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Cebu City

College of Engineering and Architecture


WTG Construction and Development Corporation
June 25, 2018-August 29, 2018

Engr. Felrem G. Lor


Ruel G. Lapiceros Jr
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
I. NAME OF COMPANY: WTG Construction and Development Corporation


a. History
Founded in 1984, WTG Construction is a Cebu-Based general contractor and
construction management company. The company started its operation as a single
proprietorship owned by Engr. Willy Tiu Go. After 15 years of operations, the need
arises to expand its operations. Then WTG Construction and Development Corporation
was formed.

WTG Construction and Development Corporation is actively participating in government

and private sector projects such as roads, bridges, flyovers, ports and harbor, slipways
and building constructions. We are registered with the Philippine Contractors
Accreditation Board as an “AAA” construction company.

WTG Construction and Development Corporation is the name behind many

infrastructures and development in the Queen City of the South and also its neighboring
islands, mostly in Visayas and Mindanao.

Since operation, we have been providing our clients with most reliable solutions to their
most complex construction challenges. Today, we are recognized as one of the leader in
the industry for own strength in traditional and innovative construction methods, fast
delivery and quality work. We also aim to provide customer satisfaction, quality and
durable work, and to become part of the International Standards Organization (ISO)
towards globalization. Our successful construction approach is based on aggressive
contractor administration, accurate cost control and low overhead.

Because scheduling and budget concerns are important to us, we assign a team of
experts to every project from the earliest design and pre-construction phases through
post-construction clean up. Our company’s goal is to create distinctive design ideas and
develop streamlined methods of construction that suit each project specifically. We
also provide our clients with reliable and expedient information throughout the
construction process, ensuring well-informed decision making that ultimately enhances
the quality of our final product. The direction we provide is based on a thorough
knowledge of the industry and our client’s specific needs.

We believe that the foundation of our success lies in our commitment to understanding
and meeting our client’s requirements for safety, workmanship, time-delivery and value
for their money.
b. Organizational structure/ Chart

c. Nature of Business/ Produced

WTG Construction and Development Corporation’s nature of business is general
d. Processed Involved
WTG Construction and Development Corporation engages in the following civil works
such as roads, bridges, flyovers, ports and harbor, slipways and building constructions.


a. Description & Scope of Function/Duty/Responsibility

b. Specific Job/ Duty as OJT Trainee

 Estimating the total number of materials
 Site Roaming
 Office Work
 Sorting of Cutting List


Week 1
 Orientation
 Site Visit (Pardo Elementary School)
 Estimates (DOH R07 Building)
Week 2
 Estimates (DOH R07 Building)
Week 3
 Estimates (DOH R07 Building)
Week 4
 Estimates (DOH R07 Building)
Week 5
 Estimates (DOH R07 Building)
Week 6
 Estimates (DOH R07 Building)
 Survey Lay-Out for Pipe Placement
 Estimates (2 Storey Apartment)
Week 7
 Estimates (2 Storey Apartment)
 Site Visit at Construction of DOH R07 Building at SRP, Cebu City
Week 8
 Site Observation
 Accommodating DPWH Inspectors
Week 9
 Site Observation
Week 10
 Site Observation


a. As perceived by the company

 Equipment are not maintained well

b. As perceived by the Trainee

 Miscommunication
 Responding “yes” even if I have doubts.
 Confidence issues.
 Having some difficulties to understand what is instructed especially if it is all
talk and not applying it actually.
 Doing Estimates without taking up CE522 (Construction Estimates)

c. Findings and Analysis

 As to the problems encountered by the company, dealing with those kinds of
problems is very difficult especially the people have lack of sense and
practice. Supervisors must know the defects and situation of the workplace.
 As to the problems encountered by the Trainee, I should be reassess and
listen properly to avoid miscommunication and errors. I also must trust my
knowledge and myself.

d. Recommendation
The company being mention above should do actions to lessen the problems
and avoid those kinds of problems. Supervisors must anticipate, pay attention and
to understand the situation. As an OJT Trainee on the site, I should be more
confident and clear in doing assigned task to be more efficient.


a. Things learned during the OJT

I learned a lot during the OJT in WTG Construction and Development especially on
how to apply what is written on blue prints. On how it is done in actual and the use of
other techniques that is not learn from school. I have learnt what an engineer will do
on site. What the engineer’s strengths and weaknesses on field. To learn to value time
and socialized people higher position than me. To be friendlier and to have courage to
ask questions to people having the knowledge of the job.


The OJT program is best for students especially before they graduate because it is
a huge help for us to slowly experience the real world. To know what the course we’ve
taken offer to the society and to ourselves. We could learn a lot more things in different
aspect, to experience working and deal with people in a company. It can help the students
to see what future lies ahead after the degree. It can also help us mold ourselves into a
better person that every individual dream about.

a. Pictorials