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Palomares St. Brgy Coloong 1, Malanday, Valenzuela City
Contact No. (0948) 2131342
Gain a position that will foster and utilize the learning and skills my education and
experience have provided and push me to grow with satisfaction to all means as
working professional.


2009-2013 Laguna State Polytechnic University, Siniloan, Laguna PROFILE
Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
2005-2009 Kabulusan National High School, Pakil, Laguna Birth Date:
1999-2005 Kabulusan Elementary School, Pakil, Laguna Sept.16,1992
Age: 26
Height : 5”5’
On the Job Training – Accounting Division at Philippine Overseas Employment Weight : 60kg.
Administration, Madaluyong City (April 16 to May 15, 2012) Civil Status : Single
Citizenship :
Management Accountant - Oak Drive Hotels and Resorts, Inc. (April 22, 2019 to Filipino
Mother’s Name:
Remedios Cotoner
A. Preparing Profit and Loss (P&L) Statement.
Father’s Name:
 Ensures the completeness and accuracy of Revenues and Expenses;
Eustacio Pontipedra
 Reviews revenues per IFCA system versus manual Sales Monitoring
Report submitted by Front Office;
 Prepares accruals, reversing and reclass journal entries to adjust the SKILLS AND
particular expenses based on the company policies and historical QUALIFICATIONS
records;  Possess strong
 Performs previous versus current month Analysis and Actual versus analytical skills
Budget Analysis; and  Computer
 Submits P&L to Finance Manager for final review. Literate
B. Reviewing month end inventory report of all properties and prepares adjusting particularly
entries to update inventories on hand. Microsoft Office
C. Updating PPE and Prepayments Subsidiary Ledgers and preparing journal
 Dedication as
entries for monthly amortization.
patience and
D. Assists in recording Revolving Fund Liquidations.
hard working in
 Ensures that all purchases are recorded and tagged to appropriate
departments properly. every task given.
 Communicates to process owner of RFL for any queries/verification.  Willing to gain
E. Assist in Recording Revenues from Cloud Beds to IFCA System. Ensures more knowledge
that revenues for all sources (Online Travel Agents, Direct Revenues and by others idea
Incidental Charges) are recorded together with the preparation of Credit and to work
Notes for the OTAs Commission. under pressure.
 Fast Learner
F. Prepares Monthly and Quarterly VAT Payables and Quarterly Income Tax Returns.
G. Computes Service Charge Distributable per property then sends to HR Generalist for payroll purposes.
H. Other related task that might be delegated.

Accounting Assistant – DEI Properties, Inc. (July 26, 201 6 to April 16, 2019)

A. Payment processing of Forbes Hall, Kalayaan Dorm and iDorm Escuela and Pinos Tenants:
 Receives via e-mail the validated deposit slip from tenants, prepares list, validates deposit slip
to Bank Statements via Online Banking System and sends to cashier subject for preparing
Acknowledgement Receipt (AR);
 Posting of ARs transacted by cashier and ensures that all details were matched per record; and
 Performs cancellation/voiding of AR for any unmatched details per record and communicate to
cashier the voided AR for re-processing.
B. Processing Utility Bills of Tenants.
 Allocate/Pro-rate the amount of bills from utility companies (Maynilad and Meralco) per number
of tenants per unit and transacts to in-house system subject for posting of Accounting Officer;
 Ensures allocated amount to tenants is matched with the billing statement and adjust any
C. Sending Weekly Statement of Accounts (SOA).
 Ensures that all payments were recorded/reflected on their SOA;
 Ensures that all Move-in bills were posted and billed and coordinates to Accounting Officer for
any unposted/unbilled items;
 Warrants that the timing of providing tenant's SOA complies with the billing procedures set forth
by the Vice-Chairman.
D. Sending via e-mail payment notices to tenants with long outstanding balance.
 Generate list from in-haus system those tenants with unpaid rental and/or utilities bill;
 Extracted list from system will be matched with records;
 Penalizes non-complying tenants together with sending a Notice of Access Card Deactivation;
 Provides list of tenants to Dorm Manager and Assistant subject for Deactivation of Access Card.
E. Process Refund of Remaining Security Deposit of Tenants.
 Ensures that all unpaid bills of tenant upon moved out are recorded/reflected on their last SOA.
 Coordinate to Building Manager for the cost estimates of the lost and/or damage on unit per
tenant (if any);
 Coordinate to Dorm Assistant the list of former tenants requesting to deposit their refund check
to their bank account subject for booking corresponding deposit service charge;
 Consolidates the cost estimates and bank deposit request list subject for booking;
 Generate their last SOA subject for the approval of Accounting Officer;
 Notifies tenants via e-mail upon availability of refund check or upon the deposit service was
F. Handles tenant's complaints and other concerns regarding their SOA and refund of remaining security
Internal Audit Staff - New San Jose Builders, Inc. (August 11, 2014 to June 18, 2016).

Primary Function
Pre-Audit of Check Vouchers for the various company’s disbursement such as utilities, loan payments,
reimbursement and replenishments, cash advances to officers and employees (for project operating expenses,
business transactions and employees CA charged against salary), payment to government dues, janitorial and
security services, allowance of account officers, consultancy fees and last pay.
 Ensures that the company's disbursements are free from error;
 Ensures that attachments are sufficient and can be verified with the details from the Check,
Payable and/or Receivable Vouchers vis-a-vis in-haus system;
 Accuracy check of its accounting journal entries, payroll computation and government dues;
 Ensures that withholding tax for specific business transactions are properly withheld;
 Ensures that CAs requested by the Project Managers comply with the Internal Audit Memo; and
 Inquired any exceptions noted to valid process owners.

Other Functions/Activities Involved

A. Assist Senior Audit Manager in preparing Audit Management Letter.
 Prepares Audit Findings for any exceptions noted on the abovementioned functions and per
instruction of the Senior Audit Manager
 Consolidates Audit Findings
B. Conducts various site inspection vis-a-vis Audit Procedures set forth by the Senior Audit Manager.
 Performs Fixed Asset Count and Inventory Count (Year-end inventory)
 Conducting Sub-contractor’s timesheet inspection.
 Conducting Parking slot inspection (an overnight audit procedures)
C. Assistance for 2013 to 2015 Audit for cash advances of officers and employees and advances to
 Disseminating confirmation letters for Officers and Employees; and
 Reporting to AVP Controllership regarding the feedback of the recipients.
D. Assistance for the Microsoft AX implementation
 Research and/or verify to suppliers for the completion of vendor database;
 Sends updates to Senior Audit Manager regarding the database progress;
 Any administrative functions that may be necessary and applicable in conducting ERP meeting.

Admin Aide 1 – Accounting Office at Laguna State Polytechnic University, Siniloan, Laguna (June 3, 2013 to
August 5, 2014).
A. Assist in the preparation of Financial Statements;
B. Preparing General Journals and other Journals for Cash Receipt, Cash Disbursement and Checks
C. Updating Subsidiary Ledger of Property, Plant and Equipment; and
D. Other clerical works.
Character References:

Kathrina F. Candelaria
Finance Manager – Oak Drive Hotels and Resorts, Inc

Jay Ann Matias

Sales and Operations Manager – DEI Properties, Inc.

Rafael Carlos C. Ariola

Senior Audit Manager – New San Jose Builders, Inc.