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Ezmieralda Melissa, MA – Program Advisor

Fajrie Samahita – General Manager
Cindy Meiliana - Public Relations Manager
Brenda Ovitho U. Nursalim – General affairs
Dimas Bravandi - Transportation
Reka Putri Cahyaningtyas - Logistics
Misael Andre - Documentation
Sam Rasyid - Journalism Manager
Celine Yara Liga - Documentation
Karin Shofiyatun Tsaniyah - Logistics
Muhammad Shahab - Transportation
Rika Rifqiah - Consumption
Loina LK. Perangin-angin, M.Si - Trainer for the PR team
Dr. phil Deborah Simorangkir - Facilitator for PR workshop
Muninggar Sri Saraswati, Ph.D - Trainer for theJournalism team
A’an Suryana, Ph.D - Facilitator for the Journalism workshop
Sharon Schumacher, MA - Facilitator for the Journalism workshop (video making)

Swiss German University Tel. +62 21 2977 9596/9597

The Prominence Tower Alam Sutera Fax. +62 21 2977 9598
Jalan Jalur Sutera Barat no.15
Tangerang, Banten 15143
B. Title Page

Title of Proposal : Public Relations and Journalism Workshop

“Spread Your Wings and Prepare Yourself to Compete
in the Globalised World”

Name of Team Leader : Ezmieralda Melissa

E-mail :

Mobile phone : 08119252910

Duration of CCSF Program : 2 days (23 to 24 April 2019)

Proposed Budget : IDR. 8,245,000

Budget from Other Source : N/A

Alam Sutera, Tangerang

Date: 27 March 2019

Team Leader Head of Department Dean of Faculty Director of Academic

Research and
Community Service
Signature Signature Signature

Name: Ezmieralda Name: Dr. Phil. Deborah Name: Dr. Nila. K. Hidayat, Name: Dr. Ing. Evita H.
Melissa, MA. N. Simorangkir SE., MM Legowo
NIK: 12121044 NIK: 11121517 NIK: 23120453 NIK:

Swiss German University - Tel. +62 21 2977 9596/9597

The Prominence Tower Alam Sutera Fax. +62 21 2977 9598
Jalan Jalur Sutera Barat no.15
Tangerang, Banten 15143 - Indonesia
1. Background
On 21 October 2015, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) declared 17
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with 169 measured outcomes to ensure the
development of human well-being around the world. One of those outcomes is to improve
media and information literacy, which is believed as a key factor in poverty alleviation,
democratic governance and peacebuilding, climate change and disaster risk, and
economic inequality. At the same time, people who are information-literate and know how
to use information wisely will have a competitive advantage to compete in the globalised

Moreover, with the proliferation of social media and the circulation of fake news in the
society, it is important to prepare our youth to have a media and communication sensitivity.
It will be a pity if our youth are lost due to the wrong information that they receive, or worst,
that they create and distribute.

In addition, this workshop will also help to increase public awareness of SGU’s
Communication and Public Relations program. By doing this workshop, high school
students will be exposed to the skills and knowledge learnt by Communication and Public
Relations students at Swiss German University. We believe that we have something
beneficial to offer to the high school students. We believe that high school students need
these skills that we offer because in their daily life they are continuously exposed and
influenced by media and media texts.

3. Objectives & Outcomes

Our objectives are as follow:

1. Delivering the workshop to at least 3 classes of Year 11 students at SMA Al-Azhar
2. Teaching high school students to present themselves well and prepare them to have
good public communication skills,
3. Teaching high school students on how to be good journalists and how the can use
these journalism skills to prepare themselves to compete in this globalised world.

The success of the program will be measured through two different methods, which are:
1. Games at the end of the workshop to test participants’ understanding of the workshop
2. Surveys, which will be distributed at the end of the workshop to gauge participants’
awareness of SGU.

