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Stefan Nikolić I-1

6 6
8 8
Hummingbirds do not know
how to walk.

Frowning engages 43
muscles, a smile only 17

Birds with blue feathers are

unable to register blue colour.

Charlie Chaplin won a third

prize competing for his own
look a like.

”The Guinness Book of Records” holds

the record to be the book which is oten
stollen from libraries .

Dolphins sleep with
one eye open.

The shortest war in hitory

was the one between
England and Zanzibar, it
lasted only 38 minutes.

Fruit of apples actually

bleongs to the family of roses.

Months which begin on Sunday always have a

Friday 13th.

Aleksa Đorđević III2

Gatić Ivana III2
Popular myths:
1. We use 10% of our brains > Actually, we use all of our brains.
While not all of the brain is active all at once, functional magnetic
resonance images (fMRI) show several brain areas are at work
for any given activity, depending on what function is needed.
2. There are "right brain" and "left brain" personality types > Ac-
tually, we use all parts of our brains for almost all brain func-
tions, so we are neither left- nor right-brained, rather "whole-
3. You are born with a set level of intelligence and number of
brain cells that don't change > Actually, your brain has a capacity
to change due to a property known as neuroplasticity (the brain's
ability to change its anatomical, neurochemical, and functional
performance status throughout the lifespan).
4. Different parts of the tongue taste different things > Actually,
all regions of the tongue that detect taste respond to all five taste
qualities. "There are some mild regional differences in sensitivity
for different taste qualities, but these differences are small
enough that they do not play a clear role in taste perception",
says a neuroscientist Brian Lewandowski. This myth comes from
a 1901 paper by German scientist David Hanig.

12 12
Other facts:
1. There are almost 200 known cognitive biases and distor-
tions that cause us to think and act irrationally.
2. Memories could be unreliable and could change over time
because of the way motivation, emotions, cues, context, and
frequency of use affect the way we remember something.
3. When it comes to the intelligence of animals, it isn't the size
of the brain that matters, but where the neurons are located.
The human cerebral cortex (the wrinkled outer layer of the
brain responsible for language, reasoning, and information
processing) contains 16 billion neurons, more than any other
animal, which may help explain our enhanced cognitive abili-

Where to learn more?

- Google scholar is always a good choice and
on there is a 3D brain module which introduces
the viewer to the basics of brain anatomy and function.

Mina Jovanovic, III2

The Clash was a British punk band from 1976 to 1985. With
Ramones and Sex Pistols they are considered to be the
pioneers of punk music in the world. Apart from the punk
they also influenced the new wave, ska and reggae. Band
members were Joe Strummer (vocals, rhythm guitar),
Mick Jones (lead guitar), Paul Simonon (bass guitar).
During their career, they changed two drummers. The first
album was released in 1977 under the name "The Clash" in
Britain. Their third album, "London Calling", was released
in 1979 and reached great popularity. It featured
numerous hits such as "London calling", "Clampdown",
"Spanish bombs", "The Guns of Brixton". Their fourth
album, Combat Rock, is their most popular album, and
their hits "Should I Stay or Should I Go" and "Rock the
Casbah". In total they released 6 albums. Their texts were
political. They were singing about the problems and the
role of workers and the working class in a capitalist

