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Hello, my dear Nadia Fedor, and all your family.
Something no news from you, all you have safely health. I have something to worry my heart. The first letters
Fyodor wrote that Nadia and your son is not so feel good, a headache, was in the hospital (Bob - editor), and
Nadia is not so good. Fyodor helps her in all (as it is - the editor) is lying in bed. But I think that the Lord would
help and all is well. I wanted to help in every way.

But as time goes so fast, and the Olympic Games took place. Russian are already trying to take the best places in games like this is
nice. Write at least a couple of words, everything is well in your life. You know how dear you are to me, Nadia Fedor, and your
entire family.
We would be all right if it were not such sorrow in our family. Such grief as has happened to her husband and Nadia
(who is - ed), I can not accept. What are they so quickly one after another had gone to a better world, they gave me a
very, very expensive. I now have a very, very changed life. Tolia very busy at work. But still finds time during a couple
of minutes paid for my time. Yesterday we were all his family in the restaurant. Tolya's oldest son Andrew He went
to New York for three months (fast) (leave). Accompanied. Oh, how I wish that someone from you, someone would
come to me at least for a couple of weeks. I am writing so that I think you are all right. Nadia Fedor, I think you write.
Just call me Nick - Vera's husband. Oh God, he cries that this Vera left him in a hospital setting, where the cries and
moans around. He asks that I took him away. How to live today, today, so far so good. I see in your letters, you live
happily and amicably. Nice to read, I want to see.

Always loving your Shura, I think about you. Whole hard all.
Shreds He speaks in Russian well, and can not write. His wife is Australian, and children do not speak in
Russian, but because somehow I speak English.
Oh, how joyfully receive from you in Russian and well-written letter. There are a lot of Russian there. Russian
church, the Russian house, where we meet, we do not feel the difference over the years, worked with them.

Another kiss firmly embrace you all. Your Shura.

Dear Nadia Fedor, how good your family (in the photos). I admire you, I want to see everyone.

Dear Nadia, Fyodor and your whole family.

Sorry I was late with the answer, but your very dear to me a letter, you already know what it is. Light me a very dear
daughter, she helped me with everything when I was left without a husband. He has over 7 years every day at seven in
the evening and called me a lot of this advice was very helpful in general. She told me something she herself feels not
good in bed, if you do not tell me "good night." But it was so, because her husband got his disease a year later, he died,
my Georges. Oh, dear Nadia, you have no idea how I have lived with my husband for 60 years. It was a special person
like you knew him. He met me, when there was a war, and there was a famine. I do not know what to do. I was not, what
to eat. It's very hard for a mother. He, as soon as I met him, I immediately thought of me. He did, if you remember, a cart
of wood and drove her to the market. I brought a sack of flour, and we have begun to live happily. But as we heard who
was a prisoner, he should answer to the government, ie, It is sent to the camp (10 years), and even more, he told me to
go with him somewhere. We were leaving for a short time until the war subsides. He's our dad's got 2 wheels, made
carriage, and we took a few things: a bucket of water, just in case a spoon, blanket Svetochka, well, something else. I
thought that I would return home soon, I'm sure was that it would be so, even the key of the house did not let her
mother. But you think so, but fate is different. When we arrived at the station, we caught up with Zina and told me that
she would not let me alone with a child. George was very happy, and Zina reassured him. He offered. He looked at the
line, the train was a trade and there was Olga Pavlova. He opened the strap in the second car, and we have shipped
their belongings. The train started, and we
We went to Poland. When we arrived in Brest-Litovsk, the Germans knocked us in the car. He wanted to take me to
his home in Germany, to teach his children the Russian language. He promised to take us all later, then. A Zina said
she would go and then will take us. We agreed in the heat. Just got out from the car onto the platform, I ran after her,
but the train was gone. Begala- I ran and found nothing. George was waiting for me to light about the wicket. I ran in
tears. Well, nothing can be done. We came out with the gate and went up the hill in search of happiness. Where and
how to get? Suddenly we meet is a pupil with whom I was in 10th grade. "Oh, Shura, I'm glad! What are you doing
here? "I say, that they had come to hide from the bombing of Russia. We are looking for shelter. But the trouble lost a
sister, a German took, sought and found. And he told me how it happened. He says he has 2 rooms, one will give us
and then arranged as a life-and Zina will search for you in Brest. We happily agreed and George began to look for a
job. Nestled in the labor camp guard at the gate. I told this story with Zina camp commandant. A Zina went to
Germany. But since it is not passed without the Commission and without disinfection in Germany, she had to go
through the whole procedure. The German came and asked that he lost his daughter, so he called Zina. On
checking, she was sent to a camp in Germany at the factory, where it gave out tools (hammer, shovels, nails)
prisoners, etc. she wrote letters in Brest-Litovsk everywhere. And he wrote the head of the camp, where he worked
Georges. And he, knowing where we stayed, has brought us a letter. I fainted from joy. He said he would definitely
give us Zina. But the war continued and the camp, where he worked Georges moved from Poland to Austria -
Vienna. Submitted Boldareva and General Yermolov, and we had to leave Poland. But we already knew where Zina
was in Germany, the city Peykranshtam. I cried all the time for Zina. But as George loved me and was a very good
man, he said he would be at any cost, he would get Zina to me that he can not see my tears. And once we went to
our boss to Boldareva, General Yermolov, we told the whole story. Zina finished university for the gold medal. I
begged and cried very much, and George was crying. They took pity on us and said that if George go, they will solicit
and take it to our camp. Georges gave the document, such a person needs, Zina, in our camp. I gathered a little help,
if you need to thank. And George said he will do everything, so I was happy (even give their lives). I do not say that
he does? Neither I have sisters and will not have a husband. He said he agreed to everything. And I left. But he
somehow betrayed my notes from the road. And he wrote that in the camp, where he works Zina, there is a doctor
and he will help free Zina, that he had already talked to the camp commander and doctor. The doctor wrote that Zina
is inside the ear inflammation and amendments can not be, so you can pick up. And then early in the morning at 4
o'clock they both Zina knock on the door of my camp. And George says - you accept expensive _Zinu guest. Oh,
dear Nadia, you would not believe how we wept together with Zina, kissed all three, I Zina and Georges. He was very
pleased with our meeting. The camp gave her bed, and she was a long time with us, until she met her husband. And
we did not like each other. And she married. Then I thee, dear, in my next letter I will write the continuation of her life.

