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Newbie Series Curriculum

Lesson Topic Key Vocabulary Target Grammar

1 Self introductions, First contact, first encounters madame / ma'am, Mrs. / noun / feminine Verb s'appeler, say hello

2 farewells monsieur / sir, Mr. / noun masculine formal and informal greetings and farewells

3 Get in contact with someone vous / you (formal) / personal pronoun Questions with comment Verb Aller

4 Citizenship, place of origin salut hi, bye (informal) noun masculine Part 1 verb être, présent de l'indicatif

5 City tour Bonjour. Hello. (formal) noun masculine things denomination, asking for places

6 Visit a museum tu t'appelles You (Informal) are Articles, indefinite articles le, la, les.

7 Bad mood called, are named, are + Negative statments.

French conjugation system, conjugation of parler to

8 Languages spoken first name
speak, 1st verb group

9 Unclear communication pronominal verb form of Verbs in endre, Conjugatin of comprendre

10 People identity s'appeler Questions with qui.

11 family, colleagues tu / you (informal) / personal pronoun introducing others

je m'appelle / (I) am called , I am + first name /

12 Description part 2 verb êre conjugation
pronominal verb
13 talking on the phone. je / j' I personal pronoun Yes/no questions with est ce que
vous vous appelez You (formal) are called
14 going to the restaurant Verb avoir presentation, conjugation of avoir part 1.
pronominal verb form
Newbie Series Curriculum

Lesson Topic Key Vocabulary Target Grammar

15 At the restaurant Mademoiselle Miss noun feminine Form of please, conjugation of avoir part 2
Enchanté(e). Pleased / Nice to meet you. / French articles presentation, definit and indefinit
16 At the restaurant, finalize an order
adjective Enchantée (feminine) articles, Partitive articles

Use of the verbs se trouver and être in question with

17 Directions Bonne journée. Have a nice day. phrase

18 Directions, Restrooms au revoir goodbye Direction and place indicators.

19 Directions, find the way to a museum salut hi, bye (informal) noun masculine Verb of displacement, Imperative

content(e) happy adjective content (masculine)

20 Singing Cardinal numbers, qualificative adjectives.
contente (feminine)

21 Store annoucement adjective contente (feminine) Spelling numbers, Numbers form 10 to 100

make polite requests to obtain information, verb

22 Subway tickets moi me stressed pronoun (pronom tonique)
vouloir at the conditional present.
Question with combien, verb coûter and faire to ask
23 Subway fare aussi too, also adverb
and give a price
Question about time with quelle, interrogative
24 Time journée day noun feminine
adjective quel
25 Likes and dislike moi aussi me too phrase adverbs., verbs of preferences and their conjugations