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M.E, Ph.D , Dean & Professor, Civil Engineering Department
MVGR College of Engineering , Vizianagaram-535005
Tel (Office): Mobile: +91 9948897356

With immense pleasure, I am writing this letter to recommend Mr. DATLA

MANIKANTA VARMA for a post graduate program at your institution. I have known him from
last five ( 5) years. I was his instructor for Geotechnical engineering.
He is quite ambitious and career driven. He works hard to achieve his goals and is
committed to his work. He is very interactive in the class and endorses the discussions with
cogency and natural ease. This combined by his pragmatic approach has always kept ahead of his
peers. Blessed with eminent analytical abilities and an acute sense of reasoning he can analyse
enigmatic problems exceptionally well and come out with good formulations. He is a student
with self-reliance and good levels of self-confidence.
He displayed good leadership skills when involved in the project. During discussion of
project studies, he was highly effectual in applying the course material in analysing the problem
situations. He took charge of the team. He was aware of strengths and limitations of his team
members and assigned tasks accordingly. He achieved highest grade for the case and were
commended for his depth of analysis as a team. He is very well liked and respected by both peers
and his professors.
Apart from studies and projects, he took an active part in many extra-curricular activities.
His dynamic involvement in organizing events stands a worthy testimony for his leadership
skills. He had organized various events on behalf of the department and college. He is actively
involved in various technical and social activities. Being an amicable student, he maintains good
rapport with his professors. With his cheerful and friendly attitude, He endured himself to fellow
students and superiors.
I have deepest personal respect for Mr MANIKANTA VARMA, and sincerely believe he
will bring his unique energy, optimism, passion and tireless creativity to the not only to the
Department but also to university as a whole, thus he has my highest endorsement for admission
into his desired course at your university. If you are having any queries regarding this
recommendation, please do not hesitate to reach me, I will be glad to help.