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2019 Q2: Through The Fire

365 Black History:

Her Net worth: $3 billion Born into poverty, Oprah Winfrey became the first African American TV correspondent in Nashville.

Ms. Winfrey was born into a poor family in Mississippi, but this didn't stop her from winning a
scholarship to Tennessee State University and becoming the first African American TV correspondent
in the state at the age of 19.

In 1983, Winfrey moved to Chicago to work for an AM talk show which would later be called "The
Oprah Winfrey Show.“ She is now the proud owner of HARPO Productions, Inc, O Magazine and
popular television network OWN.

His Net worth: $160 million Well before Steve made it big, he struggled to pick a path in life. Steve — who was born Broderick Stephen
Harvey in Welch, West Virginia on January 17, 1957 – worked several jobs after attending West Virginia
University. He tried his hand as an insurance salesman, postman, and even as a professional boxer. But none of it
really stuck.

Finally, he landed on stand-up comedy, a career he reportedly started in the '80s. During that decade, he married
his first wife, Marcia, and had two children — Karli, 37, and Brandi, 37. His son Brock was born in 1991.
However, it became increasingly difficult to make ends meet on a comedian's paycheck. As a result, Steve told
People that he wound up living out of his 1976 Ford Tempo. He used an Igloo cooler in the backseat as a
refrigerator and would wash up in hotel bathrooms, swimming pool showers, or gas stations. Things were this way
for a solid three years.

His Net worth: $110 million Born Peter Hernandez on Oct. 8, 1985, Bruno Mars grew up in poverty in Manoa Valley, Hawaii.
According to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, then-teenager Bruno Mars struggled with homelessness
and familial instability as recently as the late 1990s, when he lived and slept in a rundown building in
the ironically named Paradise Park section of the island. That, however, was a step up from his earlier
childhood, which he spent sleeping on rooftops in Honolulu and even in the back of limousines. All of
the difficulties he endured, however, inspired the future superstar to work toward what would become
his groundbreaking career, according to a 2016 “60 Minutes” interview.
Marching to the Beat of my OWN wanted to collaborate with me. I simply began
DRUM with an authentic depiction on how I got started.
Not knowing that being so vulnerable and
truthful with my passion blessed me with
I was nine years old, when I held my first pair of meeting and connecting with people around the
drumsticks. It was the first and last moment I world. It took a few months but eventually I
ever connected with my father prior to his passing started with 5k followers and to this day I am
that year on Father’s Day. He was a musician honored to be supported by 30 thousand organic
himself, and gifted me with my first small kit, as followers that truly support me now.
he saw how much I connected to the music.
Drums itself is what resonated with me. Being What I learned truly humbled me. It showed me
number 16 of 19 siblings, I was the only one using that my passion could lead my purpose. I had the
pots and pans to play drums on. Drums to me was opportunity to work for huge brands like Adidas,
always my safe space. At the time when I was a play private shows for notable NFL players, and
kid, both of my parents suffered from addiction. headlined at some of the most well knowns
To me, playing the drums was the distraction I venues in New York City. Though today, I
needed from that reality. Now, at 29, I can continue to tell my story of my beginnings to
happily say that I have been playing for 20 years. where I am now, serves as a constant growing
Having experience in participating in full bands journey, but I have never been so proud to say I
was great for my development, but my calling did did it on my own. Special moments like judging
not truly begin until I transitioned into a solo the drumline for the Ice Cold Experience band
career. and connecting with the youth that started just as
young as me, is such an inspiration and
Being on my own, is what granted me true motivating reminder that I not only have work to
independence. Though with independence, comes do but I have the youth that I must continue to Photos by Fernando Alvarez
full responsibility where all the decisions and the showcase to them, to never ever give up.
discipline is on me and me alone. I learned the Website:
importance and understanding of not only My story is one of hope. One that displays
knowing your worth, but to me, proving that I that regardless that challenges we go
could showcase my love for music and my Instagram: @anthony.anderson.drums
through, they do not define us, but they do
dedication to drums on my own. Starting over was hold a piece to the foundation we build for
what helped me rediscover my calling and love for Facebook: Anthony M. Anderson
our lives. Drums, although it’s considered (Drummer)
drums, though it was one of the scariest things I one instrument, a loud one in fact (lol), is
had experienced. I planned and plotted on how I the heartbeat of music. And my love for Bookings email:
could reintroduce myself as sole artist. Beginning drumming has only gotten stronger.
with my brand online, promoting my services, and
connecting with influencers that hopefully
Introducing Antoinette Vereen, School Elite Basketball, GunsDownLifeUp.Org,
Millimetermac Films, Anglin Films, Charkotapher
brand name “Toni Styles”. films,, Streetline Video, F.A.M.E
Academy, WGBWC365 and the list goes on.
She is the Founder and Executive Director of the
DREAM & ACHIEVE FOUNDATION Antoinette Vereen was born and raised in The Bronx.
INCORPORATED, the Owner/CEO of ROYAL She grew up in a single-parent home being an only
TOUCH WHOLE BODY WELLNESS CENTER, LLC child; she was forced to mature quickly and become
/ ROYAL TOUCH ENTERPRISES INC. and Partner very creative to keep her mind going. Her mother
with the WGE-WORLDS GREATEST soon remarried moved to a better part of town and
ENTERPRISES. With over Twenty-nine years in the involved her in performing arts programs such as
business world she is considered well-seasoned and Sheer Talent ltd.. “My dreams for the future started
the one for the job. Experience is the best teacher. early” she says. “I knew just what I wanted to do and
grew into my destiny and my life’s purpose”.
“They call me ‘The Lotus Flower’”. Why? “Because
the lotus flower is one of the most beautiful breeds of Philanthropy is very important to Antoinette, she has
flower whose petals bloom one by one, but only grows been labeled ‘an outstanding citizen’ and has been
from mud at the beginning of its growth and honored to receive a New York City Council Citation
development. “The Mud” in my reality, in layman’s for “persons who give exemplary service to their
terms, is “The struggle”. Where I’m from “the communities through a lifetime of philanthropy and
struggle” signifies poverty, oppression, prejudices, community service”.
setbacks, frustrations, and health issues, mostly faced
in inner city & urban areas. “ I realized that it took “I am a wealth builder & a wealth building
Instagram: many years, advancement in my education, realizing consultant, so I am all for profit – however, I am a
@dreamachievefoundationinc that everything is created from our minds, lots of firm believer in giving back”. She founded Dream &
work, diligence, perseverance, psychic self-defense, Achieve Foundation Inc. Their motto is to reprogram
resilience, and dedication to get where I am today”. people to build a better future. Antoinette has
intentions is to inspire our youth to learn about
Email: Over time Antoinette has worked in industries advanced education in financial literacy, technology,
inclusive of health and wellness, Real Estate, styling entrepreneurship, athletics/health & wellness, arts,
dreamachievefoundationinc@gmail and fashion, the music industry, film/movie/web intergenerational interaction, race for Re-entry and
.com series industry, politics, community affairs, community affairs.
technology, banking and finance. She has become an
actor, activist, artist/artist manager, youth mentor, She is confident in her team and says “we will
non-profit organization founder, trainer, wellness & make phenomenal things happen Because we
wealth builder coach, and CEO of her very own know that “TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM
enterprises. She has had the opportunity to work WORK”.
with major companies such as Ernst & Young LLP,
Health and Hospitals Corporation of NYC, Middle
#WeGiveBecauseWeCare #365Days @wgbwc365
#WeGiveBecauseWeCare #365Days is the community
organization turned 501(c)3, created by S Cubed 5th Year Gala Fundraiser!
Productions, LLC, to provide a luxury atmosphere to
inner city teens as we groom their minds, hearts and In, DECEMBER 2019 we will
spirits to recognize that they are our future leaders of celebrate our 5th Year in Service to
the World. We want to impart important social and underserved communities via our
personal values that will leave room for their Gala Fundraiser at one of our
individuality. We want to give back not just for a season,
but #365Days a year.
partner locations. We will need
sponsors, vendors, community
#WGBWC365 partnered with #BecauseWeCarenyc to leaders, performers. Sign up HERE.
further extend services to the community via non formal
#Free Pop Ups throughout the NYC Tri-State area to
men, women, and children that are in need. We will MORE:
continue to serve and create a sense of Hope For The monetary donations will benefit youth
Humanity by providing a sense of unity in the enrichment programs in under served metropolitan
community. areas across the USA. Find out more via
I.C.E. Cold Performing
Arts 2019 season consisted
WGBWC365’s 5th Annual of over 17 performances
PromPopUPShop and 2 Pro Contracts!
@wgbwc365 @theicecoldexperience

