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Training Market Place Survey

Name of Training: Open Field Name of Organization: Open Field Address: Open Field City: Open Field Phone: Open Field E-Mail Address: Open Field Web Site: Open Field 1. What local or national organizations is your program affiliated with? Open Field 2. Briefly describe your training: Open Field up to 250 words State: Drop Down Field Contact Person: Open Field Zip: Open Field

3. Which best describes your target audience:
State Administrators ECE Center Administrators ECE Center Staff Home­based Child Care Providers Family, Friend, and Neighbor Child Care Providers Child Welfare Workers  Other Professionals Working with Children and Families Community Leaders Parents Other  ____________________

4. Please describe your target audience: Open field up to 100 words 5. Please describe any criteria for participation: Open field up to 250 words


6. Is your training specific to Strengthening Families? Yes 7. Please check the issues covered:
       


General Overview Protective Factors Use of the self-assessment Implementation strategies Knowledge of parenting and child development Building social connections Supporting resilience Connections to concrete supports Social emotional development Parent engagement Action planning and problem solving Other _____________________ ‫ ٱ‬Other _________________________ Other _____________________ ‫ ٱ‬Other _________________________

8. How is your training structured? Single session On-going/integrated into other work 9. List session titles/topics covered: 10. How many training sessions are included: Open field 11. Indicate the length of each session: Open field 12. How often are sessions are held: Open field 13. For how long does the training run: Open field 14. Indicate which learning styles are utilized in session(s): Lecture Practicum/take home exercises Peer-to-peer learning Discussion/dialogue Experiential On-line ‫ ٱ‬Other (describe) ________________________________________________ 15. List number of participants in each training class/session/module: _______ Multiple sessions (list #___) Combination


16. How long do you maintain formal contact with individuals after they finish the training portion of the program? ________________________________________ 17. What type of activities do you engage in with individuals who have completed your training? Technical Assistance Refresher trainings Peer networking Discussion/dialogue Ongoing small group work ‫ ٱ‬Other (describe) ________________________________________________ 18. Indicate cost per participant: __________________ 19. Describe fee structure: _______________________________________________ 20. What supports are available for states/localities wanting to build their own training capacity: Curriculum and replication tools Cost _____________ Training of trainers Cost _____________ Technical assistance Cost ______________ Other (describe) __________________ Cost _____________ 21. Is evaluation data available on your training? Yes No

22. If yes, how can this information be accessed? Open Field Thank you for your time and participation. Survey information will be accessible on an on-line searchable database. Your survey information will be linked to your website (if available) for those who want to find out more about your program. We can also link in short descriptive documents if you send us an electronic copy. Please e-mail the file to the following address: