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FREE FALLIN’ Tom Petty Asheardonthe MCA Recording Full Moon Fever Words and Music by TomPetty and JeffLynne + Transcribed by Jeff Ferrin Gtrs. 1 & 2 are capoed at the first fret. Gtr. 3 is capoed at the third fret. All positions for Gtrs. 1-3 are relative to the capo. Music for Gtrs. 1 & 2 sounds a half step higher than written. Music for Gtr. 3 sounds 1 1/2 steps higher than written, Gin 1 2 chords a ee = oF a A] Intro (0:00) Slowly = 84 1. She's a D/A Dsusd/A DIA Asus D/A Dsusa/A D/A Asus Gtr. $tolee.w/ctoan fone) erring tvghow Rhy Fig. 1a = ~~~ £8 Esus4e 1B Bade FB Esusae EB Bade Gite. 2 tocous,) Tevvag troeghowt Roy Fig E Asus E Bouse = Asuse E Bsusé Gre aceus,) Ierving tenho + Bass — oe engin 199 EMAPRIL MUSIC NC WAGCHEGATOR MUSIC ‘Aiki tocved nator anya Sneed ely Prmaon apinadl orhvenedLenrd putin 20 curran wanin acoussie FREE FALLIN’ Tom Petty [B] 1st Verse 11) a loves her nwm love satua mésmerea eo Stas = Asus Baud Asse Asse Bow a - . — sr >t = LE ea A eee ¥ vi Tt mH ?—? & Fo Feb Foe Sm Fie cn Ben Fe 1 —= ie ae : So ; = i a Pt mF ‘oa ai cxary Dow Ete ——_‘toves horses and her boyhiend too E Asw2 © Bou =e Asw2 Bouse Bare ploys Rose Fig soe 003) ° Dsus Gud Ry: Fig. 2a 2 ct Esus4B Ee Gur? hy ig. 7 ° Asus mz ‘ourraK wonca acousrve of FREE FALLIN’ Tom Petty 2nd, 3rd and 4th Verses (0:39. 1:25, 28) long day livin’ in Reseda Thore’s 2 vampires walkin’ through the valley move glide down over Mulhollang 1 wanna E Asus? 5 Bsusa Gv. 3 nlrs Rhy. Pax 2a foe umes see Boe 13) (Gop Fig? four umes (see ar 15) Ge a5 Rhy Fie E 3 F c mbes in Fete fs sb ant FN 2 hd one é z : Ze z CT v runnin’ through the yard And tm Ventura Boulevard find all the rame inthe sky Vim gone ” & Et end Rhy. Fie. i F 8: bed boy ‘cause | don't even miss her tm a bad boys are standin’ inthe shadows. And the tree fall out into nothin’ Gonna Git pas Ray, Fle 3 see bu 3) 4g Biss z = bod leave ar Bess Fil 1 (1:25) Bass Fil? (2:83) ES 0H 1 F171