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My name is Ilona Metha G. Doral,15 yrs.old.Born on July 06,2003.Born on

Bangued,Abra.My parents are Donald G. Doral and Genevie G. Doral.
Our family is living in a simple way.We always have fun and help each other but
We cannot avoid problems that our family having through but we only need love and trust in
God to
get through it.
Im the eldest of our two siblings.Clyne Ford is my one and only dearest little
brother.We like to study for our parents.
l I love to read,write,play mobile games,cook and eat.All delicious food is my
favorite.Im a nice person if they treat me nice too.I love to fight when I was in grade 8-9 but
only then.As a friend, Im stingy,I rarely gave free foods or snacks to them but I care for
When i`m baby until 4 yrs old,my mom said im always taken by her friends and goes
somewhere special for me.
In my life experience that I cannot forget is when I went to my boyfriend’s house and I
reach night in there because his grandmother and mom don’t want me to go home yet then
my mom knows about it and she’s very worried and angry to me.I almost numb because of
nervouse.They are very strict tome.They do not want me to enter in a relationship at this
A few days before we were greeted or okay of my parents.Everytime that I remember
that incident I was so sorry to my mom and dad,so I promised them that I would study hard.
When I was in elementary grade 3 I got a high grades that’s why I became 5th
honors,then in grade 4-5 me and my friends got quarrel that’s why I find a new one,then in
grade six we are now friends again.In grade 8 I came back in kasibu to study in KNAS from
AVC(abra valley collages) of Bangued Abra because in grade 7 I studied there and I got a
4rth place.Now I became a seniorhigh student I transfer again in BNHS(bambang national
highschool).My strand is HUMSS.I hope this school year would be happy.
It’s pretty good at being highschool student.I feel a little bit higher in my life.And now
a new stage of my life I will face a new journey to reach my dream with the help of my
parents and God.