And now I will write a few words about Svetochke- Faith. Faith, when she was 10 years old, I found a brother Verin.
We wanted to be baptized, and the boy, and the light, as it had not been baptized. We took godfather and godmother,
christening arranged. Went to church, and when they came out of the church (then it was already the tenth year), she
said that she was not the Light, and Faith. This means that she is a believer. And why call me, my mother, Vera! Dear
Nadia, you do not know how it was difficult to change the name I called her - Light. But Nadia, you have no idea how
hard it is to me. She was already 63 years old, she is very good, very very clever. But it is now in my life met with
misfortune. 3 months ago Light felt a great weakness, went to the doctor. He looked at it and says that nothing bad
found. It's easy and normal. You pay her much attention as the paralytic, 24 hours - day and night. In any case, I will
send you to the test. Here she went to check on Tolay Professor of cancers. Professor checked and suddenly said
Svetochka (Shreds hears all) - you have liver cancer, and all you have 3 months of life. Roofing felt terribly indignant
and said
Professor - you're not a smart man, what you say to the patient, you killed my sister. Why not me that said, the sly?
After all, I'm sitting here. You are a fool, not a professor! Of course, he was very apologetic. But Tolia was it not very
satisfied. And immediately sent Svetochka cancer in a sanatorium, where she stayed for 2 weeks. I come home -
really become thin. There treated her suggestion, diet and herbs. She came home, roofing placed her in the hospital,
where she lay for 2 weeks. Now she is at home, I wanted to be in it and inspect it. But Sveta said that I often have to
sit and talk, and it will enter her son and his family. They lived with her 7 years after the wedding, and it was all good.
Now they lived in his house and went to her. They have 2 children, a girl and a boy of 8 years to 5 years. Very good
children and are very fond of Grandma Vera. Light did everything that needs to be done seriously ill. It turned into 2
small rooms, and her husband put life in the Russian house, where they will take care of, while he was alive for him.
She and her son Sasha go to visit Nicholas. He does not believe that she is sick. And all the time asks her to take
him home. But this, of course, impossible. I think this is all going to end. But I said - do not lose, mother, hope! Carry
her to the hospital for some chemo-therapy. The doctor says that the blood seemed to become clearer. Faith hopes.
But I did not go through grief. Here, my dear Nadia Fedor and your whole family is very dear to me, I cried for joy
when Sveta found you. She could do and find. This is a special person. I think the Lord will allow us to further meet
and talk. Tell each other our experiences district time and yours, ours. In the meantime, write and ask questions to
me, I'll tell you, my dear sister and your family.

My Toll writes in Russian, but speaks well. I read him your letter, Tolia. Thank you very much. My Tolia was very happy
and waiting for your appointment.
Congratulations to all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. God forbid that the New Year was a joyous and grief
does not happen again! To all of you healthy and happy! I think - see you soon from me!

Kisses, your Shura, Light, Tolia. Sorry, there are so many wrote. Probably very hard to read.

I embrace all. Kiss many, many times you all.

