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(ONE HUNORED FIFTH CONGRESS Congress of the Qnited States Wouse of Representatives COMMITTEE ON GOVERNMENT REFORM AND OVERSIGHT 2197 Raveurn House OFFice BUILDING a WastinaTon, DC 20515-6143 December 3, 1997 Ms. Tanya Ward Jordan $705 East Grove Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20774 Dear Ms. Jordan Thank you for submitting your September 22 letter containing information about the National Institute of Standards and Technology's demonstration project. We appreciate this information to supplement our hearing record on employment discrimination in the federal workforce, and your statement will be included in our records. This information is especially helpful in light of the recent Office of Personnel Management report documenting abuses of direct hiring authority at the National Credit Union Administration and in the context of several other agencies that have approached the Congress seeking independent personnel authorities. We appreciate the information that you have included with your statement Thanks, again, for this information. Sincerely, John L. Mica Chairman, ive Subcommittee

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