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LEVINE, One who is sentient, Wholeness&successful Completes the Human interaction

Myra Estrin thinking, future- adaptation; healing wholeness of an
oriented and past individual
ROY, Holistic adaptive State/process of being “all the conditions, Focuses on human life
Sister Callista system; whole with and becoming circumstances and process and patterns and
parts integrated influences…” promotion of health
JOHNSON, (human being) having Purposeful; to maintain (society) individual Faster equilibrium
Dorothy Biological & stability and comfort exists; influencer to
behavioral system individual
ROGERS, A unitary human "characteristics and "irreducible, pan An organized body of
Martha being is an behavior emerging out dimensional energy field knowledge which is
"irreducible, of the mutual, identified by pattern specific to nursing is
indivisible, pan simultaneous and integral with the arrived at by scientific
dimensional (four- interaction of the human field" research and logical
dimensional) energy human and analysis--Art of nursing
field identified by environmental fields" practice:
pattern and The creative use of
manifesting science for the
characteristics that betterment of the human
are specific to the The creative use of its
whole and which knowledge is the art of
cannot be predicted its practice
from knowledge of
the parts

Concepts of Rogers model

1.Energy field- fundamental unit of both the living and nonliving
This energy field "provide a way to perceive people and environment as irreducible wholes"
The energy fields continuously varies in intensity, density, and extent.

2. Openness- The human field and the environmental field are constantly exchanging their energy
There are no boundaries or barrier that inhibit energy flow between fields

3. Pattern- Pattern is defined as the distinguishing characteristic of an energy field perceived as a single
waves-- "pattern is an abstraction and it gives identity to the field"

4. Pan dimensionality-- Pan dimensionality is defined as "non linear domain without spatial or temporal
attributes"// The parameters that human use in language to describe events are arbitrary.// The present is
relative, there is no temporal ordering of lives.