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SW UNGNERLY U2 SURI A PEIN COMMONWEALTHOF VIRGINA Va, Code § 192-7172 Bx] General Disuict Court [x] Criminal [_] Tratic Southampton, [ ] Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court cay oxcounTy ‘TO ANY AUTHORIZED OFFICER: ‘You are hereby commanded in the name of the Commonwealth of Virginia forthwith to arrest and bring the Accused before this Court to answer the charge that the Accused, within this city or county, on or about 92/21/2019.....n..mmnnnnn did unlawfully and feloniously in violation of Section 18,2:32. 7 ~ .-» Code of Virginia: wilful, deiberetey, and with premeditation kill and murder Oynthia Carver in the fist degree I, the undersigned, have found probable cause to believe that the Accused committed the offense charged, based on the sworn statements of "ACCUSED: Goodwyn, James Herbert: Ir, (COMPLETE DATA BELOW IF KNOWN, Bim | “Oo/ts/mgo| 6 01" [200 bnolatx VA [ ] Commercial Driver's License cLass _2 FELONY (A exECUTED by aresing te Acs named above on this day: Attorney for the Accused: PP . Det... Griffith. $.T...... Southampton SQ. Spins Offense Reserintion (not a legal definition}: Ss (fg ) tease Tctng Naber: ’ 175GM1900000956 gg LEE RIMAGRITRATE TSE FOR ADMINISTRATIVE USE ONLY CCRE/Fingerpriating A wing LIDS SHOWS NO DNA SAMPLE IN DATA RANK Virginia Crime Code: MUR-0925-F2 Check if sample previously taken:___ Check If sample taken for Wiis aes CRIMINAL COMPLAINT ULES a3 aN0 7c Commonwealth of Virginia Print ALL information clearly General District Court Southampton - [1 Jovenite and Domestic Relations District Court Under penalty of perjury, I, the undersigned Complainant swear or affirm that | have reason to believe that the Accused committed a criminal offense, on or about oe inthe [J city DATE OFFENSE OCCURRED County [J town of, Southampton [base my belief on the following facts: See attached, The statements anove are true and accurate tothe best of my knowledge and belief. {In making this complaint, 1 have read and fully understand the following: * By swearing to these facts, [agree fo appear in court and testify ia warrant or summons is issued * The charge in this warrant cannot be dismissed except by the court, everrat myequest GRIFFITH, S. 110 NAME OF COMPLAINANT (LAST, FIRST, MIDOLE) Subscribed and sworn to before me this day 06/27/2018 403 AM. Celkx “Twacisteare Douoce “GNATSRE OF COMPLAINANT S. Perfeni CRIMINAL COMPLAINT |ACCUSED: Name, Description, Address/Location a [5] [mush] &[ ooo] ong oud 1G.A-3A% Murder On February 22, 2019 Deputies responded to 28496 Everett Street in Newsoms, Va. The caller, Ann Carver reported her daughter, Cynthia Carver was missing and she went to the home and discovered the back door open and blood inside the residence on the floor. Deputies responded and processed the crime scene. A bloody knife was found in the den area lying on the floor. There were also bloody drag marks on the floor towards the back door of the home. Also outside more drag marks were discovered in the driveway. This led investigators to believe the body was placed into a vehicle. Set. Turner interviewed Carver's children on February 22, 2019 who remembered their mother talking on the phone on March 21, 2019 with someone they remember to be “Little James”. They both stated they remember their mother stating to “Little James” that she would wait up for him. James Goodwyn self admittedly goes by the nickname of “Baby James” Later in the investigation, cell phone records indicate communication between Cynthia Carver and James Goodwyn on 02/21/19. This was a Facebook messenger call that lasted several minutes. James Goodwyn was interviewed on March 06, 2019 at the Southampton County Sheriff's Office Goodwyn admitted to talking to Carver on the phone and also to driving to her residence to visit with her on 02/21/19. A DNA sample was obtained from Goodwyn for future comparison to items of evidence found inside the residence. ‘On March 19, 2019, a body was discovered in the woods off of a path on Wyanoke Trail, Suffolk, VA. ‘The body was transported to the medical exmainer’s office and was identified as Cynthia Carver by fingerprints. The cause of death was ruled homicide, Later in the investigation, James Goodwyn's Nike shoes were collected. The shoes were compared to shoe impression of the floor that were removed and analyzed by the Norfolk Foresic Laboratory. The analysis states the footwear impressions are similar to the design, physical size and shape of the known Nike shoes. Cynthia Carver's toothbrush and a Physical Evidence Recovery Kit from Cynthia Carver were submitted to the laboratory to be compared to James Goodwyn’s known DNA, The Norfolk Forensic Laboratory certificate analysis indicated a match between Goodwyns Known DNA and the underside of Carver's, right fingernail ‘The Certificate of Analysis from the Norfolk Department of Forensic Science contradicts statements made by Goodwyn to law enformcent on several different occasions. Ce I di [2719