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Becoming More Like Jesus

To become more like Jesus, we have to understand who He was and His relationship to God the
Father. Jesus was a man just like all other men. He was not God in the sense that the Christian
Church is preaching today. But because He understood the Christ Spirit within Him, which is
the same as the Christ Spirit which is placed in everybody that comes into this physical world
(John 1:9 That was the true Light which gives light to every man coming into the world). He
was able to raise His body’s frequency and become more Christ like. By becoming more in tune
with the Christ Spirit, within Him, He became one with God. That is why he was referred to as
Jesus Christ. He was the first human to understand this Christ Spirit and brought It to the rest of
mankind with His teachings. This is a condition which is possible for each of us, and something
that we should all be striving for. This Christ Spirit is a part of God, or the Son of God as the
Bible refers to It. Therefore each of us becomes one with God when our frequencies come in
tune with this Spirit. This is how man first came into this world, where his spirit was always
listening to the God within. But soon his soul began to follow the desires of the physical world
instead of the Christ. Since sin is not listening to God, and not any physical acts, this was when
sin was introduced to the world. Being in tune with the Christ Spirit is being in heaven both on
earth and in the spirit world where we go when we leave our earthly bodies. To be a Christian is
not just going to church and believing the lies and dogmas that are being taught there, but to let
the Christ Spirit rule your life. You can be a Christian and still be a Muslim or a Buddhist or a
Jew or of any other religion. After all Jesus was a Jew all His life. True Christianity is all
inclusive and not exclusive as the church is preaching today. Instead of showing mankind the
Christ Spirit and how to listen to God each moment of the day, they are preaching that unless
you accept Jesus as your personal savior you are doomed to hell. It is harder to get any further
from Jesus’ teachings then that. Jesus came into the world to give mankind life. Not by dying
on the cross, but by revealing the Christ Spirit that is within each of us and showing us how to
listen to God. Jesus died on the cross, not to take away mankind’s sin but because mankind is
sinful and did not understand His teachings.

To increase our frequencies, we must increase the love within us. God is Love and to be more
like Him, love must become our dominant feature just as It is God’s principle feature. We must
love all other human beings no matter their color, religion, political preference or their physical
abilities. This does not mean that we need to change them to be like us, but to accept them as
they are, just as God Loves everyone. The more love that we have in our souls, the higher our
frequencies will be and the brighter the light will be that emanates from us. Let your light shine
forth before men that they might know you are a true Christian with your heart in tune with the
Christ Spirit.

Increasing our frequencies is not an easy task. The first thing that we must do is to know that
God is within us and we can do anything through Him that strengthens us. Then begin each day
with a prayer asking God to point out what has to be changed in your life to make you more
loving. Watch all through the day for times when you are mad at someone or disapprove of their
actions or have a negative thought, one based on fear or doubting and change that feeling into
one of love and acceptance. Also remove all worry, stress and doubting from your life, because
these things hinder the increase of your frequency. Increasing our frequencies does not happen
overnight and might take several years to get us in tune with the Christ Spirit. It can be
accomplished, after all Jesus was able to accomplish it. Just do not give up even if things look
bad or seemingly impossible and are not going your way.

To become more like Jesus, study His teachings. He talked more about Love and the kingdom of
heaven than any other subject. He did not go around saying that He would take away man’s sins
by dying on the cross. This is an interpretation that the churches have developed over the years.
Mankind is still responsible for their own actions now as they were before Jesus’ time on this
earth. It is The Christ Spirit (God within us) that gives us forgiveness.

This message is not a detailed step by step instruction which everyone must follow to become
like God. That is something each soul must work out by itself with God’s help. No one but your
own soul can tell you what needs to be done. We are each masters of our own fate and we
cannot blame our situation on anyone else even though we would like to. The circumstances that
happen to each of us are the result of our own decisions and thoughts.

Become more like Jesus