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Lecturen ofHary
Regd. Office : Covt. Polytechnic, FIisar
(Regn. No. 212)

l.?! Dated
(+91-9812096695) To
Sh. Bhupender Singh Hooda ji
Vice President Hon'ble Chief Minister
Sh.Jagmender Government of Haryana
Subject: Implementing AICTE pay scales and service conditions
General Secretary in Govt. & Govt. aided Pol]rtechnics of Haryana
t +9.1-9215522454\
R/ Sir
Sh.VikramSanwal Following are the long pending demands of the Govt. and Govt. -
(+91-9896228875\ aided polytechnics and is being submitted for your kind &
sympathetic consideration.
Sh.Jagdeep 1. Implementation of pay scales and senrice conditions on
centre pattern i. e. Alt India Council for Technical
Education (AICTEI, New Dethi for quality teachers,
Singh accreditation by AICTE and national uniformity in the
poloytechincs of Haryana, specifically the following:
Jt. Secretary
Sh. l.S.Dhindsa i. Tim e scales of 10000/15200 and I2O OO| 1820O
after 6 and 5 years to the lecturers.
ExecutiveMembers ii. Putting Foreman-instructors at par with lecturers.
Sh.ParamjeetYadav iii. Status of Class-I to lecturers.
Neighbouring states of Punjab, Delhi, Chandigarh, and
Sh.ManojSangwan other states of Andhra Pardesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra,
Sh.SunilDhankar Gujrat, Pondichery etc. have recommended it.
Sh.Subhash Bhoria

7"6t rls
2' cteatton, filling up of posts in accordance
with the seats increased by over more
than 4 times in Govt. polytechnics, and promoting
facurty by roster.
3' Fixing of pay of guest
/ contractual lecturer from a max. of 1o0oo pm, to 2o0oo
pm and instructors from max. of 6ooopm
to 12ooo pm with all other benefits. on
the, pattern same as school guest teachers.
4' withdrawal of letter no. 6779-38 dated by DTE regarding non-
vacational workshop staff.
5' Withdrawal of letter memo no. 44 74
/ /2oog-DTE dated nil issued by DTE on single
file note.
The association has been pursuing these
demands since long, at your end, and also
represented the case to the pay revision
and pay anomaly committee, and also at
appropriate platforms. But till date, no
assurance has been received. It is therefore
requested that our demands be considered
sympathetically. The association looks
forward for a hearing and
/ or assurance, at your end failing which it has no other
option but to stage dharna at Rohtak, on
3lst May and further agitation.
Keenly looking for your generous attitude,
as alwavs.

EndstNo Dated

A copyof the sameis forwardedto the foilowing

for kindinformation.
1. Hon'bleMinisterof rechnicarEducation,Govt.of Haryana
2' Financiar
commissioner & principarsecretary,Govt.of Haryana,


Encl. : Aide memoire

Aide - Memoire

1' That the global recognition of India is due

to its technical manpower. In India
itself, engineers and technicians have paid maximum
to nation building from
production to infrastructures. Thus polytechnics
have been the top priority
agenda of both centre and state Govt. by
setting up of more than 1000
polytechnics throughout India. They are
the top most churner of providing
employment to the rural youth.
2' That all the norms, standards, approvals, duties,
responsibilities, qualifications,
service conditions in case of Polytechnics are governed
by the All India council for
Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi, a statutory
body set up by the Govt. of
India for maintaining quality, accreditation
and national uniformity. Thus, when
state of HarJrana is following AICTE in all, why
is it not implementing pay scales
and service conditions (Annex. 1), in Toto.
3' That pay commission of all Neighbouring
states of Delhi, punjab (Annex 2 & 3),
chandigarh and most of the states like - Andhra pardesh,
Maharashtra, Gujrat,
and even Pondicherry has already recommended
4' That under new policy of Haryana Govt.,
where all new polytechnics are opened
under society, there is a stagnation and no promotions
throughout service. So the
Time Scale has become the most sorts out issue.
5' when compared within Haryana, all Engg.
departments like pwD, irrigation,
HSEB, HUDA, Panchayati Raj or Engg. Colleges
have time scales and better
service conditions.
6 . That states of Delhi, Punjab, chandigarh
and Rajasthan has polytechnic lecturers
with class-I status and Foreman-instructors
are placed at par with lecturers as
per AICTE recommendation, qualification
being the same.
7 . when compared to the technical education
budget, the financial burden in its
implementation is marginal.