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The brief biography of Hazrat Syed Musa Shah Qadri

The mausoleum of Hazrat Syed Musa Shah Qadir Chennai is
situated on the famous Mount road in Chennai. He emigrated in
Chennai before many centuries ago to show the right path of
truth from Baghdad to India and while visiting different areas he
was settled down in Madras city. It is said that during the year
1857 one British engineer has issued orders for the widening of
the road and due to this order there was a proposal of the
demolition of the mausoleum of Hazrat Syed Musa Shah Qadir
Chennai. The iron rod for digging whole through mausoleum
was going to touch the mausoleum, then at that time suddenly
the mausoleum was moved from its place and it has become at
slanting position from its existing place. At the strike of the iron
rod second time, there was started coming from the fresh blood
from mausoleum site. During that period doctors have examined
the blood and it has confirmed that the blood belongs to the
human being and fresh. So, for this reason, the site of the
mausoleum has kept as it is.
His one more miracle which is very famous and well known
in the city of Chennai and which even known by the boys is that
when the city of Chennai was become dark due to flood
destructions but the electric lamp which was on the mausoleum
was working well and this event was happening on 10th of
October during the year 1943 when there was heavy rain fall in
Madras city and for this reason there was great flood which was
effected the city and there were huge loss and causalities in the
city and there was cut of the power supply in the city but the
electric lamp which was on the mausoleum was working well.
This historic event and great miracle of the Sheikh was recorded
in the Fort Saint George Gazette.
It is said that on the occasion of sandal ceremony at the time
of the Urs (death anniversary) one sliver moon used to be placed
there on the mausoleum and which was theft one that day. And
another day one poor lady has brought that silver moon and she
has said that her son has stolen it but he is suffering from
stomach pain throughout the night and when her mother has
returned back, the sliver moon to mausoleum then the pain of
the stomach of the boy was finished and he became well.
Mohammed Abdul Hafeez
Translator ‘ Muslim Saints and Mystics’
(The Tadhkirah al-Awliya of Farid al-Din Attar)
& Hasth Bahist
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