PATENT AGENT CAREER Patent Agent is the first step to become a certified Intellectual Property Professional.

To become registered patent agent in India a person need to qualify the Patent Agent Examination which is conducted by Indian Patent Office every year. In 2011, Patent Agent Examination is scheduled to be on 15th – 16th January 2011. Any science graduate – students pursuing B. Sc, M. Sc, B. Tech etc are eligible to appear for the examination. As per statistics, the Intellectual Property Industry generated returns of Rs 2,26,63,01,039 in 2008-09 out of which patents alone had generated Rs 1,56,14,63,824 and it has progressively grown. With the industry generating substantial amount of revenue career prospects of patent agent is high. With the growing awareness of patents, patent filing is on rise in India. A patent agent can choose to work at varied profiles in various companies – from law firms to multinational corporations. An IPR Professional can take up jobs in various industries and at varied work profiles. An example Multinational Corporations- Microsoft, General Electrics (GE Research Center, GE India Technology Center), Biocon, Novartis, Infosys Technologies Ltd etc. Government – CSIR, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), FICCI, Indian Patent Office, BCIL etc. Legal Process Outsourcing – E-value serve, CPA Global, Acumen Legal Services Law Firms- Anand and Anand, Dubey & Partners – Advocates etc. Private IPR Companies- Lexis Nexis, Dolcera, Prometheus Patent Services Pvt Ltd, Cheers Interactive, SciTech Patent Art Pvt Ltd etc. A patent agent can work at varied levels.

Work description at various levelsPatent Analyst-patent searching Patent Agent-patent drafting, landscape mapping, claim mapping studies, Patent Manager- prior art search by using different database, patentability analysis, infringement analysis, FTO analysis, patent mining & administration, landscape mapping, claim mapping studies, patent invalidation research, and patent application drafting, as well as preparing response to office actions. Innovation Manger- Handling patent portfolio management, patent evaluation from Invention disclosure, patentability analysis, patent drafting, patent filing, patent mining, patent mapping, patent watch, patent Infringement analysis, freedom to operate analysis, patent landscape, competitors landscaping

Patent Analyst

Patent Agent

Patent Attorney

Patent Manager

Innovation Manager

Any fresher who wish to enter into IPR industry can take up job in small firms as trainee or analyst. Work profile as analyst includes patent searching on various soft wares and documentation. With relevant experience and after qualifying the Indian Patent Agent Examination a person according to interest and background can take up jobs in specific multi- national corporations which work in particular are of science- electronics, life-sciences etc. Such companies generally prefer to take up patent engineers – patent agent + engineering background. Patent agents can also take up jobs in law firms. With growing experience patent agents can wish to turn into entrepreneurs or can rise in companies as patent manager or innovation manager profile. An IPR agent earns anywhere between Rs 15,000 and 30,000 per-month and varies depending upon the area of expertise and the range of work undertaken. An LPO or a corporate firm dealing in IPR would pay anywhere between Rs 25,000 and Rs 45,000 depending upon the range of clientele it caters to. To conclude, with the growth of IPR industry in India employment options for patent agents is on increase and promise a good future. For more information contact-Mabbit Research and Learning Private Limited Keywords- Patent agent, Patent Agent examination, Patent agent jobs, IPR industry.

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