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Com Part-I & II) Roll No:

Time Allowed : 2 hrs

Pakistan Studies Max. Marks

Pass Marks

Attempt FOUR Questions in all, Section-A is Compulsory. Select any TWO Questions from Section-B,
and ONE from Section-C. All questions carry equal marks.

1- Answer briefly any TEN questions given below: 1x10

i) Which Muslim Conqueror did defeat Raja Dahar of Sindh?

ii) In which city All India Muslim League was established?

iii) Who led the SIMLA DELEGATION in 1906?

iv) When did Quaid-e-Azam present FOURTEEN POINTS?

v) Between whom nations Lucknow Pact was signed

vi) Which nation celebrated the DAY OF DELIVERANCE

in 1939?

vii) Which city became the first CAPITAL of Pakistan?

viii) What is meant by DURAND LINE?

ix) Who was the First Governor General of Pakistan?

x) In which year (OIC) organization of Islamic Countries

was established?

xi) Which Islamic Country opposed the membership

of Pakistan in United Nations?

xii) Write names of any Four neighboring countries of Pakistan?

xiii) In which city of Pakistan OIC summit of 1974 was called?


2- What is meant by IDEOLOGY of PAKISTAN? 10

Explain with reference of sayings of QUAID-E-AZAM.

3- Write in detail the Educational Services rendered by 10

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.

4- Write a comprehensive note on LAHORE RESOLUTION 1940. 10

5- Write note on the ISLAMIC PROVISIONS of 1973 constitution. 10


6- Evaluate Pakistan Relations with Islamic World. 10

7- Write a comprehensive note on the NATURAL RESOURCES 10

of Pakistan?
*** B.Com – I (13/A) v ***