Jovan Dinić I3

14 14
Best known for his work with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Frusciante throughly enjoy every
aspect of making music, and continuously experiment woth new and unusual ways to create it. As a
teenager, John became interested in writing and recording hiw own music. He started making solo
albums years ago, and with the luxury of having his own recording studio, Frusciante has combined
personal recording techniques developed through experimentation with tracks of the trade learned
from celebrated producer Rick Rubin.
John Frusciante was born on March 5, 1970 in New York.He became interested in rock music at
an early age. After his parents divorced, John and his mother moved to California when he was seven.
When he was nine, his stepfather offered him his first acoustic guitar. John thought himself how to
play guitar, and for the next several years he would spent all his time practicing. While at school it
was clear that John was an outsider, mainly because he would rather concentrate on music and that
was his life. In school he heard many artists who influenced what he played on his guitar, such as Jimi
Hendrix and Frank Zappa, among others. He became a big fan of a local band called Red Hot Chili
Pappers when he heard them at 15 years of age. But at this time original guitarist Hillel Slovak was
still in the band. At the age of 16 John left school and home to become a full-time musician.
When Slovak died of a heroin overdose on June 27, 1988, Flea(bassist) had jammed with John a
many times and told Anthony (vocal) that John was right for the Chili Peppers. And then they asked
him to be their new guitarist, as John accepted without thinking. With John band went on to record
and realease their fourth album, Mother's Milk. Following an international tour, Frusciante co-
recorded the band's fifth album, Blood Sugar Sex Magik. And after this album, in 1992, he left the bend
because he was overwhelmed by the international succes of Blood Sugar Sex Magik. The period from
1992 to 1997 was spent in finding a new sound and creating a solo album. During this period he
recorded two solo albums, Niandra Lades & Usually Just A T-Shirt in 1994, and then in 1997 Smile
From The Streets You Hold. At this period John had starded to experiment with drugs. Album Smile
From The Streets You Hold recorded because they did not have money for drugs, but the album did not
do well in the market. In 1998, Flea asked John if he would like to rejoin the band. Frusciante was so
overjoyed by the question that the band regrouped and started the recording process. In 1999, the
band released Californication. During the Californication tour, Frusciante recorded some more songs
in what would eventually become To Record Only Water For Ten Days, which was released in 2001.
John was with the Red Hot Chili Peppers recorded two more albums, By The Way in 2002, and four
years leter, Stadium Arcadium. And after Stadium Arcadium world tour in 2009, announced that he
would leave the band and focused more on his solo albums.

Lazar Dinić III2

15 15
In September 2018 4th year students visited Italian cities-Lido di Jesolo, Venice, San Marino, Mon-
tecatini, Pisa, Lucca, Florence, Verona on their excursion Here are some Impressions from Italy

“My trip to Italy was kind a short but really sweet, and I guess that means I had lots of fun and
good time since five days snapped faster than a fingertip. This trip was really an all-around “field
trip”. We visited lots of beautiful places and I spent some quality time with some nice but really fun
people.” Dimitrije Lukić IV 2

“My trip to Italy was very special. Italy was an experience of a lifetime. The trip was fun, we visited
great cities and had wonderful adventures that will have an impact on me for the rest of my life.”
Gordana Velinović IV 2

“In each city we went to different viewpoints and towers in our free time just to enjoy the view of
the town we were in. It was a pleasant experience to see and feel a different culture, to catch a
glimpse of history and what life was like in the past. Overall I had an incredible time and I just
wish it had lasted a little longer and that we had more time but it’s up to us to earn money and
travel on our own next time.” Jelena Stojković IV 1

“My trip to Italy was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. I fell in love with Italy and I
can’t wait to go there again. We had a very good guide and he made our trip really interesting.”
Milena Miladinović IV 1

“What I noticed in Italy is that expressing yourself and having your own style is normal there and
even encouraged.” Tijana Tikić IV 3

“All in all I had a lot of fun with my friends, I saw how other people live and I saw a lot of monu-
ments. I wish I could go back there again one day.” Milica Stanković IV3

“The food, the people, the art, the architecture - everything was more than I expected and I’m
glad to have had the opportunity to visit such a wonderful place in the world.” Dušan Mitić IV3

“Our excursion was a fast, short and magnificent adventure. Food was excellent. I think I will start
eating pasta every day. Italy is wonderful. I can’t wait to go there again.”Milica Begović IV3

16 16
In September 2018 3rd year students visited three European countries and capitals on their ex-

Here are some : “Impressions from Hungary, Austria and Slovakia”

“My excursion was so nice and beautiful, I can't wait for the next excursion.” Katarina Surdu-
lović III1

“Excursion was amazing, we visited a lot of beautiful places and we had good time together.”
Aleksandar Stevanović III1

“My excursion in Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava was awesome. Budapest is the most beauti-
ful city in the world. I expected more from Vienna but it was nice. In Bratislava we didn't have
a lot of time for exploring but what I saw was pretty.” Jelena Ranković III 1

