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I am not smart but I am workingbhard to reach my dreams.

When I was a child, my mom always

tells me “Anak galingan mo sa school para makaakyat kami ng papa mo sa stage”. That particular
statement was stuck in my mind. But, since I was still a child, I did not take it seriously.
In grade school I was just a normal student who follows the instruction of her teachers. I am not
bothered by the activities, recitations, and exam. In fact, I am amazed with my classmates who are
really into the rankings. They always got a high grade and they always join every extra-curricular
activities. When I was observing a realization pops out in my mind. I thought that this may be what
my mom is talking about. Maybe I need to excel as well. Because of that realization, I started to
care with all the school works. As much as possible I try to exert some efforts to be able to catch
up with my classmates. Thank God and I ended at rank 6 that time. I was able to fulfill the request
of my mom.
High school came as well as a new environment. I was enrolled in a public school where in some
the valedictorians and salutatorians of our City’s public schools was also enrolled. I was having a
hard time copping up because I feel that I don’t have enough knowledge in terms of academics. I
always admit that I don’t know a lot of general knowledge and that I am not smart. But what I
always tell is that I am trying hard to survive in my studies. My mindset goes like this. I am
constantly reminding myself that if I will not work hard and persevere then nothing will happen to
me. As individuals I strongly believe that one key to success is a strong will power. We need to
push ourselves to do things because that is the only time that we can determine if we can or not.
Do not be afraid to fail because it is always part of the process. We learn from our mistakes and
the best thing to do is to be better next time. Those failure just molds us so that we can overcome
more struggles in the future.
Another thing that I learned from my experiences is to always be patient. The road to success is
really long and it has many turns. Sometimes, we get caught in a wrong direction but with patience
we can always come back to the main road. The process is hard but trust me, it is really worth it.
At the end of the day let us always remind ourselves that even if we don’t excel, at least we are
trying our best and doing our part. And also we should always remember that our family is there
to support us. They are our number one fans. As for my case, everything that I do is for them. All
my achievements is for them. I always do my best because of them. Life is not always about
competition. Our goal is to learn, to learn more, and to learn again. In short, a life time learning.
And lastly, let us remind ourselves that everything is possible with God. He will make things easier
for us and he will surely give us what we desire. All these learnings became really helpful when I
turned college. Choosing to be in the field of Accountancy was one of the most crucial decision I
made in my whole life. I was not what I planned in the beginning. I wanted to become an artist
particularly in the field of acting. But look at where I am right now. I am here trying to survive my
course. Practicality was the main reason. As the days goes by, I really had a hard time. I always
cry before and after the exam. But in the process, I have also realized that I start to love my course.
I just balance my time, excert more effort, and work hard, harder, and hardest. I am proud if
myself because I made it even though it is hard. And the thing that I believe bought me to this
situation is my mindset. Everything can be done and everyone can do it with hardwork and passion.
If you are not happy with where are you now, try to find the thing that will make you happy. But
if you can, always do your best for you to regret nothing. The bottomline here is to always balance
things and trust yourself. As what I stated earlier, I am not smart but I am working hard in able to
reach my dreams.