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Subject English Skills Language Awareness Theme Health & Environment

Class 3 Betha Time 8.40 a.m – 9.40 a.m Topic Special Relationship
Content N/A
Learning N/A
Learning By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:
Objectives i) Identify at least 4 examples of Interrogative Pronouns
Identify 3 examples of Demonstrative Pronouns
Activities Pre-lesson:
i) Ask the given questions at random round the class, making sure all pupils answer at least one.
Lesson Development:
i) Pupils identify the answers (interrogative pronouns and demonstrative pronouns for each
questions given.
ii) Work in pair, pupils have to differentiate each types of pronouns.
i) Write their answer and pupils have to compare and justify them with a partner.

Teaching Aids Text Book Form 3 pg. 46-47 Cross Curricular Element Value
Assessment TP2 – Identifying and differentiate Interrogative pronouns and Demonstrative pronouns

Subject English Time 10.10 a.m – 12.10 p.m

Class Remove Class Topic Reading comprehension
Learning By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:
Objectives i) Arrange the words to make a sentence.
ii) Write the colour for each picture given.
Activities i) Teacher give a bundle of words with not in correct order.
ii) Pupils have to arrange the words to make a correct sentences.
iii) Pupils identify the colour based on the text and article given and answer the questions.

Teaching Aids Handout Cross Curricular Language

Assessment TP 1- Identifying the words
TP 2- Building the sentences