“In Budapest I felt like I was at home because everything was quiet and slow.” Milica Mladeno-
vić III1

“The hotel in Budapest was a real disappointment but the one in Vienna was perfect.” Petar
Milanović III1

“My excursion in Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest was really fun and great learning experi-
ence.” Mihajlo Đorđević III1

My excursion in Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava was even better than I expected. I had really
great time and I saw amazing things in these cities.” Angelina Dimitrijević III1

My excursion in Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava was something worth remembering. It ex-
ceeded my expectations in many ways. As for Prater I have to say I‘m not a huge fan of
amusement parks. I went on a few rides and it was fun. I wish to visit Vienna again.” Simonida
Cajić III1

J. D. Salinger’s magnum opus, “The Catcher in the Rye”, is a novel following three days in
the life of seventeen-year-old Holden Caulfield, told from the point of view of the pro-
tagonist himself. The novel was published in 1951. Yet it remains one of the most recog-
nized works of the American literature. The protagonist of the story, Holden, quickly
became a symbol of adolescent angst and rebellion because of his quick wit and view of
the world. He seems to be quite lonely, for he sees things a bit differently from his peers.
He sees beauty and pain and life in places most people do not. Still, he tries to push
down the feeling of solitude by going to bars, talking to odd strangers or girls he has no
interest in. I feel as if possibly every teenager is familiar with that sentiment. The feeling
of being alone and the fright of staying that way. The story begins with Holden getting
expelled from university and, by wanting to enjoy the time until his parents get in-
formed of it, he goes to New York City where his journey of understanding life and the
world around him starts. Everything in this novel has a great amount of passion. Passion
for life, death, friendships, family. Train rides, taxi rides, walks in Central Park, drinks at
a local bar or breakfast at a diner, dancing, so much dancing; everything’s done with im-
mense passion. His red hunting hat that he got for a dollar, serves as an amulet that he,
by the end of the book, hands over to his younger sister Phoebe, whom he has a vast
amount of endearment for. She hands it back though, to keep his head dry when the
rain starts in the second to last chapter. We can see how wonderfully human their con-
nection is; their understanding for each other.
In this novel we can truly see the combination of the childlike choices the protagonist
makes and the mature intelligence he possesses. It’s humane. It’s real. Holden is a bril-
liantly written character, so genuine and compassionate. Truly someone everyone
should have the opportunity of getting to know.
“If a body catch a body comin’ thro’ the rye”, a misheard line from a poem by Robert
Burns, heard by Holden and serving as the novel title.
Teodora Nikolov II3

18 18
'In defense of Disney princesses'

One of the most controversial, and many would say, most interesting topics today is feminism. The big-
gest issue with feminism today would be that its original definition and ideals greatly differ from what
the majority thinks it represents. That is, feminism was imagined as an ideology of equal rights, oppor-
tunities and worth for both men and women, but now is understood as a movement of women extrem-
ists (the so-called 'feminazis') who demand justification for all the things done wrong to women in the
past by belittling and insulting men. Many sane people would say this kind of attitude is hateful and ir-
rational, so I understand why they would refuse accepting modern feminism movements. However, I
believe that the original, real feminism should be considered common sense.
That being said, I would like to touch upon the differences between modern and real feminism, and
prove that in some aspects they are actually the exact opposite. For an example, let's take the 'Disney
princess' problem. I call it the Disney princess problem because of how often they are taken as an exam-
ple in these kind of discussions. I'm talking about the 'I don't need a prince to save me' claims. The mod-
ern feminists like to point this out very much - the fact that the princesses (mostly Cinderella and Snow
White) in these popular movies are weak and incapable, and that they are in no way similar to them. By
defending the prototype of a 'strong independent woman who don't need no man' which they idealize,
they often belittle these types of personalities such as classic princesses. And that became so popular that
the princesses are harshly judged everywhere for being 'anti-feministic'.
Now let's look at these 'bad role models', as some may claim, a little bit better. They are portrayed as
gentle, kind, and loving ladies. They take care of animals and like to sing, and are more empathetic than
the average person. All of these are feminine and girly traits. These are the qualities traditionally con-
nected with women, but I would like to point out that, by common sense, they can be a part of any per-
sonality. So, a man can have feminine traits, and a woman can have masculine traits and that is okay.
For example, there are women who take interest in motorbikes or boxing, which is more on the mascu-
line side, and modern feminists approve of this. They push women to do ‘manly’ things. Also, there are
men who like picking flowers, and a more rational feminist will approve of this as well. A man with
manly traits is, in most cases, understood too (but unfortunately, not always). But what about a woman
with womanly traits? A woman like the princesses mentioned above.
Well, they are oppressed and hated for being 'too traditional'. For being 'weak and incapable', for not
being 'strong women'. And that shallow understanding of 'strong' is a problem too. Because these prin-
cesses overcame their troubles and insecurities calmly, by being friendly and kind, and isn't that exactly
what being strong is about? But they are still rejected by many modern feminists.
So after all of this being said, it seems to me that not only do the modern feminists go against real femi-
nism by furiously oppressing men, they also go against their own beliefs, by oppressing every woman
who doesn't please their pre-established standards.
I would like to conclude my short rant with this, even though there are many more things that should be
discussed about related to this topic for the sake of improving our views, lives, and society in general.

