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Liturgical Dance and Scripture Reading: So shall we have peace divine: Words of assurance(PASTOR)

Holier gladness ours shall be; Hear the Good News.

Unison Prayer: Round us, too, shall angels shine, The LORD, our God, is gracious and merciful,
We praise you, God, for your grace and mercy. slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast
Such as ministered to Thee.
We praise you for another opportunity to return love (Joel 2:13). God hears the earnest cries
to you with warmed hearts, a willing fast, of the repentant and forgives our sins.
weeping eyes, and mournful souls. Accept our Keep, O keep us, Savior dear,
worship, ever-present and way-making God, as Ever constant by Thy side; Prayer and Imposition of Ashes :
we worship and seek your wisdom during these That with Thee we may appear THANKSGIVING OVER THE ASHES IN UNION
forty days. At the eternal Eastertide.
Almighty God, you have created us out of the
dust of the earth. Grant that these ashes may
SUNG RESPONSE: FORTY DAYS AND FORTY be to us a sign of our mortality and
NIGHTS( tune: ROCK OF AGES) A Corporate Prayer of Confession in unison for Ash penitence, so that we may remember that
Wednesday only by your gracious gift are we given
Forty days and forty nights O, God, when we pause to look back at our lives
everlasting life; through Jesus Christ our
Thou wast fasting in the wild; on this Ash Wednesday, we realize that we have
been weighed in the balance and found wanting. Savior. Amen.
Forty days and forty nights PASTOR : "Remember that you are dust, and to
We have neglected to do good when it was in our
Tempted, and yet undefiled. dust you shall return"
power to do so. We, like believers of old, have
pulled down your altars and erected idols crafted (United Methodist Book of Worship, page 323).
Sunbeams scorching all the day; in our own image We have turned our backs on
Chilly dew-drops nightly shed; the poor, choosing instead to criminalize After all have received ashes:
Prowling beasts about Thy way; poverty.We have ignored the cries of the motherless,
Stones Thy pillow; earth Thy bed. the fatherless, the widow and the widower choosing Pastor: You are spared to serve the Lord.
instead to turn children and the elderly into the new People: Lord, we return to you today.
Should not we Thy sorrow share poor. We have bankrupted the country with our greed
and consumed more than our share of the world's + OFFERING +DOXOLGY
And from worldly joys abstain, riches We have not dealt honorably with our enemies
Fasting with unceasing prayer, or our friends, and we have feigned a place in the +OFFERTORY PRAYER IN UNISON
Strong with Thee to suffer pain? company of the righteous. Forgive us, O God, for God of grace and mercy, as we begin this holy journey of
turning sackcloth and ashes into a fashion statement Lent, we remember that regardless of how many times we
Then if Satan on us press, by pursuing form without substance. Forgive us, O have turned away, following the world instead of following
God, for the times we have neglected to provide our you, you still wait with open arms and hopeful heart for us
Jesus, Savior, hear our call! children and our world an authentic example of to repent and turn back toward you. We present these gifts
Victor in the wilderness, Christianity. As we begin the journey of these 40 days as a tangible sign of the desire of our hearts to return to
Grant we may not faint nor fall! Wash us, O God and we shall be clean Cleanse us, O you and of our deep gratitude for your unconditional love
Lord, and we shall be made whole. Amen. and willingness to welcome us home. In the name
(Silence) of our savior, Jesus the Christ, we pray.
Amen. (Joel 2:1-2, 12-17)
More love to Thee, O Christ, More love to
Thee! Hear Thou the prayer I make 1ST WORD SIS LUZ N. BONILLA
On bended knee; This is my earnest plea:
More love, O Christ, to Thee, More love to 2ND WORD BRO. WILSON N. MACANAS
Thee, More love to Thee!
2 Once earthly joy I craved, Sought peace MARCH 6, 2019
and rest; Now Thee alone I seek,
Leader: Get ready; THE
get ready to return
UNITED to God. Place
Give what is best; This all my prayer shall 6TH WORD SIS URSULA L. NACIONAL your trust in God and God alone!
be: More love, O Christ, to Thee, More (Trumpet or guitar is played again.)
love to Thee, More love to Thee! 7TH WORD SIS ALDRIEN E. DAGURO Leader: Return to the Lord!
People: It is not always easy to return to God; we
+COMMITMENT & THANKSGIVING PRAYER have had our way for so long.
New Pangasinan, City of Koronadal
Leader: Blow the trumpet. Sound the alarm. Call the
Then shall my latest breath Whisper Thy SUMMARY/MESSAGE: young and the old; tell everyone that the Lord is
praise; This be the parting cry My heart coming.
shall raise; This still its prayer shall be:
REV. ELY M. JACINTO People: It is not easy to talk about the Lord to
Administrative Pastor people who have heard our preaching so many
More love, O Christ, to Thee, More love to times.
Thee, More love to Thee! Leader: Call for a fast.
.” People: Fasting is not easy; we hunger for so
Benediction many things.
You have heard the sound of the trumpet; Leader: Nobody said it would be easy. But we must
you have heard the sounded alarm. God is near. return to the Lord. The Coming of the Lord is near!
Go from this place with symbols and reminders of People: We commit to turn from our old ways.
God's mercy. Go to serve and to share the love of Leader: Nobody said it would be easy.
a most merciful God with others. People: We will turn our lives over to the One who
Amen. makes a way.
Leader: Nobody said it would be easy.
THREE FOLD AMEN People: Nobody said it would be easy.
POSTLUDE: “ MAY GOD’S BLESSINGS ….” All: Nobody said it would be easy, but we must
return to the LORD!

REV. ELY M. JACINTO Liturgical Dance and Scripture Reading:

Administrative Pastor Have one dancer or several dancers