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Application for empanelment of IRP

1. Name: Dr. Vakati Bala Subramanyam Reddy

2. Constitution: Individual

3. Registration with IBBI: IBBI/IPA-001/IP-P00662/2017-2018/11131

4. Name and Mob. No. of Contact Persons: Dr. V.B S Reddy

Mobile No.: 8369170484,8898936923
E Mail:

5. A).Details of Registered office, Administrative office and

branches: F-56, 1st Floor, Express Zone Mall, Near Western Express
Highway, Goregaon East, Mumbai – 400063
Mobile No. 8369170484,8898936923

B) Details of Our Legal Services Office – Address

602,Rehman House ,Nadir shah Sukhia Street,Fort
,Mumbai -400001
Firm Name – KSK Legal - 27 Years of Corporate
Laws and RDDBFI Act 1993 and SARFAESI Act
2002 matters -DRT,NCLT And High Court
1.Advocate Kafil A. Khan
2.Advocate Sana K. Khan

6. Experience -
31 years of experience in, Bank credit - SMEs for raising funds- Working capital and Term Loans and
NPA funding- OTS, BIFR and Revival of companies. Worked 21 years in Andhra Bank

7. Present setup/facilities/infrastructure available to execute the principal functions.

Office consist of 5 Full time staff members and Legal office to represent NCLT
8. Important assignments completed / undertaken during the last three financial years –

Attending Insolvency matters of following companies from Inception to NCLT and day
today operations to run the companies with other partners

1. Wig Associates Private Limited, the registered office address of the company is at
102, Amar Residency, Punjab Wadi, Sion Trombay Road, Deonar Mumbai – 400088

2. Fortune Pharma Private Limited, the registered office address of the company is at
Tapadiya Terrace 1st Floor Adalat Road Aurangadad – 431001

3. Brilliant Alloys Private Limited, the registered office address of the company is at 103,
Thiruvoodal Street Tiruvannamalai - 606601

4. Schweitzer Systemtek India Private Limited, the registered office address of the
company is at 104 Autumn Groove Lokhandwala Township Akruli Road Kandivali (E)
Mumbai – 400101

5. GGS Infrastructure Private Limited, the registered office address of the company is at
5, Kashiram Jamnadas Building, 5, P. D'mello Road, Mumbai - 400009

A).Head of Finance, -P and S Jewellery Ltd -September 2014 to March 31,2017

BIFR Company and NPA Company -Coordinating and meeting with Chairmen and General Managers /Zonal
Heads/ Heads of Branches for Revival of the Company-10 PSU banks.

Total working Capital limits Rs800 cr. Completing documentation and meeting procedural & regulatory aspects
for consortium of loans. Attending Consortium Meetings of PSU banks. Attending BIFR Matters for Revival with
Resolution Plan. Completing formalities and Filed with NCLT as a Corporate Debtor.

Company Reliving letter enclosed

B).Financial Advisor to Maharastra State Police Housing and Welfare Corporation Ltd -Arranged Rs
2000 cr Met Highest police officials -DGP,CBI ,ACB and Secretary ,Home affairs for completing formalities -
Application,Sanction and disbursement of Rs 2000 cr

Appreciation letter issued by Spl IGP and Jt Managing Director enclosed

9. Personal & professional details of Promoters/partners/directors:

Professional Details of Mr VBSREDDY: CAIIB, MBA, MSC Agricultural Economics,

Passed Limited Insolvency Examination of IBBI for appointing Interim Resolution

13. Infrastructure - Personal & professional details of Professional Staff (Part time/`full

1. Mrs. Jovita Reema Mathias: FCS, LLB and Interim Resolution Professional
2. Mr V .Srinivas Reddy CA
3. Mr. Sameer Dhumale: B.Com, Company Secretary
4. Mrs. Harshada Sonalkar: B.Com, Executive CS
5. Mr. Sushant Jadhav: B.Com, Executive CS

We have about 25 part time Very Senior assocites - Ex-Bankers,Lawers,CAs,CSs,Cost

accountants,MBAs and Enginers to handle complex legal and commercial matters.

Sectors / Industries – We have Senior hard core associates in industries / sectos -

IT,Retail and Whole sale trade.Food ,Drugs and Health Care,Real Estate,Media and
Manufacturing sectos,Engineering and Construction ,Metals and Mining ,Textiles,Steel
and Hospitality .

This network of alliances with other professionals and Industry experts gives the benefit
to the cliens of a single window service provider to deal with complex legal and
commercial matters under one Umbrella.

I certify that I am equiped with the folowing –

(a) appropriate support system of professionals, consultants and advisors to complete

the Corporate Insolvency Resolution in the manner prescribed under the Code;
(b) the ability and resources to appoint lawyers, valuers, industry experts, accountants
and other experts as per the expertise required;
(c) adequate information technology provisions and staff to conduct voting of the creditors
by either physical method or by way of electronic voting;
(d) The ability and capacity to organize and arrange the interim management of the debtor
and operations as a going concern; and,
(e) The ability to secure and protect the assets of the debtor to protect the underlying
value of the enterprise / debtor company.

14. Details of Registration/ Empanelment with other accredited agencies/ FIs/Banks as on

date, mentioning the nature of empanelment:

Applied to banks and Institutions

15. I certfy that My membership with IBBI is valid, effective and in force as on date and there
is no pending disciplinary action against me by IBBI .

16. Declaration
I/we declare that the particulars furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge
and belief. I/we, further confirm that all the necessary supporting documents are enclosed
with the application.

I/we hereby undertake that the firm/company, if empanelled, shall have arm’s length
distance with the borrowers, will not have any business dealings with them or give them
undue favour, will not demand additional remuneration than what is initially settled nor
will unnecessarily delay the process under Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code.

I/we hereby apply to the bank to empanel firm/company on the FIs/ Bank’s panel as
Insolvency Resolution Professional. I/we understand that any discrepancy/wrong
information/breach of undertaking would lead to cancellation of enlistment with immediate
effect and I shall be responsible for the consequences, including losses if any caused to
the Bank.

I am ready to abide by the FIs/ Bank’s terms and conditions as to fees, charges etc.
If empanelled with the bank, I undertake that I/We shall not appear/advise or represent
interest, adverse to the FIs/ Bank’s interests.

Place: Mumbai

Enclosed: copies of all certificates/documents

( Dr Vakati Bala Subramanyam Reddy)

Interim Resolution Professional