NY Liberty vs. China

Basketball Game at
Barclays Center
MUSIC ON THE MIND: The I.C.E. Cold Experience
College Junior & Interested in working in PR,
Entertainment Media, or Marketing?

Want to bring innovative event ideas to life? Are

you camera friendly and/or have the gift of writing?

Work as an Intern with SCP. Send resume's and

cover letters to
with Subject Line: Fall Internship. Submission
Deadline August 25th, 2019.
Does Your Giant Know Who You Serve?
So, I was sitting in the house and wondering how much longer I
had to wait to land the next contract for my health and wellness
company. I also wanted to pay the bills on time and avoid all the
late fees. I went as far as taking a few appointment to shop the
course materials and programs to 4 different potential clients. One
client even went as far as asking me to send an invoice, but
without a signed contract, I knew that wouldn’t produce my
desired result.

My first giant, Disbelief reared its ugly head. Disbelief in the

Fellowship with us at our
process of landing a new contract started to feed my second giant:
Self Doubt. I began to doubt that my programs and courses were
next Pop Up!
good enough to shop to large organizations (even though they have
been used in organizations such as Nestle, Yonkers Public Schools IG: @elementschurch
and Mount Vernon City School District). My last giant, Pride
refused to ask for help with spreading the availability of my

I then began to ask God for help, a strategy for this battle. He
showed me that I had no reason to worry but just ask Him for what
I want in Mark 10v36. He then reminded me that my confidence is
in Him in 2 Cor 7v16. God reminded me to be humble and accept
help in Proverbs 16v18. Now, every giant in my life knows its days
are numbered. Amen!

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