) Welded Crimped Plate Design (Type III)
Lectrus combines extensive capabilities and flexibility to provide blast resistant equipment centers
in a variety of sizes, material and structural options. We can accommodate unusual structural
loadings, special wiring needs, customized thermal insulation levels, personalized paint colors and
veneers, external platforms, stairs and handrails and many other variables.

Most importantly, we are not limited to multiples of 14ft x 40ft as in the case of welded crimped
plate construction. We can design and build blast resistant equipment centers that are small
or large, short or tall. At Lectrus, we have engineered, built and delivered structures that are
multi-story and nearly the size of a football field. This allows for fewer sections and lower
shipping costs.


• Three levels of protection

• Maintain critical processes during an explosive event
• Electrical equipment is located closer to processes
• Flexibility in sourcing preferred electrical equipment
• Equipment secured safely to floor and inner wall
• Confidence that structure will perform as intended
• Complies with latest industry standards
• Reduced cost, site work and construction time as compared to
site-built structures
• Can accommodate any structural size requirements

Table 1. Lectrus Blast Resistant Equipment Center Performance Levels

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Maximum Side-
On Pressure (High 1.2 psi 4.0 psi 6.0 psi
Damage Response)

Medium Gauge Heavy Gauge

Heavy Gauge Welded
Wall/Ceiling Type Interlocking Interlocking
Crimped Steel Plate
Steel Panels Steel Panels

Our company and our products are reliable, dependable and innovative. With more than forty
years of history and experience, we’ve worked hard to develop a range of products that are
adaptable to a variety of different markets and an array of different needs. Lectrus can help you
protect your vital equipment – if it’s important to you, it’s important to us. We are your customized
project solution – Engineered to Spec. Built to Last.

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