Dear Nadia, Fyodor and your whole family!
I am writing you a second letter and crying, tears can not hold. I have great sorrow. I will describe to you gradually
how it all happened. Dear Nadia, you know already from the letters that Vera's husband was paralyzed for 5 years
and she did not want to give to a nursing home. There's a good look for the elderly, she had kept at home. I told her,
and he was there it would be good, and easier for you, because you would go by car every day. She watched him 24
hours. He was demanding, and she felt very weak. She says her husband, Nicholas, she should go to the doctor to
check what she was so weak. So she went to the doctor, who recommended Shreds. The doctor looked Vera
(Svetochka) and says, "It's okay, you're working 24 hours without rest. I do not find you, but just in case, I will send
you to the test. " Where Vera found the cancer, which has already moved on to the liver. But it did not hurt. Shreds
immediately sent Vera to cancer professor, and he went with her as a translator. Professor watched her and said:
"You are only 2 months of life." Roofing stood up and said: "You are not a professor, but a fool. Can you say the
patient so you killed my sister. " Of course, the professor apologized Tolia, when he learned that Toll is also not less
than competent. Roofing Vera sent to the hospital, where they treat herbs and something else, and he got in touch
with the United States, which already treat cancer. He sent medicine and put in a cancer hospital. They began to
treat liver cancer and apply chemistry -therapy. As if there was better. But Vera, died, my George, I called all of 7
years at 8 o'clock in the evening.

On this day, January 14 in the evening she called me and said that I should not worry, all is well with her, all the good
that analyzes show that the liver is better pure blood. So I was not worried and went to bed, and she wants to have a
rest, already 10:00 pm. On this we parted. I quietly went to sleep, but at 3:00 the night Toll knocked on the door and
says, called him that Vera had died. She walked to the bathroom and went to the heart of a blood clot on the road.
According to doctors, they took her to the operating room, busy hour, but could not be saved. When we Tolay arrived at the
hospital, she was lying in bed cold. Here was her family, and the father, the son and his wife and children, and Tolya's wife
and children, and we are Tolia and prayed. So we buried my dear my daughter Vera.

Dear Nadia, you do not know what she told me was good to me. The weight of people crying in the church when
buried my Vera (Svetochka). I can not write, my eyes from tears, day and night blind. I have such sorrow in his life
had. It was such a clever and good to me. Every evening at 8:00 rang, and now my joy is gone. Nicholas calls me
and cries. Dear Nadia, I wrote you a letter, but received no response. Do you want me to dress you sent Georges, I
need it, the costumes. Dear Nadia, how hard for me to part with Verochka. What it was good for me.

I kiss you hard, let all of you health. Come to visit someday and see Australia, I'll be glad to see you. Whole hard.

June 8, 2000
My Dear Nadia, Fyodor and your whole family. Sorry it took so long, I did not write, do not have the forces to take up
the pen to describe my life now. Oh how quickly life passes! Now just remember that he lived and how are you today.
And after many years are lived in a bad time, and now remember the life and think - what I have in my life was happy!
I was young, my husband was very good, the children were really, really good job in Australia was good - 15 years in
one place. Fatigue is not felt, and now all at once gone, old age has come in tears.

It has been 3 months since gone to a better world, my dear Vera, my friend and daughter, and now I meet people I do
not even know, and tell me about Vera, what she was good with people not just with me. Vera called me because
every day when my husband died, at 8:00 pm and said that she could not sleep until I'm not in bed and she does not
know how my day. On this last day, she assured me that all was well with her, all the test results are good, and that I
slept well, and it will go to rest. And I was assured that I slept for the first time after the death of my dear husband.
Suddenly, someone knocks on the door. "Mama, Mama, get dressed, I - Toll". I opened the door, Tolia in tears -
Mom, get dressed. I was called to the Faith in the hospital, and she died, only that now 2:00. We tried to save her, but
alas, we could not. " Hugged me, tears flow like a stream.

I thought that there was an incident with the car of one of the grandchildren. It turns out that a blood clot in Vera
directly in the heart fell, and it was difficult to save. Already arrived at the hospital all the relatives were, and my father
was, and I went to the bed, Vera was already cold. I just said Verochkinu son Sasha that need help, and he said he
will do everything himself. And my husband and I bought 2 graves, and buried next to the grave with George, Vera in
my grave. Once you write that loved and appreciated our Vera - this is the way it should be. About her cry a lot, and
many people who knew her for years. Completely unfamiliar to me people come up to me in the church with tears
and talk about her kindness and speak, it's true, I knew it before. We loved each other strong love forever. But now
that she's gone to a better world, I do not find a place, my eyes do not dry tears. When he died, my George, it was 8
years ago, Vera called me every day, and the last time, I also talked to her. "Mom, do not worry, I'm fine." It was such
a man, she did not care about himself. Dear Nadia Fedor, how do you know or do you remember all the time - how to
say - it will exalt you high, then throw into the abyss without a trace. That's how it started with this trouble. Now about
Vera. Her life was not fun. They were guests, Nicholas went to bed to sleep, and suddenly fell down - stroke, hospital.
The whole right side, arm and leg taken away. Vera was still working every day from work went to see him in the
hospital. That was the beginning of her young life. Then the hospital - 30 km. She took him home. Care for a sick day
and night - this, of course, very hard. This is what has complicated her physical health. Yes, in addition, and taking
care of my mother every night to call.
Now it is very sad that Vasiliy Fedorovich not be able to come to me because of the head. But I think that it will pass,
and we will meet soon. I think I wrote in my last letter of our phone number, I repeat once № 03.9.484.24.15. It is my
phone. In a letter to the next, I will write more about what you just want to, about this move, and about life in general.
Ask questions.

