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June 26, 2019

Dear Sir /Madam

I wish to apply for the position as TRAINING MANAGER. I am a serious professional with a remarkable
talent of creating, running, and improving food related businesses ... but more importantly, I am young at
heart, creative and passionate! I work with fun doing what you want because I am a teacher, coach,
disciplinarian, and can conceptualize new business for you!
Over the years I am a hired professional working in the industry. I feel that more business in the market
would need my service and I am very passionate about growing people. I have gained my expertise thru
experiences knowing well beyond restaurants; into just about anything with business development,
hospitality, and customer service & sales. I also like a scenario where there's money to be made for all
involved, and when I feel we share common ground in regard to doing business. What does that mean?
I like results and I take the work very seriously, which sometimes means I be emailing you at 4am (but
don't worry, no late night phone calls, unless you're calling me, in which case call any time!). It also
sometimes means I get a little passionate or crazy about the work, but overall, I am fairly sane with a long
history of working and accomplishing great things.

Hope to hear from you soon! For easy access, please contact me in my email
address or in my Cel # 09276682459 or via SKYPE/WHATS APP/IMO

Thank you.


Melanie M. Eugenio