4. Methods
We name our event “Spread Your Wings and Prepare Yourself to Compete in the Globalised
World”. By choosing this theme, we want to encourage high school students to spread their
wings and prepare themselves better to compete in today’s globalised world through
acquiring good communication skills. Our main target audience is 11th grade of high school
students from the Social Science stream in SMA Al Azhar BSD. We are targeting 90 people
to participate in this workshop. We think these students are the right targets as they are
within the age groups that have a high interest in media and media content and can be said
to have grown up in a highly saturated media environment.

The event itself will be conducted within two days in the fourth week of April (between 21 –
26 April 2019). There will be two different activities within these two days: the first day will
be a PR workshop and the second day will be a Journalism workshop.

SMA Al-azhar BSD has 3 classes of the Social Sciences stream and each class has
approximately 30 students. These 90 students will be divided into two groups consisting of
45 students each. One group will attend the Public Relations workshop and the other will
attend the Journalism workshop. Each workshop will run for approximately 4 hours.

The details of each workshop are as follows:

Public Relations Workshop

The public relations workshop will be consisting of two sub activities, which are:

1. Presentation, we want to teach these students how to write an attractive and proper CV
to apply for an internship or a job in a company. We also want to show them how to dress
properly to prepare themselves for an interview or other formal events where they are
required to face the publics. This sub activity will be conducted by combining a presentation
by an SGU lecturer and an alumnus and a stop motion video.

2. After that we will be playing games, we will make games to test their understanding of the
materials that we have taught them. We will ask them to form groups of 3 people and they
need to help their friends choosing an appropriate attire for formal and informal events.
Winner of the games will be rewarded with gifts and certificates.

We will also invite an alumnus to assist us in this workshop. The alumnus is Geastari Ivy
Ghaida who works in the Royal Thai Embassy as a Consulting Assistant. Ivy will help us to
convey the materials of the presentation and judge the winner of the games.

Journalism Workshop
On the second day of the community service program, we will organise a journalism
workshop. This workshop will be divided into two sub activities:

1. At first we will do a presentation to make the students understand about journalism. The
content of the presentation is a brief intro to journalism principles and journalists’ work.

2. After the presentation we will do a role-play where students will pretend to be journalists.
We will divide the students into 5 groups where they have to interview each other. These
interviews will be videotaped and shown at the end of the event to choose a winner of
the best interviewer.

This workshop will involve a journalism lecturer from the Department of Communication and
Public Relations, A’an Suryana, Ph.D. He will share his experiences as a veteran journalist
at the beginning of the presentation. In addition, we will also invite an alumnus, Arinda
Wijaya who works as a journalist in MNC TV. Arinda will also share her experience as a
young journalist and will help us to assist the students in making the videos.
The following is the scheduling of the event

No. March April May Notes PIC

Wk2 Wk3 Wk4 Wk1 Wk2 Wk3 Wk4 Wk1

1. Program Planning Planning, budgeting, and writing the Fajrie, Cindy, Sam
and Budgeting proposal for the event

2. Submit Proposal Ezmie

3. Contact Al Azhar Ask for availability and required Brenda

BSD documents

4. Lobby Al Azhar Send proposal of the event Brenda, Fajrie


5. Contact Alumni Ask for availability Brenda, Karin

6. Materials Materials for presentation content and Cindy, Sam, Andre

Preparation design for Notebook, Hand Fan, and

7. Formal Invitation Send formal invitation to Al Azhar BSD Brenda, Fajrie

and Alumni
8. Check Money Check funding from finance to prepare Ezmie
the souvenirs and order catering

9. Contact Lecturers Contact lecturers to discuss materials Celine, Sam

for the presentation and contact Ms
Sharon to borrow camera for

10. Prepare Souvenirs SGU’s Goodie Bag, SGU’s Pen, Rika and Reka
Comm PR’s Notebook, Comm PR’s
Hand Fan, USB, Powerbank, and
MAP Vouchers.