Nadia, how are you feeling, write. You wrote that it is not very much. How is everyone? Whole tight
embrace all.
Oh, how glad I am Nadia + Fyodor that we will meet. Schur.
Dear Nadia, Fyodor and your whole family. How are you, dear? If you knew, as we would like to see you all as soon
as possible. And why it happens - suddenly fell ill, our dear and very beloved Nadia. You can not imagine how I
would be happy to see you all and now this letter - patient lying in bed, see you later, our son will arrive. But then the
second letter - head hurts badly, lying in the hospital. But God will be all right, and we'll see. I pay half of the road. I
do not care who I used to see all of you my dear. But I want to hug and kiss from joy to tears. I think Nadia, are you
feeling better, and I just found out from Moscow to your phone number, I'll call. Dear Nadia Fedor and your whole
family, you, our dear and such long years. Vera found you. I still do not believe that my Vera anymore and I no longer
see her again. After all, I was so happy! Georges was a very special person in my life. Me jealous that I have a
husband and such children. And this kind of work in Australia, I worked in the office (office) to check the operation.
-Works on computers were 32 people in our room. It is Russia, Australia, America, England. This is the machine
predict the weather. And these as points (cards?) Are stored for many years, if it is necessary to know what the
weather has in any year, when a strong wind or war. All written and stored at all times. I was very respected in the
workplace. In general, it was nice and not difficult with the language, because the girl was a good and very respected
me and was tied to me. A good time had passed quickly, and now the years came to these patients, and all sorts of
ailments come. Here, for example, to pass along the main street. There was a little rain. I stumbled and fell, sat up on
the cement. Yes, it hurt! Two women have helped up. It was as if all is well, but now began to ache in the lower
abdomen, but it hurt, and legs do not want to go. Was on the check, a very good doctor, he studied with Tolay well.
Tomorrow I go to check.

Dear Nadia Fedor, I only think of you, and think about Nadia, how she feels? It took her some discomfort? She still
young after all! And Tolia that head - write in detail, but I'll talk to Tolia, and may help joint forces. And if you need
money on the road - will help all that you say, and I really want to see you. After all, people come. I have a big house,
and I live alone.

My Dear Nadia Fedor + and all my dear family. I do not remember yours remind names. How is your all? And if
someone wants to come, glad to see you. What can I do, so I help. How is your health? Whole tightly and hug
everyone. You do not know how you are dear to me. Your Shura.

Points also did not find the time to change. My grief that I lost Vera, a pretty daughter, Vera. Whole firmly hundred

There is nothing secret in the world. In general, I have lived the life of wonder and joy, ended very sadly. Here, for example,
my dear husband and a friend with whom I have lived for many years, has died.

BUREAU OF METEOROLOGY (since October 1974)

Hello, my family and dear and beloved Nadia and / Fyodor and all your family, and the name I somehow do not
remember all. Kisses to all, I embrace and kiss with tears in his eyes, that you are so far away from us. But I think
that we once met mine. I have a big house, and I can still find you. I love all of you and all of you are dear to me. I
read your letter, worried.
What are you? Nadia and Fyodor that something is wrong. Do you, Nadia, pancreas. I spoke with Tolia, he said - it is
necessary to pay attention. And the son of a headache, too, that something is wrong. My Tolia says - every beginning is
easier to treat. Write the name of the medication, we will send immediately. we know that we have it all. And we will send.
Nadia, tell Vasya, if he is not better, even calling our Tole, and can help. My phone 9.484.24.15, it is necessary to call in
the evening.

My life - a funeral without end. Our years are suitable. I have nothing in the house is controlled with chores. And in
addition I go clubs - English, Russian, where he met with Russian, recently arrived from Russia. I go once a week, come
to us doctor, tell us how our years to behave and what to eat. We know how you live that wages are not paid for months.
But our Russian used to it and somehow did not survive. Do not grieve. Now we pass the Christmas holidays and the
temperature reaches 30 degrees. But it's not bad. In our house there is to do in the house cool, and we are not afraid of
the heat. In general, I am living the material well, just alone. Children are good, are called to live with him, I do not want.
And Faith called, and Toll calls, but it is better at home. But it is very boring in the house. Sometimes the phone
endlessly rang and someone came. And now there is Vera and George does not. And this foreign strangers. There is
talk with someone, and not consult with anyone. Whether it was a youth. So tear the flowers while in bloom, not you
pick, so he will understand - they wither. I say this to the fact that it is necessary to take from life all that you can. All the
same, after all, life to life you are not multiplied. not destined to live twice.

My eyes are very spoiled, all the letters dvoyatsya. Going to go to the clinic to change the glasses, then I will write more
and better.
My dear, Nadia Fedor, but for now see you all our dear family and all. I'm so glad that Faith is done for me.

Kisses to all hard, hard, hard and happy when I have a letter from you. Shura, Tolia and all. Whole hard.