Lenka Begović II1

The influence of social networks on the lives of teenagers as well as on their way of dressing and make-up

Nowadays we live in a modern world where many things are available on the Internet, and they were not available
before. We can notice that today's 11,12,13 year-old - girls are very different from girls two or three decades ago.
Today's girls in their early teens express their desires and in some way their need to use strong make-up as well as
clothing that according to many people is too revealing and inappropriate.

Overlined lips, tattooed eyebrows, eyes painted in dark colors, and eyeliner that goes endless are trends which we
can find on various fashion blogs on the Internet, and girls follow these trends.

It's more and more "trendy" to wear transparent leggings, short shirts/ crop-tops, deep cleavage or low jeans, as
well as go to school in high heels.

What has been accepted today as modern and desirable, not so long ago used to be something vulgar and ugly. I
wonder why have things changed? As the world progresses technologically, we are morally regressing.

I would say that this way dressing and make-up is the consequence of the desire of these girls to look older, to be
liked by older and popular guys and in some way to cover up their "imperfections and disadvantages", not thinking
about the fact that the more they cover, the more their complexes can be seen.

What I don’t understand is how parents support and allow such things? I suppose this happens because of the lack
of time and attention-parents are not able to dedicate to their children they are occupied with their own things
and problems. I often have the impression that they try to replace the love and attention with buying things like
make-up and provocative „trendy“ wardrobe.

I have the opportunity to see how much the Internet content can affect the everyday life of teenagers in a negative
way. The boys and girls are "fighting" for hundreds of followers on social networks. Posting inappropriate images
and video clips, following and being followed by unknown people is just a part of the things that teens do to gain
popularity. It often happens that in this fight for popularity, many of children become depressed as their lives are
brought to taking selfies for Instagram and showing details from their private life which is being commented and
maybe even mocked by many people. Most of the things on the Internet are apparent and made with some kind of

Unfortunately, we live in a world where everything around us is progressing, and we as humans are at a standstill
or even regress. I hope this will change one day and that true values will return and the values that are offered on
the Internet will be replaced by something better.