11. Order Logistics or Order Kue Jajanan Pasar for snacks Rika and Reka
Catering and Hokben for lunch

12. Practice 1 Practice the materials for presenting in All Committees

Al Azhar BSD

13. Final Preparation Check all the equipments and All Committees
and Checking consumption ready

14. Practice 2 Final practice the materials for All Committees

presenting in Al Azhar BSD

15. Event Day Need to do everything according the All Committees


16. Evaluation and Evaluate the success and failure of All Committees
report the event
6. Job Description & Community Service Load of CCSF Team

The assigned roles and responsibilities for each team member is as follows:

No. Name Position in the Team Specific Task

1. Ezmieralda Advisor Assisting, helping the committees to

Melissa reach and exceed goals, and advising
on planning the event.

2. Fajrie Samahita General Manager Assisting Public Relations and

Journalism team, as well as preparing
and managing the event.

3. Cindy Meiliana Public Relations Assisting Public Relations team,

Manager including planning, preparing, and
managing activities on event.

4. Brenda Ovitho U. General Affairs Assisting the team with the

Nursalim administrative parts of the event, such
as contacting the school and alumni,

5. Dimas Bravandi Transportation Responsible for the team’s

transportation to Al Azhar BSD.

6. Reka Putri Logistics Assisting the team with the

Cahyaningtyas administrative parts of the event such as
ordering foods, and preparing logistics
for PR team.

7. Misael Andre Documentation Responsible for PR team’s

documentation while doing activities in
Al Azhar BSD.
8. Sam Rasyid Journalism Manager Assisting Journalism team, including
planning, preparing, and managing
activities on event.

9. Celine Yara Liga Documentation Responsible for Journalism team’s

documentation while doing activities in
Al Azhar BSD.

10. Karin Shofiyatun General Affairs Assisting the team with the
Tsaniah administrative parts of the event such as
ordering foods, and preparing logistics
for Journalism team.

11. Muhammad Transportation Responsible for the team’s

Shahab transportation to Al Azhar BSD.

12. Rika Rifqiah Logistics Responsible for all consumption,

including consumption for lecturers,
students (SGU and Al Azhar), and

14. Loina LK. Trainer for PR Team As the expert in PR field, to help PR
Perangin-angin team in developing workshop materials
to ensure the success of the workshop.

15. Deborah Facilitator for PR Facilitate the presentation part of the

Simorangkir Workshop Public Relations workshop.

16. Muninggar Sri Trainer for As the expert in Journalism field, to help
Saraswati Journalism Team Journalism team in developing workshop
materials to ensure the success of the

17. A’an Suryana Facilitator for Facilitate the presentation part of the
Journalism Journalism workshop.
18. Sharon Facilitator for Help the Journalism team to prepare the
Schumacher Journalism video recording exercise.

19. Gaestari Ivy Alumnus for Public Help the PR team to share her
Ghaida Relations Workshop experiences in the PR field and judge
the students’ competition.

20. Arinda Wijaya Alumnus for Help the Journalism team to share her
Journalism experiences in the Journalism field and
Workshop judge the students’ competition.

7. Estimated Required Budget

The following is the detailed budget calculation for this community service program:
No. Item Spec Unit Unit Price Total Price
(Unit x Unit

1. Consumption

Snack 125 pax Rp. 15,000 Rp. 1,875,000

Lunch for Committee, Guest 22 pax Rp. 35,000 Rp. 770,000

and Lecturer

Subtotal 1 Rp. 2,645,000

2. Materials

Communication Phone credit 1 Rp. 150.000 Rp. 150.000

Local transportation Gasoline 2 cars Rp. 100,000 Rp. 200,000

Prizes MAP Vouchers 4 groups Rp. 150,000 Rp. 600,000

Notebook 90 Rp. 10,000 Rp. 900,000
CommPR people

Pen 90 Rp. 10,000 Rp. 900,000


Stickers 90 Rp. 5,000 Rp. 450,000


Powerbank 4 people Rp. 150,000 Rp. 600,000

Placard for Al Azhar BSD 1 Rp. 500,000 Rp. 500,000

Banner 1 Rp. 400,000 Rp. 400,000

Certificates 90 Rp. 10,000 Rp. 900,000


Subtotal 2 Rp. 5,600,000

GRAND Rp. 8,245,000