03.07.2000 Mr.
Dear Nadia Fedor and your whole family, greetings from far away as Australia!
Kiss tightly all of you, and shed tears of joy, I can still do it. Sorry I have not written you a letter, it is very difficult to
take pen in hand. I want everything at once to describe - such long years. You start one, and ends another. And the
result is a mess. I will describe how we got to Zina, and gradually to the other to make it clear to you, because the
Speaker I have been very, very long, since 1937, and now 2000. I write about all the forgotten, past, and more, and
now we have to think and remember. Where to begin? So, where to start? So, my George has been a very good
husband in life, my friend, when I offered to leave Russia in the direction of a more relaxed - in Poland. Here Zina
offered his view. After all, my work or take any where, it recognized my sister Zina. She said that one would not let
me anywhere. She's coming with us, but because I have a little light, and the road is not known where. But my
George has been determined. He said he was going to talk to my dad. And talking, concluded. That the pope will give
Georges 2 wheels and Garnier. And George will make the stroller, take everything you need will drive to Poland from
bombing temporarily. And then Zina said she would go with us temporarily, and then return home, because the city
was decorated with patrols and posters were hung everywhere. Anyway all the young people will be taken back to
the camp.

Zina talked to Mom and Dad, and at night all set off. Me and my husband George closed the house, said goodbye to
his family, and Zina went to the station. The station was a train that went to Brest-Litovsk. We wanted to get off the
train in our carriage came a German officer. And he began to persuade us to go to Germany to his home in his family
and live on the farm until everything goes, war. We thought he was a serious man, and Zina says - where your home
is? He wrote her address. She read it and said - I'm going alone. And they shall dwell in Brest
Litovsk. And if I do not like it, I'll be here, and we'll decide what to do. But as in Germany to go - it was necessary to
go through quarantine, disinfection. He handed it be disinfected. And 2 days later he will receive from his family, that
it in their house and everything is fine. But it was not so. And we went from the station to the city and suddenly we
meet a young man, a friend. He says that he has a 2-storey house, on the 2nd floor 2 empty rooms. That we can
temporarily take until we get permission to go to Zina and live on the farm.

But it turned out differently. To us came all nervous officer, he has lost, he said. He said (daughter) she can come back
to us. This is where we began our anxiety. I became very worried. But as my George has been a very serious person,
he said that he could not see my tears, he must look for work in the camp. It will be looking for us in the camp, I will look
for work in the camp. And George got in Brest on the gate to close and open, flowing machine. Became friends with the
camp commander, he told the chief that his wife (I) is very ill, lost her sister and they are looking for it everywhere, who
knows, to tell such a camp. And once came to us the camp with a letter from Zina. She works in a German camp
Peyskratsham, provides tools to workers. George said he would go and bring it to us. I told the people that do not have a
sister, and had lost her husband. But he said that he would go, he can not see my tears. And he took a pound of butter,
1 liter of vodka, he traded it on my clothes and went to the camp with a letter from the head of his camp, where he
worked. 4 days later I received the news of how things are going. He got in touch with the doctor (Russian was in the
camp). The doctor wrote that she had inflammation of the middle ear and is very serious. And gave it to George, as the
patient. It cost 1 pound of butter, and it has brought us Zina, and since he worked in Brest in the camp, we were given a
room and a bed, meals, bread, tea, a pat of butter. Chestohov - a beautiful city on the mountain church, where the icon -
the Mother of God is crying, and in the morning there are thousands of people who are praying and crying, and we went
to pray. We pray and talk. We are told that there is a Russian Committee, where Russian help. We went to the Russian
committee met from Russia with his wife of her husband, who came to plead on the road to Warsaw. And I really liked
Rita, she come to ask her husband to take us to his apartment. I gave a mattress on the floor, and we waited until we
were given a place in the car - a ticket to Warsaw. Rita called me mom, and so attached to me. They were born in
Russia, they lived in Leningrad, where famine and her mother died of starvation. Rita went to look for, what to feed her
mother, walking in the street, looking at the 2nd floor. Man eats bread. She was standing in the street, I showed him that
wants bread. He brought her bread. She came back the next day and looked at the window, and my mother died. He
went out and brought out bread and talk, asked her to go abroad. So they came to buy a ticket for themselves and for
the car (?) Platform. And we met with them and left the Chenstahova in Warsaw. So we continued our way with them on,
while we have not thrown. And we cast them because their car ... ... Rushden, saving his life

Once our engineer went to the station, but the real one was a man and asked to sleep in the house, our engineer said he
would take it, and brought into the house, and it turned out to be an undercover agent and called the Germans. He said
that we are unknown people. Germans began to question us, we did not like it and we decided to get away from them.
We were refused in peace and went to Morocco and met Zina and her husband stayed in Germany, and then moved to
Australia. And we left for Morocco. We lived 8 years in Casablanca, until the French began to oppress the Arabs. For
example, if you are an Arab, and I am French, and working the exact same job, you pay half the price, and I am a
Frenchman - I -1 dollar. Arabs angry, dressed in a bathrobe, and in his pocket a bottle of kerosene. At a meeting in the
street smiled and poured kerosene, matches lighted and the Frenchman escaped and burned. We have seen that well
with this will not be and we decided to go to Zina in Australia. Zina was his house, and we were greeted with joy. On the
first day, I wanted to see Australia, went to the streets to walk around the city and in front of people and talking turns into
a big house. I think - go and see what's inside. I opened the door - scene. On stage, a person holding a green chair,
velvet and says something. People raise their hands. Suddenly comes up to me and interesting man in Russian says -
what language do you speak? I will buy this chair in love symbol and as a man I have listed home. Here women do not
walk down the street with chairs.
We come home, the husband sitting on a stele, and children lie on a mattress. Acquainted with Georges. And he says that you
can not live on Saturday will go to buy a house. And George says - we just arrived and we have no money, and I do not speak
English. There is no work and no money. He says, "But I Do me the favor to deposit, on Saturday, let's go buy a house. My
name is Yura". ......................

