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Lesson Plan (Primary)

Lesson title: Natural Disasters Inquiry Project (DOUBLE LESSON) Date: 23/5 & 24/5 Year level: 5/6
Lesson one: 90 mins
Topic: Natural Disasters Duration of lesson:
Lesson two: 60 mins
Learning areas Strands & sub-strands Content descriptors
The impact of bushfires or floods on environments and
communities, and how people can respond (ACHASSK114)

Links to the Locate and collect relevant information and data from primary
Australian sources and secondary sources (ACHASSI095)
Humanities and Social
Curriculum: Geography & Researching
Organise and represent data in a range of formats including
tables, graphs and large- and small-scale maps, using
discipline-appropriate conventions (ACHASSI124)

Lesson rationale:
This term the inquiry/integrated unit is natural disasters. Students will over various subject areas about different natural disasters.
This small inquiry task is an assessment piece for the topic.

Learning objectives: Learning environment

This lesson will take place in the classroom
Students will learn
• To search and gather information on a natural disaster in an Resources:
online graphic organizer •
• To present their information using an appropriate format to • Data chart modelled:
inform their reader of a natural disaster
• The features, causes and impacts of one natural disaster 9jt8qMB-DParR7A/edit?usp=sharing
• How to plan for and reduce the impact of their natural disaster • Laptops one per person
Assessment strategies:
Questioning: What do students already know?

Observations and anecdotal notes: recording students’ ability to work as a team and contribute, assess student’s ability to gather appropriate information from
appropriate resources (reteach if not)

Stage of lesson Approx. Pre-service teacher’s actions


Stage 1 Display website: Emergency and Disaster Information Service Map

Discuss with students the various live natural diesters and where they are located
30 mins
Ask students to write down a natural disaster (flood, drought, cyclone, volcano, tsunami) and group them in groups of 3 based of
their preference. If uneven, create groups of 2 or 4, or ask students for a second preference.

Explain to students they are going to do a small inquiry on a natural disaster, they with research and gather information based off a
data chart.
Model the data chart using bushfires as a natural disaster.

Students can present their information however they choose: google slide/google doc/pamphlet/Poster

Discuss with students the guidelines around plagiarism

Class discussion: what is plagiarism, how do we avoid it?
- Must summarise text
- Create a bibliography of where you retrieved their information

Stage 2 Students will spend this time researching information about their natural diesters in their groups.
Body of lesson 50 mins Students create a google doc of the data chart and share it with each team member so all team members can contribute to the data
lesson chart.
Once students have filled out the data chart and checked with the teacher, they can begin to present their information (including
45 mins any images/figures) however they choose (google slide/google doc/pamphlet/Poster)
Stage 3:
Conclusion 10 mins
lesson Students in their groups, create a goal for next lesson

5 mins
lesson Reflect on how well they worked in their team using

Next lesson students will present their presentations to the class