Andjela Urbanović I2

20 20
Around the world
No doubt you have seen a lot of amazing, historical and archeological places. Where to go first? Someone would
choose Vienna. Why Vienna?
-Go and visit Stephansplatz because the most beautiful church in Europe will offer you a friendly smile. It goes
without saying that you will find yourself on the way to the hill where from you can get the sense of the whole
city with its well-known river Danube, beautiful bridges and Prater. Next, the most fascinating park is at
Schonbrunn palace. It is full of nicely arranged trees, colorful flowers geometrically exposed, a nice lake up the
hill, the nearby zoo and the outstanding building at the top of the hill. The view is breathtaking. The town is
especially attractive at night so that you can enjoy Rathaus and Prater. But don't forget to visit the science-
natural museum, too.
Next destination that I'll recommend is Monte Carlo and Monaco.
-Anybody who has heard of Novak Djokovic would prefer Monte Carlo. He has a healthy restaurant with
healthy food and drinks which is a little bit expensive. If you are a person who would like to live there, you
must invest 500 000€ of money and start your own business there. Everything is shining and glittering like
Las Vegas with its numerous gambling places. The streets are very narrow, so one can't believe the famous car
racing takes place right there. On the other side you have Monaco which is quite opposite to M. Carlo and for
which tourist guides usually say that it is sterile. There is a colossal church that has been used once or twice
for crowning the Prince. Maybe it would be very inspiring for you to see the Prince’s Palace and from that pal-
ace you can see a big port with a great number of yachts and ships.
Next city that you should visit is Milan.
-Milan is a city in northern Italy, capital of Lombardy. You can find there whatever you are interested in, be-
cause Milan is the leading city in the field of the art, commerce, education, design, fashion, healthcare, media,
research, finance, tourism and many other things. If you are lover of fashion designs like Armani, Versace,
Prada etc, Milan will be heaven for your eyes and soul, but not for your wallet. At the centre of Milan is a big,
beautiful cathedral named Duomo di Milano. Around the cathedral there are a lot of pigeons waiting for you to
give them some grains of corn. For those in love with art, Milan offers variety of choices, including some of the
most recognizable paintings in the world, as “The Last Supper”, by Leonardo Da Vinci, at the Church of Holy
Santa Maria delle Grazie. Also, next to the Duomo Cathedral, you can see the oldest shopping mall in the
world named Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. This isn't all, but if this sounds interesting to you, you should really
go to this trip.
The last place you shouldn’t miss to visit is Nice.
-Everyone who loves magic of the sea and beach, I think Nice is the right place for them. Nice is a beautiful city
with many amazing things that you must see, but the sea... The sea is clear, shiny, blue, like a beautiful dia-
mond. You can see everything through the water. That crystal color is shining in the sun, and that sight is
breathtaking. Nice has a big port just as Monte Carlo has.
You won’t regret seeing at least two or three places I suggested and you’ll be amazed by the beauty, the herit-
age left to us and the soul of mentioned above.

Magdalena Ninic III2

22 22
Why is photography so meaningful to me?
Imagine holding one precious moment in your hands, forever without worrying it will slip
away. Imagine going through one exact moment over and over again, feeling the exact same
thing you’ve felt the first time. Imagine looking at the world through the stranger’s eyes, see-
ing the world from some other perspective. Imagine you can replace a thousand words with a
single look. Imagine a piece of paper with a bunch of lines, shapes, and colors. Imagine those
things representing your life. Imagine those things representing a hundred beautiful things
you walk past every day without giving them the slightest amount of attention, even though
they could illuminate your life. Bunch of dots in perfect places creating a specific moment
never to be seen again. That is photography, that is the power and meaning of photography to

JelenaStojić II-3

24 24
Aleksandar Đorđević IV 3 Luka Branković III1

Luka Branković III1 Luka Branković III1

Tijana Tikić IV3

1. Dans les temps modernes, l'écologie est devenue très
importante pour l'homme moderne.

2. Grâce à la négligence humaine, la planète Terre a été

polluée, bon nombre des espèces végétales et animales ont
menacées, de nombreuses espèces végétales et animales
ont disparu, un énorme trou dans la couche d'ozone se sit-
ue au-dessus du continent Аntarctique.

3. Un grand nombre de pays participent activement à la

prévention des conséquences de la pollution écologique:
protection de la vie végétale et animale, protection de l'en-
vironnement humain et protection de la planète entière.

4. De plus, les étudiants de notre école participent égale-

ment activement à la promotion de l'écologie en tant que
science sans laquelle la vie humaine dans le futur est im-

26 26
СИП—Каталогизација у публикацији Народне
библиотеке републике Србије, Београд.
ХЕДВЕЈ 2019 / HEADWAY 2019
Немања Глигоров I1
Јован Цолић I1
Веб сајт :
Е-маил (за више информација):
Посебно се захваљујемо ученицима и професорима који
су допринели на врхунском квалитету овог часописа.

Гимназија “Бора Станковић“ Бор 2019