My Dear Nadia Fedor and your whole family. So you want to know how your -I hope Anatoliy - health. Something no
letters from you. I sent you a letter to Anatoly Nadine address. I think. I hit the door of the temple a small locker,
suspended in the size of the meter. The plumb very much during the night all eyes became black and cheek, nothing
to see. I lay in bed for 2 days. Now I go to the big black glasses, like black is gradually taking place. At my age you
have to be careful to themselves. Anything can happen.

Was a doctor, he said that the eye is not bad. After 2 weeks, everything will be fine. I think that in life anything can
happen when you do not expect. Thank God that it happened, not worse. Now all quickly Australia preparing for the
Olympics, it will be held in Adalaida. But we, Melbourne, it is felt. Come, I will be very happy.

As Nadia Health and Tolya? The house is large, I will be very happy to see you all. What I can help you very much.
We now have cold days, the wind, but in the home warm. I only wish that Vera does not. It all happened so suddenly,
I no longer believe that it is not. She went to the car very well. Very nice it would be to see our Australia. We live very
close to transport connections. And the machine have grandchildren. I think you'll be pleased to see the country and
us, of course. We will help you in every way.

So we continue. From Poland, we are going to Germany to Kassil in the camp is quite good. Christmas, I'm having a
children's concert. I put "Fox and the Crow" live at the school, then build the scene, helping the Germans. The hall no
chairs, people and kids are kids I spend, suddenly pounced on me, woman. It was a woman, the girl's mother, who
had one leg shorter. There appeared ... from the Russian committee on my behalf, and after the concert, take us out
of the camp and give us a room at the Russian Committee. And then you can go to Morocco under the contract. We
sat down on a small plane and eat. Georges as a locksmith. We arrived in Casablanca. Georges is not a mechanic, a
plumber, and does not want to work as a mechanic. I went to look for work in the specialty. Master someone said.
The owner called George and told we got 2 days. And there was a Russian church, we went to ask for help father. A
place called Vurnazel, close by the church father says - try to see what's out there. We went to the camp. There were
barracks, lived the good people - the old immigrants. For example: a millionaire with his family. An engineer with a
family, young people working. And I met a young guy who has to go to the hospital for 2 weeks for surgery. It's about
saying, "Take my apartment, and 2 weeks find anything." We have done so. George went to the station and found a
large box, he built another room and settled. Ustaivayte started, borrowed money from the priest. Georges found a
job, and I met the engineer's wife, and I were about to earn it. So we began to live in France -Marokko. This young
man, who gave us the apartment, died during surgery. We sat in the apartment was not bad in camp. Money that
borrowed at the church gave. Vera went to school. ... mending. I have a wife to look for jobs, to make acquaintance
with the people and for jobs, learn the language a little.

But the French did with the Arabs is bad. For example, if two men worked one job, if George got my 1 ... - then Arabs
would receive 50 francs. So we had to think of somewhere to leave Morocco. We remembered Australia where Zina
married and continued to live with her husband. And we corresponded. I wrote a letter, and she speaks- come, I
really want to see you. So we decided to move to Australia temporarily to Zina. Of course, the children slept on the
floor. Zina met us very happy. But I was something dissatisfied. On the third day I woke up and wanted to see what it
represents in itself, Australia. (Further description of repetition, as she brought a man home to Zina chair)
Hello dear t. Nadia and forth. Fyodor!
Mom received your letter on the day she returned from the hospital after the surgery the eye. This was an operation of the second
eye. When my mother had surgery of the first eye, it was necessary to dig into the eye drops 4 times a day. I asked my mom to
stay with me 2 weeks until all healed, but she would not. And to persuade her to sometimes very difficult, if not impossible. Of
complications, and Toll with immediately placed her in the eye hospital, where it was necessary to treat reknu, do not know how it
is in Russian, it is from the rear of the eye. This time Toll arranged so that it is the first few days after surgery stayed in Gospa
Thale 3 days. Then 2 times she dug, and the other 2 times a day I have.

Today, she again with Linda drove to the eye to check eyes. What will be the result, I do not know. While that was all
well and last, when I spoke to the doctor, then after 6 weeks my mother propishut reading glasses.

