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Model science lesson plan using Bloom’s Taxonomy

Year 2 Unit 2c Teacher: Date:

Day / Objectives Activities Key questions Core activities Differentiation Plenary
Vocabulary Whole class activities/ Key teaching points /
Teaching strategies questions.
17/04  to observe and Knowledge & Knowledge & Knowledge& Mixed ability groups Meet Ziggy, he is from outer
so more able can
recognise some simple Comprehension: Comprehension: Comprehension: space (a toy) Who would be
characteristics of animals support less able and
Vocabulary Ask children what which of Have you met this word Talk to your partner for 15 brave enough to explain to
and plants EAL children with
the vocabulary words mean before? Where and when? seconds about places
Living reading and him, how living things that
 that the group of What does each one where you have heard
vocabulary choice.
Non-living living things called these words before live on earth are grouped?
Limbs Application mean? What are the features of
animals includes humans
Covering Show chn some pictures Final work each group?
 to treat animals Application
Fur with care
specimens of animals Application output Where can Ziggy find
Match each word on your
and plants e.g. bee, spider, Which word describes this
Scales table to the picture it expectations: each group of living
worm, mealworm, snail, dog, animal? How do you
describes G&T chn should carry
Shell horse, bird, snake, crocodile, know?
out independent
Invertebrate Analysis
butterfly, whale, grass, ivy, research using
Now classify the words
Vertebrate holly, cherry tree, daffodil, oak Analysis additional materials Assessment
Resoucrces and pictures into similar
Fish tree, human and ask which Why have you placed groups e.g. internet or books.
these animals or plants
2c: sort animals and plants
Bird word describes this into groups using observable
Magnifying glasses living thing together? Is there another They should produce a
Mammal way you could have Synthesis more detailed poster features.
Amphibians Analysis grouped them? Ask chn to design a poster with more examples
Insects Pictures of different Ask chn to group the living Synthesis to show the different from each group
animals and plants things into similar groups and groups of living things represented. Should
2b: able to explain likeness
Humans Cay you group them by
give their reasons for doing so.
their characteristics e.g. include at least 3 and differences between each
Similarities Synthesis insects, amphibians etc characteristics of each group. e.g. they all have six
differences Collection of real Produce a skeleton Mind map group on poster with legs, these have flowers, these
Size animals and plants of living things groups on the
How effective are these Evaluation places found.
do not
interactive whiteboard
Longer posters in representing Include features of each
EAL and LA; complete
Evaluation groups of living things? animal group on your
Shorter Digital camera Selected chn present their teacher’s skeleton mind 2A: able to explain likeness
Are they clear? poster.
Observe poster to rest of class. Would anyone like to
map draw and label and differences between each
Classify common animals with
Electronic microscope suggest any changes to any
their correct group
group using some scientific
Justify Safety: Remind chn to treat the of them?
animals with care and not harm names e.g. fish, bird vocabulary e.g. this is an
Word cards them in any way. amphibian it can live on water
MA: Core activity: and on land, these are
produce a poster to
show animal groups. flowering plants.