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Case Study Evaluation Rubric

Criteria Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Score

Identify/define Failed to Identified Clearly
the main problem identify the contributing identified
and/or main issue root problem, and factors but the root
did not indicate any did not problem, and
causal factors recognize the provided clear
root cause insight into the
causal factors
Determining Did not Identified Clearly &
the relevant identify some of the completely
information to relevant relevant determined the
address the information information relevant
problem/issue that would that would information
assist in assist in needed to
resolving resolving the address the
the issue issue problem
Identify Failed to Identified some Clearly and
contributing identify the of the contributing factors accurately
factors & contributing that impact on the problem identified the
connecting relevant factors that but contributing
information impact on the didn’t clearly connect the factors &
required to solve root problem information provided a
the issues in the connection
case information relevant
to solving the case
Generate Failed to Developed Developed at
hypotheses & develop discrete, alternative course(s) least three
construct sound and alternative of action (COAs), but discrete, viable
coherent courses of they fail to COAs, and build
arguments related action respond fully to the root solid arguments to
to the solving of the issue(s)/problem(s) support their
case problem(s) statements
Testing Failed to Developed an argument that Developed a
hypotheses & Develop a supported one Clear, concise,
making Viable Or more COAs Argument and fully
counter-arguments Argument or But didn’t make compared the
Compare A compelling alternative COAs
alternative COAs argument
Evaluating the Did not evaluate Offered an evaluation of the Fully evaluated the
results & the results nor results but didn’t choose a results and made a
recommended make any viable viable COA that would cogent argument for
course(s) of action counter-arguments resolve the problem the selected COA