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 Signed : 9 September 1886

 Location :Berne, Switzerland

 Parties : 168
 Articles: 38
 Depositary: Director General of the World Intellectual Property
 Languages: Signed in French and English, officially translated in Arabic,
German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish
 It is the most significant international convention in the field of protecting
 Principle of National Treatment

 Principle of Automatic Protection

 Principle of Independence of Protection

Every production in the,

I. Literary,

II. Scientific and

III. Artistic Domain,

irrespective of their mode or form of its expression.

 Right to translate
 Right to make adaptations and arrangement of the works
 Right to perform in public dramatic ,dramtico-musical and
musical works
 Right to recite in public literary works
 Right to communicate to the public the performance of such
 Right to broadcast
 Right to make reproductions in any manner or form
 Right to use the work as a basis for an audio-visual
work and right to reproduce, distribute,perform in
public or communicate to the public that audio-visual
 In case of works first published in a country of union:- That Country
 In the case of works published simultaneously in several countries
of the union which grants different terms of protection:- That
country who grants shortest term of protection
 In case of works published simultaneously in a country outside
union and in a country of the Union:- The country of the Union
 For unpublished works or works first published in a non-signatory
country :- the country of union of which the author is national
 Right to claim authorship of the work
 Right to object to any :
i. Mutilation
ii. Deformation
iii. Modification
iv. Other derogatory action in relation to work
which would be prejudicial to the author’s honor or
 General Rule: Author’s lifetime + 50 years

 In case of anonymous or pseudonymous work : 50 years from the


 In case of cinematographic work: 50 years from release or creation of

work (if not released)

 In case of works of applied art and photographic works : 25 years from

the creation of such work

 Right of translation
 Right of reproduction

Organs of Berne Union:

1. Assembly
2. Executive Committee
 In certain Special cases.

 Such reproduction does not conflict with a normal

exploitation of the work.

 Does not unreasonably prejudice the legitimate

interests of the author.