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It is important at this point to recognize the tech covers � Storage, Media,

Networking, OS (Linux) and Troubleshooting - This is always covered in the phone


This is the role on the Amazon site:
Technical and non-Technical areas we will cover across the recruitment process:
Primary Services:
Storage: S3; Glacier; Import/Export; Snowball; Storage Gateway; MediaStore.
Messaging: SES.
Content Distribution: CloudFront; Elastic Transcoder; MediaConvert; MediaTailor;
MediaPackage; MediaLive; Kinesis Acuity.
Dependent Services:

EC2 (Linux & Windows); CloudWatch; CloudTrail; Identity and Access Management
(IAM); Virtual Private Network (VPN); AWS SDKs; Amazon CLI Tools.
Other Dependencies/Technologies: Windows; Linux; Programming (Java, Python,
JavaScript, Perl, Ruby, C#, PHP); Network Troubleshooting; APIs and SDKs; SMTP.

Summary of the team:

The Storage Content Delivery team was created in the past 18 months from splitting
of the legacy App
Services Profile which traditionally had the most number of services within a
single profile and was
continually growing due to the new Messaging & Mobile SDK services. The split was
made to ensure a
manageable profile and also reflecting the greater trend towards developer cases
and the need for that within it's own profile (DMS).

Types of customers | Types of issues:

The type of issues within this profile cover all of the core AWS Storage and Data
Delivery Services.
The types of customers are usually very tech savvy and are trying to deliver
solutions on a large scale
with large amounts of data under management. Essentially all well architected AWS
Solutions are glued together
by functions provided by the SCD profile. As such the type of problems and end
customer use cases is wide and varied.

Skillset Overview:
Willingness to develop expertise in systems administration (Linux and/or Windows),
programming (Java, Perl, Ruby, C#, PHP) and/or network administration.
Solid networking skills, understanding traffic flow, troubleshooting steps, packet
captures etc.
Exposure to APIs and software design with a good understanding how customers can
call services within SDKs and APIs
Some programming skills with the ability to write command line code and the
capability to read headers
Good architecture / design skills and exposure to consumers of storage applications
and backup workflows
Exposure to mail relay in service provider environment
Good understanding of SMTP and email flow in general. It also requires a good
understanding of spam filtering and
tools to diagnose why a message may have been classified as spam
Mobile push technologies
Content Delivery Services
Knowledge of media streaming
Web application development/web scale architecture/web page delivery

Benefits + Wins of the Storage Content Delivery team:

Those within this profile gain skills in a very wide variety of areas that become
more and more useful in a broad
scope of development paths. Those within this profile are able to garner great
recognition as the services worked
with are used by some of our largest customers and some of the biggest events in
the world such as Netflix or the
2014 World Cup and the live streaming of the 2016 Olympic Games open ceremony. This
enables movement both vertically
within the Engineering teams/department as well as other teams (Solution Architect,
Technical Account Manager, Service Teams, etc.)