Mom thought that the eyes are both young, and glasses will not be needed. Now she sees small cracks on the walls and
wrinkles on the face, it is already very good.
T. Nagy, thanks for the photographs, I think that Bob and my brother Tolia very similar. Tolia too long time ago had a
mustache, too, and it seems the same. Dear tons. Nadia and forth. Fyodor, do not think that I invite you to come to
Australia lightly. This is not true. I'd love to meet with you, as we are all alive.

Mama herself to go to you can not, it is already very old, and I go with it impossible. My husband had paralysis of the left
side of the body, when he did (ket Skene), it found that ¾ of the brain is damaged. 3 days after the first impact it has a
second punch. Roofing always been associated with the doctors who followed the progress of the disease Nicholas. After
2 hits was told that he might die, become blind and deaf, and go he would never. After 3 weeks I was told that he would
be sent to a hospital in the Chronicle. I was given a list of hospitals for the chronically ill, so that I can choose a 3, and
where available the first place, and put it back. It is not surprising, with such a strong impact he has not forgotten any one
language (English, Russian, Iranian, etc.), On which he had just said.

I made a professor who does ... industry strikes the eye in the hope that I will find the cause and can be any
improvement for Nicholas. When the professor looked, he told me that there is nothing that could help your husband.
Arrange your life and take things into their own hands. After 10 months in the chronicles of the hospital, where I went
almost every day, I noticed that the left leg, which was not moving, suddenly rose to 1 or 2 cm. But this is not enough,
because it could be from reflex, not a brain team. Now he walks a bit and 4 years, both at home. The house has all the
tools ... ..

Hello, dear family and Nadia Fedor, and your whole family. What a joy and a chance that we received your news! This is
due to Svetochka. She is a very intelligent woman, I think that if she gets better, then of course we will meet in the near
I have great sorrow, one by one tally. Dear Nadia, you probably know from Verin letter, my dear husband, George, who
was a special man, very clever and all-trades, I lived with him for nearly 60 years, not knowing grief. When he took our
Pope Garnier and made pram and sold in the market for a sack of flour, I felt here that it will be a good life, too. But I do
not think we'll leave so far, when we loaded the carriage and arrived at the station was a freight train, and we got into
the car. He started, and where we do not know and have come to Poland. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door, it
was German (officer) and says he wants Russian girl he wants to send to her home, so she taught language of his
children ... (there is a text that is 1 to 1, was written in a different letter, all repeats) ... The Son Svetochka goes to her
house to watch when it will come out of the hospital. They lived with her 7 years of marriage, all was well until bought
your home. Your house will rent (rent?).

Whole hard all. In the next letter I will write as we were in Australia. Once again I am very glad that it has received a
letter from you.
Whole tightly all be healthy. Write and I write. Whole many times. Schur.

07.09. 1989
Good day, our dear Nadia!
It has been many years since I had a few words from you. I do not know why you did not answer my letter. I do not know
what I did you wrong. I'd love to know about you, how you live, and all your health?

We, thank God, we live well. We have grandchildren, have themselves become old, but do not feel bad. Our Svetochka
already 54 years old, if you remember it a little. Her son, 27 years married a Russian girl. I think that soon I'll be a
And our son Tole last 44 years (September 7). We were yesterday at his birthday party. He has 2 sons, very good kids.

In general, we really miss you, I want to know about all of you. How are you? And also to see you. Many people
come to visit, to meet with their relatives or just acquaintances. Dear Nadia, write at least a few words. And if I get
it, then I'll write you more. Kisses to all of you tight.

Never forget you Schur and Georges.

26.10.1999 (letter to Kropotkin)
Dear Anatoly! You wrote Aunt Shura because Toll is now left to a conference in another city with his wife. I do not know
how long he will be there. As soon as he comes, I'll give him your letter. He is in Russian reads and speaks well. He was
born in Germany and grew up in Australia. Therefore, good knowledge of English language. He is a doctor, married. Has a
good education, he graduated as a doctor. He worked for 4 years, he did not like. He graduated again at the gynecologist,
has been operating for 3 years, he did not like. He graduated from a psychologist, married and moved to London, and wrote
me a letter - Mom, I'm back. Linda works. The course of 4 years, it is very difficult. Not all doctors are, but I'll try. This work
in operations as the anesthesiologist and suddenly 4 years I was well on Gonar? And we come home. Now they live in
Melbourne and I ask him - how do you like when you wake during the night? From said - about my mother! You do not
know when a man half dead after the operation, and I'll bring him to the state, and he opens his eyes and smile at me. This
is my life. It works very much and live well. His wife avtraliyka has 2 sons, Andrew for 24 years. He graduated from the
Conservatory of Music, playing the saxophone, clarinet, piano. He writes music, teaches and manages the orchestra. And
the second - Stepan 20 years old, began to study too. The university is also music and general education, in the 2nd year.
Very good young guys. Often with me. In Russian, they do not speak, so I had to learn English in order to keep the family
together. I now have a lot of trouble, my daughter Sveta very sick, lying in the hospital. She has one son, he was a
microbiologist, he graduated from university and work. He is 37 years old, makes medicine in the medicine for the rest of
Victoria (Melbourne area). In Svetochka paralyzed husband 6 years ago. She put him in the house for the chronically ill.
Now her son goes to live with Svetochka with his wife, two children and a wife. Will inspect Svetochka. That's what happens
when you do not expect. And they were very good. And suddenly it all went. Whether it is necessary to work and prosper?
Is not it better to live and enjoy, cherish health. And as Sveta looked after sick husband, I watched 24 hours of day and
night 6 years old, and now she got to the hospital and probably very sick. Everyone is doing tests, find out why she feels so

Anatoly, I'm sorry, maybe it does not interest you, what I have written. But I have a notion of what it is you'll be
wondering how we live in Australia. I think we'll ever meet again. Toll come from the conference, I will tell him that he
has a brother, and he would write to you myself with my help.

