Advancements in Mo-Pai tradition for creating Jing LEVEL .ONE Step 1 Lower Body Dan Tien Stimulation Figure 1 – Breath in deep into the stomach until max point. Repeat this 10 times. Hold Breath for 3 seconds Figure 2 – As you release breath slowly bring arms outward Flexing the sphincter muscle and compressing air downward toward the tailbone stimulating the nervous system. Morning and Night (Sun Lutang) .

= Four times until failure daily (Liao Wu Chang) . Hold positions until failure in low squat as in picture below. This builds lower muscle and pushes the blood flow downward.Step 2 – Holding Low Static postures until failure. Two times a day until failure. Morning and Night.

Step 3Stand in Wu Wei Position and breath deep into stomach and Dan Tien until full. . while flexing the sphincter. 10 times. Note.The more the chest and lungs expand. Exhale deeply compressing air downward to tail bone. Two times a day. morning and night. The more air they can hold through practice. (Sun Lutang) LEVEL ONE SHOULD BE PRACTICED FOR ONE YEAR FOR BEFORE LEVEL TWO ADVANCEMENT.

morning and night. Direct the Qi outward to the point of the three fingers on The top hand.LEVEL TWO Step-1 In the San Ti position breathe in again as in Level One and compress energy downward into Dan Tien While flexing the sphincter. . Picture below is in the left San Ti position Practice this in each position Five times. energy should arise From spine and kidney regions and flow through the arms.

Do 10 times. Day and Night. Hold breath 3 seconds. When stepping forward switch between right and left foot. then release and step Forward with right or left foot. . Compress the energy In Dan Tien and use the mind to direct the Qi Outward through both palms. two times daily.Step TwoSame as step one. Breath in until failure.

Hold the Qi in your hands. place one hand in other and press into Dan tien just below your naval.Step 3 Stand in Wu Wei and breath in deep until lungs and stomach are full with air. Hold compression for 3 seconds and direct your Qi through both arms back around into your hands. LEVEL TWO SHOULD BE PRACTICED FOR TWO YEARS BEFORE ENTERING THE THIRD LEVEL. As you exhale compress air downward into Dan Tien and flex sphincter and stomach muscles crunching forward as in second picture. .

LEVEL THREE Step 1 Inhale until lungs and stomach are full. two times a day on each side. as in pictures two and three. Draw the Qi only through the hand pushing downwards. Hold for three seconds. . As you release the air. slowly press arm out ward and down as You compress the air into the Dan Tien and flex the sphincter. Do 5 times.

Also don’t over flex stomach muscles as in The other levels. . Bring arms down Slowly as you breathe outward. Keep posture upright.Step 2 Stand in Wu Wei position with arms down. Holding the compression on a 3 count. As you exhale and compress drop the weight into your feet. as in second picture. Do this 100 times a day. As you Breathe outward compress Qi into Dan Tien and flex sphincter. Inhale and slight raise your arms with your breathe as in Picture one. Keep the energy in Dan Tien region And do not expel energy. Remember to inhale and expand energy upward with your mind in this drill. holding the energy. Hold at apex for 3 seconds.

. 100 times a day! LEVEL THREE SHOULD BE PRACTICED FOR UP TO FIVE YEARS BEFORE ENTERING LEVEL FOUR.STEP 3 This is the same as step three only you will Draw out Qi on exhalation into clinched fists as in second picture.

Breathe in deeply until lungs and abdomen are Full. Exhale compressing Qi into dan tien and flexing sphincter as in level three. LEVEL FIVE- . draw the Qi from your dan tien out of both hands. Do 100 times daily EACH LEVEL SHOULD BE PRACTICED EVEN AFTER ADVANCING TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Don’t move the arms But as you exhale and compress. Hold breathe for 3 seconds.LEVEL FOUR This time you will get in this position from the starting point.

This level consists of connecting breathing to the 108 Yang Changfu Taiji set. WARNING COPYRIGHT WWW.COM . NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.FIGHTMONKS. Key Points to Remember from Sun Lutang while practicing your Taiji.

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