Kisses to you and your entire family.

See you soon. It depends on the health Svetochka.
Thank you very much for your letter. Joy to tears. Your Aunt Shura. The whole rest of your family.
Hello my dear Nadia, Fyodor and your whole family.
My dear, distant, music is very close to my heart and very family. ABOUT! as if I would be pleased to all of you to
embrace and press to her heart, and say out loud, my family, how I love you all. After you write again .... (In other letters,
it is already there!)
Hello, my family Nadia Fedor and your whole family. Something from you no news for a long time, how are you? Nadia,
how is your health? Fyodor wrote ... Vera arranged Nicholas Nyarmnghom (Nyarsinghom) ....

Now I, as soon as 8:00, so I sit down on a chair near the phone and cry. I am waiting for a call from her habit. And the whole night
passes are not easy, the next morning I get up very sick. The glasses do not see anything.

I'm waiting for his nephew, your son. Nadia and Fyodor write than I can help. I all agree. Repeat .... (In other letters,
it is already there!)
22.04.2000 (background)
Dear my family, Nadia Fedor and all your children. Christ is risen! Congratulations, children and grandchildren with the
upcoming holiday of Easter and wish you both meet this holiday best. May God protect you! Kiss three times, He is
Risen Indeed! I sincerely congratulate you on the solemn feast of Christ's holy Easter. I sincerely wish all of you good
health, joy, happiness and prosperity. May God bless and keep you, Jesus Christ.

Easter greetings and deep respect, Christ is risen. Whole hard. What is hard to be a lonely one. Especially hard for me
to be without Vera because she was my daughter and a friend. She called me every night at 8 o'clock 8 years since the
death of my Georges. She recently called and urged that feels good and I slept peacefully for the first time ...... Repeats
... (in other letters, it is already there!)

Vera was buried January 17, 2000 Since I do not live in peace. I still cry at night. But I live in my house. Though very
much wanted me to live near Tolley.
You wrote that you wanted to come to Australia is your son. Nadia, I'm waiting for when it will arrive. Let's see how I live. We
all want. We will be very happy. Write, we shall meet and all want to see. Your Shura.

12/17/2000 (background)
Dear Nadia, Fyodor and all our congratulations on the coming New (2001) year! .... At the request of Tolley, I was sent
to a doctor specialist. My legs hurt. They took blood to check, good. X-rays checked - everything is good. So, I am
healthy, but old. So still we wait.

I am tormented with only - why George and Vera had gone before me? It worries me, I think about them. I do not sleep at
night, hear their voice. I talk to them.
How good faith did that I found you! I think that soon I see someone. I often go to the clubs and leaving for a walk. I see
the whole of Australia. She is a beautiful, green country, with large high buildings. And people are very much different -
especially with other countries. Chinese, Japanese. Life is good. warm summers. Winter is cold, but no snow. Kisses.
Schur. Whole tightly. I embrace and I want to see! Nadia is feeling? Fyodor, you and your son, I do not remember, it
seems Toll? Our Toll is very busy before the holidays, working late and very tired. But he loves it, says that it is his life.
Live well. His son, Andrew went to look around. Now in New York, and I went to his Marita ?, just met. I received a
letter from Andrew. Very satisfied.

Whole hard. Sorry, that is badly written without glasses. Soon there will be points, I will write. Be healthy.

30.?1999 (background)
Our dear Nadia -Fedya and your whole family. Congratulations Merry Christmas! and New (1999) year.
I sincerely wish you the world - peace, bodily health, happiness of heaven and all earthly goods for many years! Bless
and around to help you and your family born Son of God, Jesus Christ!

Dear Nadia Fedor, you can not imagine how happy we all remember and enjoy, making mention of you in these days.

Vera, the patient says, lest you think that this lack of attention. No, she is seriously ill, but Tolia tries to help her. It is
associated with the United States, as if something she feels stronger. But it remains to be seen.

Dear Nadia, I have costumes left over from her husband. If you want - I'll send you. Vera said that before to make me to
ask you. They do not need me now, but you can come in handy. After all, you've got the men, and women too. Faith then I
will help organize everything, and Toll. After all, I'm not the one that was. Years, and the experience of one and the other,
knocked me out of the way.

With the wish happiness and prosperity to you, with great affection to you all. I wanted to
meet again with you. God bless you. Whole many times. I love the whole Shura

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